New August Camp

Jared Frayer coming to Yulee (the town, it should be stressed, not the high school) on the second weekend of August. I’d call it a can’t-miss. More of the details can be found on the Offseason 2017 page.

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Overall Wins List

This is complete with one district left to do. We’ll start that sometime later this week.

Overall Wins List

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1A-2A “Outer Areas” Wins List

Columbia, Gainesville and Suwannee compete in shared districts with the Northwest portion of the coverage area. Eastside, Interlachen and Palatka compete in a district and region that is otherwise outside the coverage area.

It’s kind of an uneven fit. But we’re making it work. So here’s their wins list. We will be posting the overall wins list as a PDF shortly, and sometime this week I will be wrapping up this project with 1A-District 3. I haven’t heard about corrections yet. Time enough for that, I guess.

Senior Top 15 wins list
1. Chace Curtis (Columbia) 114. 2. Bryan Smith (Palatka) 71. 3. Chase Clark (Suwannee) 60. 4. Cade Mason (Interlachen) 59. 5. Ira Dixon (Palatka) 51. 6. Zion James (Columbia) 45. 7. Daniel Mann (Columbia) 35. 8. Dale Green (Palatka) 33. 9. Corey Ryan (Gainesville) 30. 10. (tie) Corey Adkins (Interlachen) 27 *. 10. (tie) Justin Harbilas (Gainesville) 27. 12. Matt Raulerson (Columbia) 20. 13. Nathan Fox (Gainesville) 17. 14. (tie) Isaiah Beauboeuf (Palatka) 16. 14. (tie) Donnie Wilburn (Gainesville) 16.
* wins from 1st 2 years not immediately available

Junior Top 10 wins list
1. Matt Ross (Columbia) 53. 2. Scotty Tacinelli (Gainesville) 46. 3. Julian Borrell (Suwannee) 42. 4. Tyler Ogles (Suwannee) 41. 5. Chad Sapp (Columbia) 37. 6. Terrell Williams (Suwannee) 34. 7. Julian Rivera (Interlachen) 13. 8. Marquis Hill (Palatka) 6. 9. Bronson Carter (Gainesville) 5. 10. Matthew Arango (Columbia) 4.

Sophomore Top 5 wins list
1. Jaxon Sansouci (Suwannee) 15. 2. Martin Lee (Columbia) 14. 3. Nicholas Hanson (Gainesville) 12. 4. Drevon Wallace (Palatka) 11. 5. Trevor Davis (Palatka) 10.

NOTE: Matmen wins totals used for Columbia, Eastside, Gainesville, Interlachen, Palatka, Suwannee.

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#Let’sGoCamping: Jorge Camp at NFWA

Jorge camp

Wrestlers at last week’s camp led by Southeastern University assistant coach Brandon Jorge take an after-photo Thursday at the North Florida Wrestling Academy in Orange Park (Photo submitted to NFWA Facebook page).

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Cochran earns All-American honor at Fargo




Rising senior Jacob Cochran of Tate HS took eighth place on Saturday in the Junior division, 106-pound weight class, in Greco-Roman competition at Fargo. Cochran was 3-2 on Friday, having to win three on the bounce to clinch all-American honors (Photo submitted by Robert Cochran).

Northwest Florida Matmen staff report

Editor’s Note: Updating to reflect 7th-place match results.

FARGO, ND — The northern part of Florida has one USA Wrestling All-American in Greco-Roman wrestling as of Friday.

On Saturday, Tate HS rising senior Jacob Cochran finished eighth in the 106-pound weight class of the Junior division. Cochran fell by a 4-0 decision, by VFA, to Michigan’s Reese Fry, in the seventh-place match.

Cochran clinched a top-eight showing at the FargoDome on Friday, earning all-American honors in so doing.

Cochran actually started the Greco competition with a losing effort, taking a 22-12 loss by VSU1 in 4:12 to Connecticut’s Jarod Kosman, sending him into the consolation rounds.

That sent Cochran into the consolation rounds, where he had to win three matches to clinch a spot on the Fargo podium. And, that’s precisely what he did.

Cochran’s first of those three wins was a victory by VIN, a 0-0 decision over Iowa’s Devin Harmison in consi round of 16-2. In the next round, consi 8-1, Cochran won easily, taking a victory by VSU in 29 seconds over Texas’ Jack Falloon, 11-0.

That put him into the blood round against another Texas wrestler, Preston Decker, and while the result was the same, it took a little longer to accomplish, as Cochran picked up another 11-0 VSU victory, this time in 1:38.

That moved Cochran into the consi of 4 round, essentially the consi quarters, against California’s Blake Fredrickson, and Fredrickson held the upper hand, needing 1:03 to win by VSU over Cochran, 10-0.

Fry, who lost in the quarters to eventual finalist of Sam Latona of Thompson (ALA), has had one common opponent with Cochran. Fry beat Kosman, 10-0, in the blood round.

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Next Level, Schedules and Other Things


It’s essential to this website. If news isn’t transmitted here, this website stops becoming relevant.

If it’s not relevant to you, then what are we — any of us — doing here?

I do not want to be put in a position where I am having to go elsewhere to find out about things I should have found out about first. Right now, I had to find out elsewhere about six in-area #NextLevel athletes and their signings — two were transfers, four new. I found out elsewhere about a potentially massive youth event in the planning stages for October.

I have two schedules, with high school pre-planning beginning in either two or three weeks. Two.

No site (NONE) in Florida will run stories and/or roundups of your duals events (seeing that TWN has remained more or less in a shuttered condition since around the end of March, and seeing further that the in-season recaps it did have last year I wrote, the in-season dual and tournament results it had I provided to it, I am in as decent a position as anyone to take a guess at its future). Only one other site will run your results, and even then that has been done through my effort.

I can’t tell you what to do. If the hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of one person’s donated time — and the information generated as a result of that donated time — isn’t relevant, then it isn’t. If it is relevant, then sending over information — first — has to become your priority.

We really do report. You really do decide.

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FHSAA Assignments

Are out now. No changes for any of the Northeast-area teams at least as far as which districts THEY are in. 1A-District 5 has condensed significantly, however. Only a five-team district now, due mainly to a couple of programs moving from 1A to 2A.

Keystone Heights, per the FHSAA list, is noted as an independent. Would perhaps be a good fit for 1A-5, if they’re 1A in a three-class system.

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