Where The Writing Is At (Edit)

UPDATE: All eight team previews are written. Sunday will be about my feature Q&A story and preparing the team rankings. Monday, we’ll send the individual coaches their team preview (I said Monday night on Facebook, to throw off the work scent, but they’ll actually be sent Monday morning pretty early). We’ll give until Tuesday night, maybe as late as noon Wednesday to make their changes (sorry for the short turnaround, but I have a deadline to keep). Wednesday, I’ll make all changes and make sure all the posts are scheduled correctly. Then WordPress should do the rest at 0700 Thursday morning. (Not sure if I can do the team ranking page as a draft, so that cat might get out of the bag Wednesday, or be posted a little later Thursday morning after I rouse myself from a 5-hr road trip and can get to a computer).

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Schedule Update — 11/20

I have heard from Coach Hicks and Robert E. Lee is IN! That makes 45 teams!

Need Ed White, Paxon, and Palatka. That is ALL. It would be great to have everybody in hand when the preview comes out next week.

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Schedule Update — 11/19

We’re at 44 teams now with Andrew Jackson coming in overnight last night and Bradford reporting in earlier this morning. Only schedules we need are for Ed White, Lee, Paxon and Palatka. I also got a bounce on my email for Lee’s coach.

I just emailed all of the coaches for whom I have contact info. Lot to do. Writeup of team previews continues and will be completed over the weekend. Coaches will get their team’s writeup on Monday and have 2 days for changes. Q&A feature subject will be interviewed Sunday afternoon and the story worked up that evening. Team rankings to be considered between now and then.

ALL OF IT, if I don’t screw it up, should be published and ready for you on Thursday at 7 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day. Then we’ll work on getting middle school and youth events up and published after the holiday weekend.

Hey guys. Are you up for a “Dual of the Week” regular feature this year?

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First #NextLevel signee for 2015-16

That I’m aware of, anyway.

As has been noted throughout the evening on his Facebook page, Columbia coach Kevin Warner announced today that his son, Kaleb, will be wrestling at Division I Campbell University for former national champion and U.S. Olympian Cary Kolat, starting in the 2015-16 season. It looks, from all accounts, that the signing will take place at the school on Wednesday of next week.

It can be done. Let’s all work together to make sure it happens more often. And we ought to celebrate this, and expect that more signings will follow soon.

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Schedule Update — 11/13

University Christian and Oakleaf are in. We’re at 42 teams now. Based on what I’ve been told, the Christians will be at four tournaments. I won’t see them until the end of the regular-season at Clay. I think there’s dates, and events needing teams, that could be looked at. I’m told they’re looking at one or two things. The Knights might, depending on football, not have anything on the schedule until January.

OK, we’re down to:

  • Andrew Jackson (Sent Coach Warren an email to his home email account as well as his school one).
  • Ed White (Coach Lee sent me an email on October 1 telling me that Mark Detoro, who I guess is working with him as an assistant, would get me a schedule. Still waiting).
  • Paxon (Coach Dunn at Terry Parker told me he had a coach contact there, but I don’t have the name or contact info yet).
  • Robert E. Lee (I have heard nothing from Coach Hicks despite multiple emails).
  • Palatka (I have heard nothing from Coach White despite multiple emails).
  • Bradford (I have heard nothing from Coach Arthur despite multiple emails).
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Schedule Update — 11/12

Rant mode (mostly) off. Well, we’re at 40. I added schedules for Stanton (what I could determine from the school athletic calendar), Bartram Trail and Suwannee today. That leaves Andrew Jackson, Ed White, Robert E. Lee and Paxon among the Duval public schools, University Christian as the lone private school needed, plus Oakleaf, Palatka and Bradford. Thanks to the reader who let me know about Baker County’s head coach (I need to find him on the school website) and the two who have given me probables on Suwannee’s new head coach.

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Updates — More Rant Than Schedule Update

EDIT: I have a name for the head coach at Baker County and a probable name for the head coach at Suwannee. As of now, I have no contact info for either yet. That brings me back to the 3 I’ve known about for months now. I have three schedules, one that was submitted to me by the coach and two I either found or had to cobble together myself. I will put the changes and new schedules on later tonight.

ORIGINAL: I’ve updated the 14-15 schedule and the Teams Needed page for a couple of items surrounding Bishop Snyder’s need for teams.

I have to say, I continue to be really surprised that it is November 12, that the wrestling season is three days in to practice, and there are teams that have committed to multiple events on the schedule, with coaches not getting with me about their changes. It’s taking event hosts to reach out to me and let me know about changes, last-minute drop/adds, etc. How does that happen? How is it that coaches are not pulling their hair out because a schedule isn’t finalized 3-4 months before the season begins? I don’t get it. It makes things difficult enough for me, and I have only a very small vested interest. Parents want to know where they are going. Entry fees have to be paid. Buses need to be arranged. Things have to happen.

Therefore I am asking every reader to look at your team’s schedule on the 14-15 schedule page. If it doesn’t match up with what you know your schedule to be, PLEASE get with your coach to get with me.

I still have not been made aware of the coaching situations at five different schools. Three of those have been fairly long-standing coaching situations. If they are reading this, and I’m guessing they’re not, I’ve sent Paxon & Stanton’s ADs MULTIPLE emails. Guess what, ADs: My son is coming to one of your schools next year. I’m not going to be happy to be treated like this and be a Golden Eagle or Blue Devil parent, whether my kid does athletics or not (still an open question).

Fernandina? Same thing. It’s inexcusable. I get the Baker County sitch. That dropped like a bombshell on everybody. As for Suwannee…I dunno.

That being said, I am still missing schedules from 11 teams. ELEVEN! Including some fairly high-powered teams (two of them state-ranked). I’ve checked with most of the missing schools’ websites, and the wrestling schedule is missing from their websites as well. Again, HOW does that happen? HOW does an AD allow it to happen? These are your tax or tuition dollars, people. Demand more. Demand better. Quality matters.

Let’s get it together, people. If your team’s schedule is missing, it’s because your coach hasn’t submitted it to me. Get with them before you send a comment or email to me.

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