#NextLevel: Fox in Final Wrestleoff; Winston Makes History

We’ll see Josh Fox‘s name again this collegiate wrestling season, but not as the Opening Night starter at 197 for Ohio State.

Fox (University Christian ’12) fell 5-2 to Buckeye redshirt freshman Kollin Moore, ranked 16th in the preseason InterMat national poll, in OSU’s wrestleoffs contested Thursday night in front of a standing room-only crowd at French Fieldhouse in Columbus.

Moore scored two takedowns in the first period to seize the early advantage over Fox, a three-time academic all-Big Ten Conference and four-time OSU scholar-athlete.

Additionally, Brewton-Parker College freshman Geneva Winston (Oakleaf ’16) competed in her first collegiate open tournament at Emmanuel (GA) College last weekend, going 2-3 and placing 6th at 123 pounds. Winston’s place finish means she was the first woman in school history to earn a place finish at a tournament. Winston’s victories included a 20-10 tech fall over Adrian College’s Justine Seeley and fall in 4:42 over University of the Cumberlands’ Kellyann Jimenez.

Wrestleoffs that have the potential to involve Matmen-area competitors will be contested at the following schools on the following dates:

  • Campbell University (Kaleb Warner, Columbia ’15): Saturday.
  • Limestone College (Chris Griffin, Oakleaf ’15; Xaiver Sampsel, Fleming Island ’16): Saturday.
  • Iowa Lakes CC (Kaz Maia & Eric Vigo, both Flagler Palm Coast ’16): Tuesday.
  • University of Nebraska-Kearney (Corey Van Dorn, Orange Park ’14): Wednesday.
  • Southeastern University (Zack Branning, Flagler Palm Coast ’15; Nathan Cleland, Bishop Snyder ’15; Tracy Davis, Fleming Island ’16), Thursday. NOTE: Myckel Hutchinson (Buchholz ’15) will rejoin the team in the second semester of the 2016-17 school year and Evyn Insalaco (Flagler Palm Coast ’16) is a team member but sustained a preseason season-ending injury, will return in the fall of 2017.
  • Iowa Western CC (Derek Miller, Clay ’16): Thursday.
  • Edinboro University (Josh Calhoun, Bolles ’15): October 29.
  • Coker College (Robert Parland, University Christian ’13): October 29.
  • University of Dubuque (Jonathon Shoen, Middleburg ’16): October 29.
  • Briar Cliff University (Scott Dollison, Episcopal ’16): November 1.
  • Bacone College (Nick Hobday, Fletcher ’15; Marcus Zeighler, Columbia ’16): November 1.
  • Huntingdon College (Trevor Belden, Ridgeview ’16): November 5.
  • Shorter University (Alfred Shavers, Flagler Palm Coast ’15): No wrestleoff date posted on the Hawks’ website.
  • Concordia (NE) University (Tristain Sichmeller, Clay ’15): No wrestleoff date posted on the Bulldogs’ website.
  • St Andrews University (Dylan Rossetti, Middleburg ’16): No wrestleoff date posted on the Knights’ website.
  • University of the Ozarks (Roland Samec, Clay ’16): No wrestleoff date posted on the Eagles’ website.
  • Lindenwood (IL) University: (Jonathan Whiting, Clay ’15): No wrestleoff dated posted on the Lynx’s website.
  • Neosho CC (Josh Walker, Columbia ’15): No wrestleoff date posted on the Panthers’ website.
  • Grays Harbor College (Kristopher Smith, St. Augustine ’16): No wrestleoff date posted on the Chokers’ website.

Teams with coaches having background in the Matmen coverage area:

  • South Dakota State University (coached by Bolles alum Chris Bono): No wrestleoff date posted on the Jackrabbits’ schedule.
  • Newberry College (coached by Clay alum Cy Wainwright): October 29.
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Fundraising Updates

Keep checking our fundraising page (10/20/16 UPDATE: MOVED TO THE 16-17 SCHEDULE PAGE as a drop-down) for updates. We learned of one last night and that one is posted on the site (it’s short notice, but if you’re out in Lake City or Live Oak and you read this, head on over) and Buchholz has posted one for November 5. These programs appreciate your support!

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Rams Grow List to 32 Schedules

Our list grew by another schedule today, as Interlachen sent in its schedule to begin our Putnam County representation. We now have 32 teams in hand, just 14 left to go. Could we get all 46 before practice begins in 3 weeks? I am not sure, my guess would be no, but I remain hopeful. We are still ahead of last year’s pace.

The Rams will have three new (or at least new-ish) events this year, all of them dual tournaments. Interlachen will be part of Gainesville’s Category 5 duals single-day tournament on the Saturday of Week 1, and will be part of the “new-ish” Bobcat Duals, hosted by Buchholz, on December 22 (an event the Rams did participate in prior to its interruption in 2015-16). The Rams will close out the 2016-17 regular season with an appearance at Crystal River’s duals tournament on February 4.

As for returning events, Interlachen has two larger ones, including its only regular-season IBT on the table – the Ed Kilpatrick one-day tournament in Inverness hosted by Citrus on January 14, and the Diamondback Duals at Bellevue in its traditional spot, the final weekend of January.

The Rams will have a few midweek events during the season as well; first among those is a home triangular with Eastside and Dunnellon on December 14, a quad at Bradford on January 10 (other teams not known at this point), and another home triangular with the Tornadoes and FSDB on January 18. Interlachen will be at Leesburg on January 23 and will host Palatka in the Rams’ final home event. As Interlachen was the first District 5 school to report in, I was able to learn that districts will be contested at Crystal River on Thursday, February 16.

So there’s 32, who’s going to be 33??

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Super 32 — Day 2

Final. 285 title match just finished. All matches wrestled on Sunday can be found here. This tournament is crazy competitive.

106 pounds
Championship: Antonio Lorenzo (CA) d. Greg Diakomihalis (NY), 1-0.
3rd: Brandon Kaylor (WA) d. Lucas Byrd (OH), 6-1.
5th: Ryan Chauvin (Lake Highland Prep) d. Elijah Varona (South Dade), 5-3.
7th: Logan Agin (OH) d. Cody Craig (ME), 7-6.
Semis: Diakomihalis d. Chauvin, 3-1, SV; Lorenzo d. Varona, 5-4.
Quarters: Diakomihalis d. Craig, 5-2; Chauvin d. Kaylor, 3-1, SV; Varona d. Byrd, 5-3, UTB; Lorenzo md. Sammy Alvarez (NJ), 11-0.
Consi semis: Kaylor d. Varona, 5-1; Byrd d. Chauvin, 4-2.
Consi of 4: Kaylor d. Craig, 5-3; Byrd d. Agin, 3-1, SV.
Consi of 8 #2: Kaylor d. Dylan Ryder (NY), 6-4; Craig d. Eric Barnett (WI), 6-1; Agin d. Sammy Alvarez (NJ), 3-2; Byrd md. Riley Weir (OK), 12-1.
Consi of 8 #1: Barnett d. Jacob Moran (IN), 7-0; Ryder d. Cevion Severado (MO), 4-0; Agin d. Nic Bouzakis (Florida), 9-6; Weir d. Doug Zapf (PA), 6-3.

Championship: Adam Busiello (NY) d. Robert Howard (NJ), 5-2.
3rd: Patrick McKee (MN) d. Antonio Mininno (NJ), 4-3.
5th: Logan Macri (PA) fft over Joseph Harrison (NE).
7th: Benyamin Kamali (MI) d. Matthew Cardello (OH), 5-3.
Semis: Busiello md. Harrison, 10-2; Howard d. Macri, 5-3, SV.
Quarters: Busiello p. Mininno, 1:51; Harrison p. Cardello; Macri d. Kamali, 8-5; Howard p. Colton Yapoujian (CO), 7:30.
Consi semis: McKee d. Harrison, 5-0; Mininno md. Macri, 10-2.
Consi of 4: McKee d. Kamali, 10-4; Mininno d. Cardello, 2-1, UTB.
Consi of 8 #2: Kamali d. Nicolas Aguilar (CA), 3-2; McKee p. Colton Yapoujian (CO), 6:30; Mininno d. Kyle Gollhofer (CA), 3-2; Cardello d. Colt Newton (OK), 10-8.
Consi of 8 #1: Aguilar d. Jake Ferri (MA), 7-3; McKee d. Joey Thomas (MD), 8-4; Gollhofer d. Caleb Tanner (OK), 6-0; Newton d. Esco Walker (NC), 10-5.

Championship: Patrick Glory (NJ) d. Andrew Alirez (CO), 4-2.
3rd: Julian Chlebove (PA) d. Jakob Camacho (CT), 4-2, SV.
5th: Joshua Saunders (MO) d. Killian Cardinale (VA), 3-1.
7th: Ryan Anderson (NJ) fft over Connor McGonagle (NH).
Semis: Alirez d. Saunders, 3-1; Glory md. Cardinale, 9-1.
Quarters: Saunders d. Camacho, 8-2; Alirez d. McGonagle, 8-2; Glory d. Chlebove, 7-4; Cardinale d. Anderson, 4-2, SV.
Consi semis: Chlebove d. Saunders, 1-0; Camacho d. Cardinale, 3-1, SV.
Consi of 4: Chlebove d. Anderson, 1-0; Camacho fft over McGonagle.
Consi of 8 #2: Chlebove d. Kyle Cisneros (CO), 5-0; Anderson d. Sam Hillegas (PA), 5-3; Camacho d. Zurich Storm (PA), 5-3; McGonagle d. Connor O’Neill (NH), 6-0.
Consi of 8 #1: Cisneros d. Luke Werner (PA), 7-0; Hillegas d. Sidney Flores (CA), 3-0; Storm d. Chris Wright (PA), 5-3, SV; O’Neill d. Korbin Meink (NE), 4-2.

Championship: Joseph Silva (Lake Highland Prep) d. Austin DeSanto (PA), 7-2.
3rd: Jacori Teemer (NY) d. Isaiah Perez (CA), 5-3, UTB.
5th: Alex Thomsen (IA) d. Rylee Molitor (MN), 9-4.
7th: KJ Fenstermacher (PA) fft over Weston DiBlasi (MO).
Semis: Silva d. Perez, 14-7; DeSanto d. Teemer, 7-5.
Quarters: Silva d. Dan Moran (PA), 11-6; Perez d. Colin Valdiviez (MO), 9-5; Teemer d. Shane Metzler (NJ), 2-0; DeSanto tf. Elan Heard (OH), 4:15.
Consi semis: Perez d. Thomsen, 8-4; Teemer d. Molitor, 9-5.
Consi of 4: Thomsen default over DiBlasi; Molitor d. Fenstermacher, 4-1.
Consi of 8 #2: Thomsen p. Shane Metzler (NJ), 2:59; DiBlasi d. Heard, 11-5; Molitor d. Dan Moran (PA), 6-5; Fenstermacher d. Valdiviez, 4-1.
Consi of 8 #1: Thomsen fft over Jakob Campbell (PA); DiBlasi p. Jet Taylor (OK), 2:52; Molitor d. Matt Siszka (PA), 5-0; Fenstermacher md. Collin Girardi (VA), 14-3.

Championship: Vitali Arujau (NY) d. Mitch Moore (OH), 11-4.
3rd: Brian Courtney (PA) d. Breyden Bailey (IN), 4-2.
5th: Devin Schwartzkopf (MO) DQ over Zack Trampe (PA).
7th: Grant Willits (CO) d. Franco Valdes (Southwest Miami), 6-2.
Semis: Arujau md. Bailey, 12-4; Moore d. Courtney, 4-3.
Quarters: Arujau d. Zack Donathan (OH), 3-0; Bailey p. John Burger (NJ), 3:51; Courtney d. Valdes, 7-0; Moore tf. Trampe, 2:36.
Consi semis: Bailey d. Trampe, 4-3; Courtney d. Schwartzkopf, 2-1.
Consi of 4: Trampe d. Valdes, 9-4; Schwartzkopf d. Willits, 6-2.
Consi of 8 #2: Valdes d. Alex Felix (CA), 8-2; Trampe d. Peyton Robb (MN), 8-6, SV; Schwartzkopf p. Zack Donathan (OH), 2:26; Willits fft over John Burger (NJ).
Consi of 8 #1: Felix d. Kristian Rumph (IN), 3-1; Robb d. Kevon Davenport (MI), 3-2; Schwartzkopf p. Zachary VanAlst (AL), 1:19; Willits d. Jose Tapia (NM), 5-2.

Championship: Sammy Sasso (PA) md. Jakob Bergeland (MN), 15-1.
3rd: Corey Shie (OH) p. Grant Aronoff (St. Thomas Aquinas), :29.
5th: Ryan Vulakh (PA) d. Colin Cronin (PA), 3-2.
7th: Jake Silverstein (NY) d. Jake Martinez (OH), 3-1.
Semis: Sasso p. Shie, 1:31; Bergeland d. Cronin, 6-2.
Quarters: Sasso md. Nate Keim (OK), 11-3; Shie d. Robbie Cleary (NJ), 12-6; Cronin d. Joshua Humphreys (WV), 2-1; Bergeland d. Christopher Sandoval (CO), 5-4.
Consi semis: Shie d. Vulakh, 5-3, SV; Aronoff p. Cronin, 1:16.
Consi of 4: Vulakh d. Martinez, 1-0; Aronoff d. Silverstein, 3-0.
Consi of 8 #2: Vulakh p. Humphreys, 2:47; Martinez p. Sandoval, 2:53; Silverstein d. Keim, 3-1, UTB; Aronoff d. Cleary, 13-6.
Consi of 8 #1: Vulakh d. AJ Leitten (SC), 2-0; Martinez d. Danny Bertoni (MD), 7-4; Silverstein d. Cameron Amine (MI), 8-3; Aronoff d. Zander Silva (CA), 3-1.

Championship: Jarod Verkleeren (PA) d. Josiah Rider (CO), 5-2.
3rd: Brayton Lee (IN) d. Justin Ruffin (GA), 5-1.
5th: Connor Brady (OH) md. Joe Lee (IN), 11-3.
7th: Joey Blumer (PA) d. Peter Pappas (NY), 7-6.
Semis: Rider d. J. Lee, 9-4; Verkleeren d. B. Lee, 7-1.
Quarters: J. Lee d. Connor Brady (OH), 5-2; Rider d. Pappas, 4-3; B. Lee md. Denton Spencer (Camden County GA), 12-3; Verkleeren d. Ryan Leisure (IA), 9-4.
Consi semis: B. Lee d. Brady, 3-1; Ruffin d. J. Lee, 7-5, UTB.
Consi of 4: Brady d. Pappas, 3-1, SV; Ruffin d. Blumer, 3-0.
Consi of 8 #2: Pappas d. Nicholas Santos (NJ), 7-2; Brady d. Brik Filippo (OK), 9-7, SV; Blumer d. Leisure, 5-1; Ruffin d. Spencer, 7-0.
Consi of 8 #1: Santos p. David Johnson (OH), 6:30; Filippo d. Ryan Monteiro (MA), 9-6; Blumer d. John Pipa (PA), 4-3; Ruffin d. Joe Koontz (OH), 5-4.

Championship: Brady Berge (MN) d. Quentin Hovis (CA), 5-3.
3rd: Stephan Glasgow (NJ) d. Jaden Mattox (OH), 8-5.
5th: Austin O’Connor (IL) d. Hunter Willits (CO), 3-2.
7th: Erich Byelick (Lake Highland Prep) d. Nathan Atienza (MI), 4-1.
Semis: Berge d. Glasgow, 10-6; Hovis d. O’Connor, 5-3.
Quarters: Berge d. Aaron Brooks (MD), 10-3; Glasgow d. Jaden Mattox (OH), 13-11; Hovis d. Matt Grippi (NY), 5-2; O’Connor d. Hunter Willits (CO), 3-1.
Consi semis: Mattox d. O’Connor, 10-4; Glasgow d. Willits, 6-4.
Consi of 4: Mattox d. Atienza, 12-10, SV; Willits d. Byelick, 7-2.
Consi of 8 #2: Mattox md. Jordan Robison (TX), 16-4; Atienza d. Brooks, 7-0; Willits d. Nicholas Palumbo (NJ), 6-3; Byelick d. Grippi, 8-3.
Consi of 8 #1: Robison d. Isaiah Luellen (KS), 6-3; Atienza d. Mason Reiniche (TN), 4-2; Palumbo p. Bailey Thomas (MD), 2:42; Byelick d. Joshua Kim (CA), 12-5.

Championship: Kyle Cochran (NJ) d. Emille Shannon (IL), 3-2, UTB.
3rd: Trent Hidlay (PA) d. Bradley Laughlin (IN), 3-1, SV.
5th: Christopher Foca (NJ) p. Mekhi Lewis (NJ), 1:00.
7th: Tristan Brady (OH) d. Skitch Light (PA), 1-0.
Semis: Shannon d. Lewis, 2-1, UTB; Cochran d. Hidlay, 3-1.
Quarters: Lewis d. Isaiah Johnson (NC), 12-5; Shannon d. Sammy Cokeley (KS), 3-2; Hidlay d. Bradley Laughlin (IN), 5-1; Cochran d. Dale Tiongson (MD), 3-1.
Consi semis: Hidlay md. Foca, 10-1; Laughlin d. Lewis, 5-3.
Consi of 4: Foca p. Light, :36; Laughlin md. Brady, 8-0.
Consi of 8 #2: Foca tf. Cokeley, 4:44; Light d. Johnson, 7-2; Brady d. Tiongson, 8-7; Laughlin d. Quentin Milliken (PA), 6-3.
Consi of 8 #1: Foca d. Michael Vernagallo (NC), 8-6, SV; Light md. Jared Lough (VA), 10-2; Brady p. Grant Cuomo (NY), :27; Milliken d. Josh Stillings (PA), 2-1.

Championship: Bryce Rogers (Lake Highland Prep) d. Jake Allar (MN), 7-3.
3rd: Ethan Smith (MD) d. Bryan McLaughlin (NJ), 6-4, SV.
5th: Myles Wilson (CO) fft over Anthony Mantanona (CA).
7th: Emil Soehnlen (OH) p. George Walton (NJ), 4:14.
Semis: Allar d. Smith, 7-5, SV; Rogers d. Mantanona, 10-3.
Quarters: Allar md. Ashton Eyler (OH), 14-2; Smith d. Zachary Ancewicz (NY), 1-0; Rogers d. Myles Wilson (CO), 4-3; Mantanona d. Walton, 11-8.
Consi semis: McLaughlin md. Mantanona, 12-4; Smith default over Wilson.
Consi of 4: McLaughlin d. Soehnlen, 5-1; Wilson d. Walton, 5-3.
Consi of 8 #2: McLaughlin d. Ancewicz, 4-2; Soehnlen d. Ashton Eyler (OH), 3-1, SV; Walton d. Ty Bagoly (PA), 6-3; Wilson d. Bunmi Smith (Camden County GA), 5-3.
Consi of 8 #1: Bagoly d. Joseph Eiden (NY), 8-3; McLaughlin d. Michael Battista (VA), 5-4; Soehnlen d. Joseph Accousti (CT), 8-1; Smith tf. Benjamin Root (PA), 4:56.

Championship: Louie Deprez (NY) d. Nino Bonaccorsi (PA), 6-0.
3rd: Drew Peck (PA) d. Jelani Embree (MI), 2-1.
5th: Khamari Whimper (TN) d. Matthew Waddell (GA), 5-2.
7th: Kendall Elfstrum (NY) d. Cliffton Wang (NY), 4-3.
Semis: Deprez d. Peck, 3-1; Bonaccorsi d. Embree, 5-3, SV.
Quarters: Deprez p. Kaden Russell (OH), 2:43; Peck d. Waddell, 6-2; Embree md. Lucas Davison (IN), 13-3; Bonaccorsi p. Khamari Whimper (TN), 4:17.
Consi semis: Peck p. Whimper, :22; Embree p. Waddell, 1:58.
Consi of 4: Whimper d. Elfstrum, 3-2; Waddell d. Wang, 4-1.
Consi of 8 #2: Elfstrum d. Davison, 4-0; Whimper d. Miles Lee (PA), 3-0; Wang p. Russell, 4:08; Waddell d. Jared Ball (OH), 4-2, SV.
Consi of 8 #1: Elfstrum md. Garrett Niel (CO), 14-5; Lee d. Cody Mulligan (PA), 5-2; Wang d. Michael Lopouchanski (Cardinal Gibbons), 3-1; Ball p. Nicholas Casperson (SD), 1:28.

Championship: John Borst (VA) d. Gavin Hoffman (PA), 4-3.
3rd: Andrew Davison (IN) d. Daniel Kerkvliet (MN), 6-2.
5th: Brandon Whitman (MI) p. Jacob Raschka (WI), 3:21.
7th: Jake Woodley (PA) md. Joseph Doyle (PA), 11-2.
Semis: Hoffman d. Whitman, 5-4; Borst d. Raschka, 14-9.
Quarters: Whitman d. Kerkvliet, 7-3; Hoffman d. Jake Woodley (PA), 3-2; Borst d. Davison, 7-2; Raschka d. Noah Bushman (WA), 8-7.
Consi semis: Davison d. Whitman, 5-1; Kerkvliet d. Raschka, 9-3.
Consi of 4: Davison md. Doyle, 15-7; Kerkvliet d. Woodley, 3-2.
Consi of 8 #2: Davison p. Miles Nuessle (AZ), 2:07; Doyle d. Bushman, 5-3; Kerkvliet d. Tony Wuest (DE), 6-1; Woodley d. Kyle Lightner (NJ), 9-2.
Consi of 8 #1: Nuessle d. Christopher Williams (Cardinal Gibbons), 9-4; Doyle d. Daniel Conley (MO), 8-3; Wuest d. John Kelbly (OH), 4-0; Lightner p. Jackson Rheault (CT), 4:25.

Championship: Brian Kennerly (PA) d. Cole Nye (PA), 5-4, UTB.
3rd: Ryan Vasbinder (MI) d. Peter Acciardi (NJ), 6-0.
5th: Eric Keosseian (NJ) d. Joe Soreco (NJ), 3-1.
7th: Diata Drayton (IL) d. Jeffrey Allen (VA), 7-3.
Semis: Nye d. Soreco, 3-2; Kennerly d. Vasbinder, 13-6.
Quarters: Nye d. Max Darrah (MO), 3-1; Soreco d. Drayton, 6-3; Vasbinder d. Colin Lawler (TX), 6-5; Kennerly d. Allen, 4-3.
Consi semis: Acciardi d. Soreco, 5-2; Vasbinder d. Keosseian, 1-0.
Consi of 4: Acciardi d. Allen, 4-3; Keosseian d. Drayton, 4-3.
Consi of 8 #2: Acciardi d. Lawler, 2-0; Allen d. Jaret Lester (OH), 7-1; Keosseian d. Darrah, 7-6; Drayton d. Ron Damico (PA), 5-2.
Consi of 8 #1: Acciardi d. Johnny Shafer (OH), 2-1, UTB; Lester fft over Nico Manzonelli (TX); Keosseian d. Tyler Cook (PA), 9-2; Damico d. William Korber (PA), 3-2.

Championship: Brendan Furman (PA) d. Sammy De Seriere (CO), 3-1.
3rd: Zach Muller (IL) p. Mansur Abdul-Malik (MD), 2:52.
5th: Keaton Kluever (WI) d. Michael Kramer (TN), 8-2.
7th: Blake Zalapi (IL) p. Paul Robinson (GA), 1:53.
Semis: De Seriere p. Kramer, :58; Furman d. Abdul-Malik, 10-3.
Quarters: Kramer d. Evan Ellis (IN), 3-1; De Seriere d. Will Hare (PA), 3-2; Furman d. Muller, 5-3; Abdul-Malik d. Evan Surgeon (NC), 3-1.
Consi semis: Abdul-Malik d. Kluever, 9-2; Muller p. Kramer, :58.
Consi of 4: Kluever d. Robinson, 6-2; Muller d. Zalapi, 5-3.
Consi of 8 #2: Robinson d. Will Hare (PA), 2-1, UTB; Kluever fft over Ellis; Zalapi d. Surgeon, 7-0; Muller d. Donnie Tice (Florida), 8-3.
Consi of 8 #1: Robinson d. Oscar Daniels (PA), 4-1; Kluever d. Calvin Hayford (VT), 4-3; Zalapi d. Ryan Stewart (PA), 5-2; Tice d. Kobe Hicks (GA), 8-3.

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FLA Super 32 — Day 1

Updated through end of Day 1 wrestling. Matmen-area wrestlers listed first, but all Florida wrestlers are noted here.


Rd of 128: Riley Bettich (MI) d. Christopher Difiore, 6-3; Ryan Chauvin md. Cole Wilson (PA), 9-1; Nic Bouzakis p. Jared Dressler (OH), 1:53; Jake Wohltman d. Trenton Patterson (SC), 5-4, SV; Christian Fisher (TN) tf. Nathaniel Parker, 4:11; Elijah Varona d. Liam Logue (PA), 6-2; Josue Calderon d. Wiley Kahler (PA), 5-4; Sam Latona (AL) md. Sebastian Calmet, 10-1.
Rd of 64: Chauvin d. Wyatt Yapoujian (CO), 6-2; Brenden Johnson (CA) d. Bouzakis, 9-4; Nick Oldham (IA) md. Wohltman, 9-0; Varona md. Ricardo Oviedo (OH), 10-2; Christian Isbell (TN) p. Calderon, 1:45.
Rd of 32: Chauvin d. Johnson (CA), 7-0; Varona md. Nicholas Babin (NJ), 12-1.
Rd of 16: Chauvin d. Frankie Bonura (PA), 8-2; Varona p. Trey Crawford (MO), 1:43.
Consi of 64 #1: Raymond Adams (OH) p. Difiore, 3:26; Jalen White (NC) md. Parker, 14-2; Calmet p. Elijah Jordan (VA), 4:42.
Consi of 64 #2: Studd Morris (AL) d. Calderon, 9-5; Max Druhot (GA) d. Wohltman, 7-2; Bouzakis d. James Ryan (NY), 6-1; Calmet d. Bettich (MI), 10-5.
Consi of 32 #1: Bouzakis d. Yapoujian (CO), 4-1; Logan Sciotto (NY) md. Calmet, 13-4.
Consi of 32 #2: Bouzakis p. Matt Maloney (PA), 3:15.
Consi of 16 #1: Bouzakis md. Jason Geyer (PA), 13-2.
Consi of 16 #2: Bouzakis d. Dante Mininno (NJ), 4-3.

Rd of 128: Trey Lane d. Trey Finnearty (OH), 3-0; Malyke Hines d. Brayden Littell (IN), 3-2; Smaill Saint Pierre p. Ben Mills (GA), 3:23; Noah Castillo d. Jacob Brasseur (SC), 9-3; Thomas Barker d. Noah Miller (TX), 7-0; Thomas Hicks (TN) d. Antonio Estrada, 3-0; Casey Wiles (OH) md. Jayden Bradshaw, 13-3; Colt Newton (OK) md. Ryan Boncamper, 9-1; Nicholas Masters (GA) p. Corban Arana, 4:32; Jace Koelzer (KS) md. Ben Buhler, 12-1; Liam Phillips (MA) fft over Anthony Vitale.
Rd of 64: Adam Busiello (NY) p. Lane, 3:09; Hines d. Cam Enriquez (PA), 5-0; Cole Laya (WV) md. Saint Pierre, 15-3; Patrick McKee (MN) d. Castillo, 1-0; Barker d. Sammy Fair (IN), 3-2.
Rd of 32: Joey Thomas (MD) d. Hines, 2-0; Matthew Cardello (OH) d. Barker, 3-1.
Consi of 64 #1: Ryan Green (PA) fft over Vitale; Tyler Crew (GA) fft. over Buhler; Arana d. Frank Abacherti (CA), 4-2; Hernandez p. Cameron Edwards (OH), 4:38; Scott Richter (OH) p. Boncamper, 4:51; Bradshaw p. Joe Just (IN), 2:56; Bryson Neace (GA) p. Fields, 1:40; Estrada p. Matthew McKenna (IL), 3:15.
Consi of 64 #2: Cole Mattin (OH) md. Arana, 10-0; Tyler Kreith (MO) d. Hernandez, 5-1; Lane md. Scott Richter (OH), 9-1; Jaret Lane (PA) md. Bradshaw, 13-5; Saint Pierre d. Cole Bavery (WI), 7-4; Tyler Hunt (GA) d. Castillo, 5-0; Corey Gamet (MI) tf. Estrada, 4:53.
Consi of 32 #1: Joseph Klock (PA) d. T. Lane, 5-4, UTB; Jaret Lane (PA) p. Saint Pierre, 4:38.
Consi of 32 #2: Hines d. Corey Gamet (MI), 1-0; Barker fft over Bryce Hepner (OH).
Consi of 16 #1: Hines d. Matt Wilde (PA), 3-0; Barker d. Cameron Hayes (DE), 5-2.
Consi of 16 #2: Caleb Tanner (OK) d. Hines, 6-4; Esco Walker (DE) d. Barker, 10-4.

Rd of 256: Michael DeAugustino tf. Liam Lusher (WV), 3:53; Marcus Reid d. Deandre Swinson (NC), 3-2; Gavin Park (PA) d. Marcus Jean Baptiste, 3-1; Justin Rivera d. Mitchell Seaver (NY), 2-1; Killian Cardinale (VA) p. Armstrong Lubin, :54.
Rd of 128: DeAugustino md. Xavear Cullors (OK), 10-2; Reid md. Thomas Williams (TN), 12-2; Chris Merring d. Seth Runshaw (PA), 4-2; Kenneth Kiser (PA) p. Ethan Pickren, 3:21; Diamonte Perry d. Calvin Martin (TN), 3-1; Austin Kolvek (MO) p. Lucas Haase, 4:52; Christopher Rivera p. Dymond Smith (TN), 4:45; Richie Koehler (NJ) d. J. Rivera, 4-2, SV.
Rd of 64: Carson Manville (VA) d. DeAugustino, 5-4; Michael McAteer (MO) p. Reid, 2:29; Gauge Perrien (IA) d. Perry, 5-3; Mike Kelly (NJ) d. C. Rivera, 5-2.
Consi of 128 #2: Jean Baptiste d. Andrew Shaffer (OH), 7-0; Haase md. Lusher (WV), 14-2; Lubin p. Nicholas O’Byrne (NY), 1:42.
Consi of 64 #1: Aaron Black (VA) d. Pickren, 4-0; Jeff Ditter (MO) d. Jean Baptiste, 5-0; J. Rivera d. Nathan Gainey (MD), 8-2; Heath Williamson (AL) d. Haase, 4-0; Gavin Hutchens (TN) md. Lubin, 9-0.
Consi of 64 #2: DeAugustino d. Christopher Derosa (MA), 6-0; Ditter (MO) d. Merring, 9-6; Williamson (AL) fft over Reid; J. Rivera d. Brandon Meredith (PA), 4-3; Perry d. Cullors (OK), 7-5, SV; C. Rivera d. Koby Milner (GA), 3-1, SV.
Consi of 32 #1: DeAugustino p. Logan Brown (TX), 6:30; Brock Bergelin (NC) d. J. Rivera, 7-1; Perry d. Devontae Gutierrez (NE), 2-1; Graham Shore (OH) md. C. Rivera, 8-0.
Consi of 32 #2: DeAugustino d. Nate Keaton (OH), 3-2; Perry md. Richie Koehler (NJ), 11-2.
Consi of 16 #1: Connor O’Neill (NJ) d. DeAugustino, 8-1; Sidney Flores (CA) d. Perry, 7-0.

Rd of 256: Noah Caskey (CT) d. Luis Pena, 6-2; Isaiah Perez (CA) p. Earl Johnson, 1:51; John McLaughlin (MD) p. Kael Davis, 4:43; Caleb Kreitter (NC) d. Emauni Smithson, 5-0; Kyle Nesbit md. Jack Perry, 15-5.
Rd of 128: Chace Curtis d. Paul Watkins (GA), 6-2; Job Greenwood (CO) md. Peyton Hughes, 11-3; Corey Secrist (WV) md. Ethan Gustilo, 10-0; Graham Rooks (IN) d. William Pickren, 5-0; Joseph Silva tf. Tye Varndell (PA), 4:36; Angel Perez d. Dawson Bates (GA), 5-3; Matthew Daner d. Trae Reynolds (IN), 12-5; Bailey Wilkins (SC) d. Jamel Clue, 9-5; Chase Craft (OH) d. Nesbit, 7-3; Collin Gerardi (VA) d. Lucas Rodriguez, 8-1; Blake Mullkey (IN) d. Andreus Bond, 5-0; Devin Kohn d. Kyle Budd (VA), 9-2.
Rd of 64: Dylan Droegemueller (MN) d. Curtis, 10-4; Silva p. Thomas Digiovanni (NJ), 3:21; Weston Diblasi (MO) p. Perez, 3:20; Daner d. Mark Schleifer (NJ), 4-2; Kohn d. Jake Gliva (MN), 3-0.
Rd of 32: Silva p. Ethan Smiley (IN), 2:26; Dan Moran (PA) md. Daner, 13-3; Elan Heard (OH) d. Kohn, 2-0.
Rd of 16: Silva p. Weston Diblasi (MO), 4:56.
Consi of 128 #2: Pickren d. Cameron Johnson (NC), 5-3; Hughes p. Davis, 1:18; Patrick Gonzales (CO) d. Pena, 7-2; Rodriguez tf. Johnson, 5:00; Nesbit d. Charles Walz (NY), 6-0; Smithson md. Curt Boswell (VA), 15-2.
Consi of 64 #1: Gustilo fft over Hunter Holcomb (NC); Hughes d. Tyler Pilcher (GA), 8-6, SV; Justin Phillips (VA) d. Pickren, 7-5; Bond d. Michael Ramirez (SC), 5-0; Rodriguez d. Bjorn Schroeder (MT), 6-4; Nesbit tf. Harrison Dearth (GA), 3:05; Clue md. Dillon Lemons (TN), 20-7; Varndell (PA) md. Smithson, 9-1.
Consi of 64 #2: Bradley Bitting (GA) d. Hughes, 2-0; Jake Cherry (PA) tf. Gustilo, 4:15; Felipe Duenas (CA) d. Curtis, 7-0; Job Greenwood (CO) md. Bond, 10-1; Perez d. Justin Phillips (VA), 7-2; Rodriguez d. Francis Morrissey (GA), 8-1; Nesbit d. Corbin Nirschl (KS), 5-4; Clue d. Jake Rotunda (NJ), 2-1.
Consi of 32 #1: Perez d. Tyler Gregor (NC), 3-1; Hunter Dusold (NY) md. Rodriguez, 10-2; Nesbit d. Nick Novarnik (DE), 7-4; Mel Ortiz (CT) d. Clue, 7-4.
Consi of 32 #2: Perez d. Kohn, 4-3; Dayton Marvel (CO) d. Nesbit, 9-2; Ortiz (CT) d. Daner, 6-0.
Consi of 16 #1: David Campbell (PA) md. Perez, 14-4.

Rd of 256: Caden Lody (VA) p. Jaquan English, :24; Aaron Coleman (NJ) d. Brenden Maharaj, 9-3; River Curtis (VA) md. Hunter Reed, 13-5; Kyle McDonough (DE) d. Andrew Klopman, 2-0; Austin Boone (MI) p. Jacob Satterfield, 1:35.
Rd of 128: Alex Urquiza md. Maxwell Norquest (DE), 12-0; Kevon Davenport (MI) d. Tyler Difiore, 3-1; Peyton Robb (MN) tf. Marcus Abreu, 3:30; Hunter Moline d. Derren Gebler (PA), 7-2; Luke Wymer (OH) d. Vinny Sessa, 2-1; Mason Wohltman p. Evan Goodall (MA), 2:49; Franco Valdes p. Schuyler Spurrier (NC), 1:45; Marshall Keller (VA) d. Ethan Basile, 6-2.
Rd of 64: Vitali Arujau (NY) md. Urquiza, 9-0; Tony Williams (MI) p. Moline, 1:04; Wohltman d. Jeremiah Oakes (PA), 7-4; Valdes fft over Julius Starkey (PA).
Rd of 32: Grant Willits (CO) md. Wohltman, 10-2; Valdes d. Brett Kaliner (PA), 5-2.
Rd of 16: Valdes d. Michael Venosa (NY), 8-1.
Consi of 128 #2: English p. Spurrier (NC), 4:35; James White (OH) d. Maharaj, 5-2; Reed p. Chris Jones (NE), :40; Joshua Lee (MA) d. Klopman, 6-3; Abreu p. Coltin Jezioro (PA), 3:04; Maxwell Norquest (DE) p. Satterfield, 2:31.
Consi of 64 #1: English p. Taqee Williams (DE), 4:03; Basile d. Anthony Carman (WV), 7-5; Reed md. Corey Conover (SC), 14-1; Sessa d. Alex Contreras (NC), 3-0; Tanner McHugh (PA) d. Abreu, 8-4; Steven Storm (PA) d. Difiore, 6-3.
Consi of 64 #2: Zeke Alirez (CO) md. English, 12-3; Tyler Waterson (SD) d. Basile, 4-2; Anthony Clarizio (NJ) p. Urquiza, 3:05; JT Stinson (CA) fft over Moline; Reed d. Colton Landers (TN), 6-5; Scott Obendorfer (MD) d. Sessa, 5-1.
Consi of 32 #1: Reed md. Aidan Murphy (VA), 14-3.
Consi of 32 #2: Wohltman d. Jeremy Schoenherr (WI), 5-3, SV; Reed d. Cal Hansen (WI), 7-1.
Consi of 16 #1: Kristian Rumph (IN) d. Wohltman, 9-2; PJ Gohn (NJ) d. Reed, 7-2.

Rd of 256: Bryce Sheffer (KY) p. Broc Spurling, 2:44.
Rd of 128: Richie McClanahan d. Christopher Donathan (OH), 7-5; Domenic DiPietro (OH) d. Christian Sharbono, 3-1, SV; Danny Bertoni (MD) p. Stephen Goldware, 1:50; Bradley Beaulieu (ME) d. Daniel Valledor, 5-0; Corey Shie (OH) p. Kai Bele, 3:12; Grant Aronoff d. Luke Landefeld (PA), 11-6; Matt Kolonia (NJ) md. Jalen Soto, 14-1; Travis Tavoso (NJ) d. Shane Stewart, 2-0; Max Cosmides d. Jake Martel (ME), 2-0.
Rd of 64: Christopher Deloza (CA) d. McClanahan, 1-0; Aronoff p. Gavin Stika (OH), 1:25; Christopher Sandoval (CO) p. Cosmides, 2:37.
Rd of 32: Aronoff d. Zachary Melloh (IN), 7-1.
Rd of 16: Joshua Humphreys (WV) d. Aronoff, 5-4.
Consi of 128 #2: Soto d. Ethan Hicks (IN), 6-2; Jared Donahue (WV) md. Spurling, 13-1.
Consi of 64 #1: Stewart d. Chase Patterson (CA), 6-4; Soto d. Charlie Lowery (NC), 9-2; Bele d. Brandon Reisen (NC), 10-3; Nolan Saxton (MI) d. Valledor, 3-1; Owen Smith (NJ) d. Goldware, 5-0; Sharbono d. Anthony Rua (NJ), 6-1.
Consi of 64 #2: McClanahan md. Sammy Peticos (NC), 13-1; Stewart d. Tanner Bryan (MI), 5-0; Soto d. Matthew McGowan (NJ), 4-0; Imran Heard (MD) d. Bele, 2-1, UTB; Tim Kane (CT) d. Cosmides, 5-0; Sharbono p. Noah Kile (GA), 1:57.
Consi of 32 #1: Austin Shorey (ME) d. McClanahan, 4-0; Nathan Swartz (PA) md. Stewart, 8-0; Soto md. Hunter Balk (TX), 12-1; Jacob Hart (SC) d. Sharbono, 7-5, SV.
Consi of 32 #2: Evan Deluise (NJ) d. Soto, 1-0.
Consi of 16 #2: Aronoff d. Nolan Saxton (MI), 7-0.

Rd of 128: Peyton Mocco (WI) tf. Hunter Brinkman, 2:24; Ashton Habeil p. Jacob Warren (MO), 3:13; Kyle Kirkham md. Cody Anderson (GA), 7-1.
Rd of 64: Joel Arney (IN) d. Cameron Monzadeh, 3-1; Michael Cusick (PA) d. Habeil, 6-3; Bryce Marcus md. Calvin Germinaro (MN), 12-4; Nicholas Santos (NJ) p. Logan Andrew, 1:43; Kirkham d. Chase Archangelo (DE), 1-0.
Rd of 32: Brayton Lee (IN) d. Marcus, 11-5; Jarod Verkleeren (PA) d. Kirkham, 9-2.
Consi of 64 #1: Daniel Cain (AZ) d. Brinkman, 3-2.
Consi of 64 #2: Cole Tenety (GA) d. Andrew, 3-0; Habeil p. Mark Daroshefski (VA), 2:51; Kason Taylor (MA) d. Monzadeh, 5-3.
Consi of 32 #1: Dan Mancini (PA) d. Habeil, 9-5.
Consi of 32 #2: Nicholas Lombard (NJ) d. Kirkham, 3-1, SV; Marcus d. Zachary Stedeford (PA), 7-4.
Consi of 16 #1: Joe Koontz (OH) d. Marcus, 9-6.

Rd of 128: Jackson Turley (VA) md. Jacob Mathis, 12-3; Stephon Halliburton d. Caleb Carrillo, 11-9; Brady Berge (MN) d. Christian Febus, 7-3; Austin O’Connor (IL) md. Coleman Bryant, 21-8.
Rd of 64: Jaden Mattox (OH) p. Halliburton, 1:14; Erich Byelick p. Tyler Burgess, :47; Jake Brindley d. Robert Kanniard (NJ), 4-3.
Rd of 32: Byelick d. Jason Strange (PA), 11-6; Gerrit Nijenhuis (PA) d. Brindley, 3-2.
Rd of 16: Stephan Glasgow (NJ) d. Byelick, 5-1.
Consi of 64 #2: Febus DQ over Derrick Smallwood (KY); Mathis d. Cole Meredith (PA), 4-2, SV; Hallibuton d. Matthew Stevenson (AZ), 4-3; Trevor Elfvin (PA) md. Bryant, 15-3.
Consi of 32 #1: Febus d. Kade Loughney (NJ), 5-3; Mathis d. Tim Griffith (DE), 4-2, SV; Jake Makosy (MD) d. Halliburton, 6-5.
Consi of 32 #2: Febus d. BJ Bailey (IL), 2-1; Mathis fft over Stephen Carder (WV); Brindley d. Elfvin (PA), 3-2.
Consi of 16 #1: Febus d. Thomas Lisher (MO), 3-2; Isaiah Luellen (KS) d. Mathis, 5-2; Brindley d. Chase Stephens (PA), 2-1.
Consi of 16 #2: Jordan Robison (TX) d. Febus, 2-1; Byelick d. Brindley, 3-1.

Rd of 128: Tristan Brady (OH) p. Isaiah Graham, :59; Angel DelCueto d. Parker Holcomb (NC), 3-2; Jay Santos d. Justin Henry (MN), 5-2.
Rd of 64: Michael McIntire (OH) d. Ethan Delong, 6-3; DelCueto tf. Levi Silvers (TN), 4:11; Josh Stillings (PA) tf. Santos, 3:51; Jarod Swank (IN) tf. Jonathon Tutiven, 3:28; Kyle Cochran (NJ) md. Mike Edouard, 13-2.
Rd of 32: Trent Hidlay (PA) md. DelCueto, 16-2.
Consi of 64 #2: Tutiven d. Graham, 6-1; Edouard d. Eli Haynes (TN), 9-3; Christopher Koenke (NC) d. Santos, 5-1; Delong d. Liam McKinney (SC), 6-5.
Consi of 32 #1: Caden Wright (PA) d. Edouard, 4-3; Finley Allen (NC) p. Tutiven, 4:31; David Flynn (NY) d. Delong, 5-1.
Consi of 32 #2: DelCueto md. Max Livingston (PA), 10-2.
Consi of 16 #1: DelCueto d. William Costanzo (CA), 4-0.
Consi of 16 #2: Quentin Milliken (PA) p. DelCueto, 1:18.

Rd of 128: Ethan Smith (MD) tf. Max Beavor, 3:30; Mason Laflam (CT) d. Julion Fix, 7-4; Drew Dunbar (WV) d. Angel Dominguez, 8-2; Donnie Coleman (NC) d. Jack Sopotnick, 6-2; Myles Wilson (CO) med fft over Eric Saber.
Rd of 64: Joseph Eiden (NY) d. Stephen Kelle, 10-3; Bryce Rogers tf. Nathan Dugan (NC), 3:16; Emil Soehnlen (OH) md. Matthew Cates, 17-4; Anthony Mantanona (CA) p. Luke Veigel, 2:28.
Rd of 32: Rogers d. Giovanni Sita (MD), 6-1.
Rd of 16: Rogers fft over Michael Battista (VA).
Consi of 64 #2: Nathan Dugan (NC) md. Beavor, 11-1; Logan Montgomery (DE) d. Fix, 5-0; Conner Carroll (GA) d. Dominguez, 4-2; Sopotnick d. Steve Mileski (OH), 4-2; Guillermo Escobedo (CA) fft over Saber; Jack Marsh (GA) d. Kelle, 12-6.
Consi of 32 #1: Chase Emory (NC) d. Veigel, 5-3; Cates p. Colby-James McKnight (GA), 4:46; Jonathan Schrimsher (AL) d. Sopotnick, 5-2.
Consi of 32 #2: Dalton Group (PA) p. Cates, 1:14.

Rd of 64: Brian Gimenez d. Zack Noble (AL), 10-5; Stanley Smeltzer (VA) p. Alex Popke, 2:56; Luke Ratchford (PA) p. John Davenport, 1:32; Michael Lopouchanski fft over Jared Ball (OH).
Rd of 32: Miles Lee (PA) p. Gimenez, 3:12; Drew Peck (PA) p. Jesse Jennette, :33; Lopouchanski d. Drake McAdow (NY), 4-2.
Rd of 16: Nino Bonaccorsi (PA) md. Lopouchanski, 16-2.
Consi of 32 #1: Popke p. Dean Wright (NC), 1:32; Tucker Wilson (KS) p. Davenport, :32.
Consi of 32 #2: Evan Schenk (OH) d. Popke, 5-2; Wilson (KS) p. Jennette, :53; Tyler DeLorenzo (PA) d. Gimenez, 6-3.
Consi of 16 #2: Lopouchanski d. Tyrie Houghton (NC), 9-2.

Rd of 32: Joseph Doyle (PA) d. Narek Stepanyan, 5-0, SV; Christopher Williams md. Matthew Darby (NC), 12-3; Jacob Raschka (WI) md. Raymond Haverty, 14-4.
Rd of 16: Gavin Hoffman (PA) md. Williams, 11-0.
Consi of 32 #2: Haverty md. Jesse Carter (NC), 18-4.
Consi of 16 #1: Jackson Rheault (CT) d. Stepanyan, 5-1; Colin Gussman (IL) d. Haverty, 2-1, UTB.
Consi of 16 #2: Williams d. Seth Bruder (AL), 13-7.

Rd of 32: Cole Nye (PA) p. Cole Schwartzberg, 1:30; Colin Lawler (TX) p. Kelton Wilemon, 3:21; Jeffrey Allen (VA) p. Caden Norris, 2:49.
Consi of 16 #1: Norris md. Cole Hixon (GA), 11-2; Nico Manzonelli (TX) d. Wilemon, 3-0; Tarik Sutkovic (AZ) d. Schwartzberg, 5-1.
Consi of 16 #2: Johnny Shafer (OH) p. Norris, 1:43.

Rd of 32: Evan Surgeon (NC) p. Donnie Tice, 1:52.
Rd of 16: Evan Ellis (IN) p. Ian Tomsett, 1:21.
Consi of 16 #2: Tice d. Vincenzo Pelusi (PA), 3-1, SV; Kobe Hicks (GA) p. Tomsett, 1:12.

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31! Lee Sends In Schedule

We are officially two-thirds of the way to having a complete master schedule, as Robert E. Lee sent in its schedule early this afternoon. That puts our list of schedules at 31 as we approach mid-October. I’ll have to see where we stand in comparison to last year. I know that the head of officials for NE Florida wants all local schedules in hand, and I would assume that includes all Duval/Clay/Nassau/StJohns teams.

Lee will be at one new tournament this year, as the Generals will open January competition with the two-day Rob Bierbaum Invitational at Episcopal on the 6th and 7th.

As for returning events, Lee will open the season on the second weekend of December, competing in the Capital City Classic, hosted by Chiles. The Generals will host the Backyard Bash on the weekend of Week 3 (December 16-17), a two-day dual tournament last year. Not sure exactly what format will be applied this year. In January, Lee will return to three tournaments in successive weekends, with Terry Parker’s Army Duals on January 13-14, Gateway Conference IBT at Sandalwood on January 20-21, and Raines’ Five Star roundrobin tournament on the 27th and 28th.

The Generals have five mid-week dual events during the year, hosting First Coast on December 14. In January, they’ll travel to Fletcher’s quad with First Coast and Wolfson on the 11th, and will host Westside and Stanton on January 25. On February 1, Lee will compete with Baker County at Raines’ quadrangular meet (I don’t have the 4th team at present), and will host Clay and Paxon on February 8.

Which team will send in our 32nd schedule? Practice will be starting in three weeks. TurkeyNWrestling is barely six weeks out, with the competitive season starting just a week after that.

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Bulldogs Bring NE List To 30

Our 30th schedule came in earlier today, and it’s one I’ve been pointing to (well, I point to all of them in equal measure, but there were some details that I was curious about with this one), as Flagler Palm Coast has sent in its schedule. One more, and we’re two-thirds of the way there.

The Bulldogs believe in exceptionally high levels of regular-season preparation, and this schedule is certainly no different. As far as new events go, FPC will begin Week 1 with a big move over to the Gulf side, where it will compete in South Walton’s Border Wars — which promises to bring in team and individual state-champion talent from Alabama and Louisiana, as well elite in-state and Georgia teams. The Bulldogs will also open January with a strong event, going to Springstead’s Corey Hill Invitational on January 6-7.

As strong as those are, equally competitive — in some instances more so — will be the events to which the Bulldogs return in 2016-17. First among returning events for FPC will be the Lyman Invitational on the third weekend of December, and the state’s toughest regular-season invite — the Knockout Christmas Classic, hosted by Osceola — in between Christmas and New Year’s. In January, FPCHS becomes arguably the place to be locally for strong competition, with the Flagler Duals on the second weekend and the Flagler Rotary IBT in the final one. As for IBTs in the regular season, the Bulldogs will wrap up by defending their Five Star Conference title, hosted by Atlantic on the first Saturday of February.

In terms of midweek duals, the schedule is stellar as well. The Bulldogs will host Pedro Menendez on January 12, then will travel to Clay for a January 19 dual that will feature two of the coverage area’s top three programs. FPC will host a strong central coastal team, Astronaut, on January 24, and will take on fellow 3A central Florida power Osceola on February 2. The Bulldogs will close out the 2016-17 regular season with the #BattleForFlagler at in-town rival Matanzas, on February 8.

There’s 30.¬†Which team will send in #31? YOURS?

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