NE Fla Folkstyle Challenge Results

At Terry Parker, Saturday, 9/28

Open Division (141.8-150 pounds) — 1. Scott Davis (Lake City). 2. Wolfgang Bradt (Gainesville). 3. Damien Berda (Gainesville). Results: Berda dec. Davis, 3-2; Bradt dec. Berda, 8-4; Davis pinned Bradt, 1:04.

Junior Division (112.2-115 pounds) — 1. Austin Wynn (Red & Black WC). 2. Devontae Middlebrooks (River City WC). 3. Thomas Bryant (Crusader WC). Results: Middlebrooks pinned Bryant, :18; Wynn dec. Middlebrooks, 6-2; Wynn pinned Bryant, 2:21.

(125-127) —  1. Rhett Rutledge (Gainesville). 2. Nick Toney (Crusader WC). 3. Joe Levine (Gainesville). Results: Rutledge pinned Levine, 1:36; Rutledge pinned Toney, 3:00; Toney pinned Levine, 1:37.

(140-150) — 1. Nikeem Butts (Brotherhood). 2. Shosa Lampkins (River City WC). 3. Adrian Rosa (Unattached). 4. Stefan Maillart (Buchholz). Results: Butts by default over Rosa; Lampkins pinned Maillart, :53; Butts pinned Maillart, 1:17; Lampkins dec. Rosa, 6-5; Butts dec. Lampkins, 7-1; Rosa pinned Maillart, 1:37.

(151-158) — 1. Bradshaw Steele (Team Jax). 2. Jared Langdo (Red & Black WC). 3. Ryan Baker (Red & Black WC). 4. Casey Nydoske (River City WC). Results: Langdo pinned Baker, 2:15; Steele pinned Nydoske, 1:15; Langdo pinned Nydoske (no time listed); Steele pinned Baker, 3:48; Steele dec. Langdo, 6-2; Baker pinned Nydoske, 1:33.

(167-175) — 1. Shawn Brown (Suwannee Matmen). 2. Myckel Hutchinson (Buchholz). 3. Brandon Dattoli (Team Jax). 4. Devon McNair (Suwannee Matmen). 5. Jesse Pafford (River City WC). Results: Hutchinson tf. Pafford, score not available; Dattoli pinned McNair, :53; Hutchinson def. Dattoli, score not available; Brown pinned Pafford, 2:31; Hutchinson dec. McNair, 3-0; Brown major dec. Dattoli, 10-0; Brown pinned Hutchinson, 2:34; McNair vs. Pafford, no score available; Dattori dec. Pafford, no score available; Brown major dec. McNair, 15-2.

Cadet Division (103-119 pounds) — 1. Joshua Harris (Team Jax). 2. William Steward (Brotherhood). 3. Landon Towers (Buchholz). 4. Peter Richa (Crusader WC). Results: Harris pinned Richa, :18; Steward dec. Towers, 4-1; Harris pinned Steward, :30; Towers dec. Richa, 8-7; Harris pinned Towers, :57; Steward pinned Richa, no time available.

(137-145) — 1. Kendall Durham (Suwannee Mat Rats). 2. Olugbek Delavar (Brotherhood). 3. Tanner Hazouri (Red & Black WC). 4. Paxton Driscoll (Crusader WC). 5. Tommy Boyle (Crusader WC). Results: 1. Durham pinned Delavar, :57; Driscoll dec. Boyle, no score available; Delavar pinned Boyle, 1:13; Durham pinned Hazouri, 2:45; Delavar dec. Driscoll, 5-0; Hazouri pinned Boyle, 3:12; Delavar pinned Hazouri, 1:45; Durham pinned Driscoll, :30; Durham pinned Boyle, :32; Hazouri pinned Driscoll, :22.

(151-154) — 1. Mitchell Pemberton (Brotherhood). 2. Anthony Moore (Buchholz). 3. Jonathan Pedrack (Buchholz). 4. Luke Karl (Knights Attack). Results: Moore major dec. Karl, no score available; Pemberton dec. Pedrack, no score available; Pemberton pinned Karl, :29; Moore dec. Pedrack, no score available; Pedrack pinned Karl, 2:22; Pemberton dec. Moore, 3-2.

(155-166.8) — 1. Jeremiah Bowlen (Brotherhood). 2. Brandon Hucko (Suwannee Matmen). 3. Josh Bove (Brotherhood). 4. Steven Stanton (Red & Black WC). Results: Hucko pinned Bove, 1:48; Bowlen pinned Stanton, 2:29; Bove by default over Stanton; Bowlen pinned Hucko, 2:45; Hucko by default over Stanton; Bove pinned Bowlen, 2:22.

Schoolboy Division (91.8-112.8 pounds) — 1. Gant Moore (Buchholz). 2. Garrett Tyre (Back In Black). 3. Jameson Harris (Team Jax). 4. John Timmons (Crusader WC). Results: Harris pinned Timmons, 2:35; Moore major dec. Tyre, 14-1; Moore pinned Harris, :14; Tyre pinned Timmons, 1:16; Tyre pinned Harris, 3:55; Moore by default over Timmons.

(120-124) — 1. Shawn Lanier (Team Jax). 2. Landon Dains (Team Florida). 3. Daniel Harper (Crusader Wrestling). Results: Lanier pinned Harper, :28; Dains pinned Harper, 2;24; Lanier pinned Dains, :45.

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I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in both 1992 and again in 2011. But I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. We combined those sites into North Florida Matmen in the summer of 2018. And, we've started South Georgia Matmen in November of 2018. Our work is never paywalled, our content is searchable for all time. We're here because the kids keep lacing 'em up, so we'll keep writing 'em up.

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