Schedule update — 9/23

I have Bishop Kenny’s schedule in the fold! That’s 15 at this point. The Crusaders’ schedule is complete and updated on the website. Is your schedule next?

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Schedule update — 9/22

UPDATE: Clay’s Green Cove Springs Rotary tournament will be moved to February 13-14. That’s a BIG move.

No full schedules came in over the weekend, but we did get two tournament events (both duals in format) where teams were needed. Those events have been updated on the Teams Needed page.

So far today, we have received schedules from Bishop Snyder and from Yulee. Tonight, we added Columbia’s schedule. Clipping along pretty well now. So far, I have 14 schedules in.

Still need best coach email contacts for Suwannee and full coach contact info for Bradford, Eastside, Palatka and Interlachen.

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Week 4 FB Picks — The Aftermath

Most of the time, I think I know more about wrestling than football. That should make some of you breathe a little bit easier after some picks got blown up.

So let’s run through the list and see how it went (picked team in all caps):

  • BISHOP SNYDER 16, Arlington CD 6. Closer than I thought, but the Cardinals maybe lost more than I thought from last year’s team, too. Snyder barely made the decisive pick hold up. 1-0.
  • RIBAULT 41, Baker County 14. More one-sided than I thought, but the Wildcats did jump out to an early 14-0 lead. 2-0.
  • VILLAGES 28, Bradford 0. Villages made it just on the short end of a big win. 3-0.
  • DUVAL CHARTER 19, Cedar Creek Christian 8. Guess playing on the Pop Warner field didn’t work as well as I’d hoped, but the Panthers took care of business to go to 4-0. And so am I.
  • CLAY 48, Ponte Vedra 37. No box score in the paper, so I can’t tell anything from an ebb-and-flow standpoint, but I didn’t expect the Sharks to put up 37. They were a hard team to predict last year, too. 5-0, but I thought it would be more one-sided.
  • COLUMBIA 37, Terry Parker 0. Am guessing it could have been more one-sided but a 5-TD gap is still pretty big. 6-0.
  • EPISCOPAL 44, Fernandina Beach 23. Eagles created a bigger gap with a win on the road than I had thought they would. 7-0.
  • Buchholz 34, FLEMING ISLAND 17. First miss. Golden Eagles now staring at a long road indeed if they want to return to the playoffs this year. 7-1.
  • UNION COUNTY 59, Interlachen 0. A football team this good should be able to support a wrestling program, I should think. 8-1.
  • LEE 20, Middleburg 15. From the Tweets I saw, I thought I was going to miss this one. Apparently Lee found a way at the end. I thought it could be a tossup and it turned out that way. 9-1.
  • MANDARIN 43, West Port 0. A game I thought could be a tossup was everything but. All Mustangs early and late. 10-1.
  • Creekside 51, NEASE 35. Never underestimate the wounded home underdog. Kudos to the Knights for breaking into the win column. I continue to search for a way to figure out the Panthers. 10-2.
  • RIDGEVIEW 20, Palatka 19. Panthers trailed by 12 at halftime. This could easily have been a loss. Close, as I thought it would be. 11-2.
  • Raines 34, BOLLES 33. I can only say this: I said yesterday it would be inconceivable to picture Raines at 1-3. Apparently, so did the Vikings. Helluva game. 11-3.
  • Palm Coast 42, SANDALWOOD 14. This was a Really. Bad. Pick. On. My. Part. Sandalwood’s back to the drawing board. 11-4.
  • PAXON 30, Stanton 7. Brain Bowl stays with the Golden Eagles, and more one-sidedly than I had thought. 12-4.
  • ST. AUGUSTINE 10, Bartram Trail 7. Thought the lead to the game story in the paper today was a bit schmaltzy. Other ways to portray it than a “both sides fought really really hard” angle. Not good for a sizable daily paper. Not good for a weekly. 13-4.
  • UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN 64, Christ’s Church 0. As expected. 14-4.
  • WEST NASSAU 44, Baldwin 20. WN took it to Baldwin on the road in a northern rivalry game. 15-4.
  • ED WHITE 61, Englewood 14. Yep. Already looking forward to White’s games down the road. 16-4.
  • Westside 20, YULEE 6. See above regarding Creekside. Same thing held true for the home underdog Westsiders, who also broke into the win column for the first time under the new name. May there be hundreds more. 16-5.
  • PROVIDENCE 42, Crescent City 20. Stallions take care of business easily enough in a battle of unbeatens. 17-5.
  • Game of the Week: OAKLEAF 16, Atlantic Coast 14. Fourth-down play in the end zone saved my pick. This 7A district is going to be murder to pick…let alone play in. So, for the week, we are 18-5. Not too bad considering the first 3 weeks of this season, I pretty much didn’t even know my name, let alone anything about Northeast Florida high school football.
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Offtopic — Week 4 Football Picks

Week 1 was…interesting…and I had too much in my headspace to think about Weeks 2 or 3, so we’re calling these the first off-fish-yell picks of the season.

For those who didn’t see my Twitter feed, or still don’t, here’s how it works.

If I pick a team to win big, it’s by at least four touchdowns. A decisive win is 10-27 points. An edge win is single-digits, and a tossup should be obvious.

I also have one other rule: I don’t pick games within the coverage area where NEITHER team has wrestling as a program. That all being said, let’s get to it!

  • Arlington Country Day (0-1) at Bishop Snyder (1-2). Cardinals get back to .500. SNYDER, decisive.
  • Baker County (1-2) at Ribault (1-1): Hate to pick against the school with wrestling, but it’s a long trip in and Trojans are athletic. RIBAULT, edge.
  • Bradford (0-3) at Villages (2-1). Reminds me, I need Bradford coach’s contact info. VILLAGES, decisive.
  • Cedar Creek Christian (1-1) at Duval Charter (3-0). Panthers roll at my girlfriend’s son’s home Pop Warner park. CHARTER, big.
  • Clay (3-0) at Ponte Vedra (1-2). I guess call me a Blue Devil believer on the gridiron as well. CLAY, big.
  • Columbia (2-1) at Terry Parker (0-3). Long road trip won’t worry the Tigers this time. COLUMBIA, big.
  • Episcopal (3-0) at Fernandina Beach (1-2). Already almost a must-win for the Pirates, but the Eagles may have turned some things around. EPISCOPAL, edge.
  • Fleming Island (1-2) at Buchholz (1-2). Two teams seeking to reverse slow starts. Tossup. FLEMING ISLAND, edge.
  • Interlachen (0-3) at Union County (3-0). Need Interlachen’s coach contact info as well (I’ve actually emailed and got no response). UNION COUNTY, big.
  • Lee (3-0) at Middleburg (1-2). Won’t be surprised if this is close. LEE, edge, but I want to hedge toward a tossup.
  • Mandarin (2-1) at West Port (2-1). Are Mustangs on the move? They have a long drive today. Tossup. MANDARIN, edge.
  • Nease (2-1) at Creekside (0-3). Are the Panthers good and Knights struggling? Perhaps this game decides. NEASE, decisive.
  • Palatka (1-1) at Ridgeview (2-1). Need Palatka’s coach info. They’ve been solid. Tossup. RIDGEVIEW, edge, as home team.
  • Raines (1-2) at Bolles (3-0). Inconceivable that Raines might be 1-3 after tonight. Expect a fight. Expect the inconceivable, though. BOLLES, decisive.
  • Sandalwood (2-1) at Palm Coast (2-1). This will be a Really. Good. Game. Tossup. SANDALWOOD, edge, but barest of margins.
  • Stanton (0-2) at Paxon (1-1). The Brain Bowl or The Who-Gets-My-Youngest-Kid Bowl. PAXON, edge.
  • St. Augustine (3-0) at Bartram Trail (1-1). Young Jacket team of 2013 a year older and bigger now. Whew. ST. AUGUSTINE, edge.
  • University Christian (1-2) at Christ’s Church (0-3). I never worry about the Christians’ record early. UC, big.
  • West Nassau (1-2) at Baldwin (1-2). This should be a hard-fought rivalry game with the winner still well in playoff contention. On that basis, I go with the wrestling team. Tossup. WEST NASSAU, edge.
  • Ed White (2-1) at Englewood (1-2). The Rams are a team and program on the move. But these are the Commanders. ED WHITE, big.
  • Yulee (2-0) at Westside (0-3). Hornets have had a week off from game play already. Rest should help. YULEE, big.
  • Providence (3-0) at Crescent City (3-0). The Stallions are doing all of the right things, beating some good local opponents already. I think they’ve got a good chance at this one. PROVIDENCE, edge.
  • GAME OF THE WEEK: Atlantic Coast (3-0) at Oakleaf (3-0). Are the Stingrays a fully-legit playoff team? Are the Knights making a return to past glories? This will be, and I wish my boys and girlfriend would read this post (but they probably won’t), a slobberknocker. Toss up. Knights are just a bit too strong, this time. OAKLEAF, edge.
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Schedule update — 9/19

We’ve added St. Augustine to the fold! Coach Gonzalez sent in his schedule last night. There are two duals on the Yellow Jacket table that were not included in their opponents’ schedule, so check those out.

We’ve also added FSDB’s dates to the schedule! Coach Homewood sent in his schedule just a few minutes ago. The schedule is starting to flesh out nicely. Who’ll be next?

Also, off-topic Week 4 football picks will come out today…sometime before kickoff. Fridays are usually busy for me, but at least I’m somewhat prepared. Sort of. I didn’t even see how I did with Week 1 yet. Maybe they shouldn’t count? Yeah. Let’s go with that. They don’t count. Especially Clay-Fleming. At least I was right that it would turn on a last-second field goal.

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Schedule update — 9/18

Ridgeview has been added to the master schedule. I have a question out about the tournament the Panthers are competing in on December 6th and I’m curious who they’ll be dualing on December 17. Otherwise their schedule is in! Who’s next?

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New Page Added

In the runup to the season, we’ve added a “Teams Needed” page for those events — both dual and IBT — with multiple teams where there are some spaces needed to fill. If your event needs teams, let me know. I will publish the event, the format, times if known, teams committed if known, costs and head coach email contact info. I can’t do phones, sorry. You’ll thank me later when you don’t get spam phone calls. Email me your openings!

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