Bragging Rights: Class 1A-Region 2 — Depth or Star Power?

After a long wait, here’s the 1A-Region 2 results. There will be a Region 1 workup hopefully later in the weekend but not BEFORE I do a final #NextLevel piece. I picked up the Coker College info today at work and will work on more of it on Tuesday.

So, here we go. The prediction would go something like this:

1. Hernando (District 6) — 19 state qualifiers — 3 champs, 8 runners-up, 4 thirds, 4 fourths.

2. Villages (District 5) — 4-3-5-5.

3. Lake Highland Prep (District 7) — 6-2-2-0.

4. Astronaut (District 8) — 1-1-3-5.

1. Hernando — 35 points.
8-7 as a district. Lukas Twardosky (3rd) 4-1, Brandon Smith 2-2, Nathan Napolitano 1-2, Derick Vo 1-2. Twardosky lost only to the eventual region champ, with two falls and a bye in the first round, and Smith had a pair of pins as well.

2. Lake Highland Prep — 33.5 points.
7-6 as a district. Joey Silva (1st) 4-0, Nick Walker 3-2, James Sherman 0-2, Bye 0-2. Silva and Walker did all of the work, with four bonus-point wins along the way, to keep them in the hunt.

3. Villages — 33 points.
8-7 as a district. Andrew Klopman (2nd) 3-1, Austin Bonasota 3-2, Dalton David 2-2, Collin Smith 0-2. Three first-round wins and Klopman went on to the finals, with Bonsasota and David both picking up wins on the back side.

4. Astronaut — 21 points.
5-8 as a district. Conner Kirk (4th) 3-2, Austin LaShoure 0-2, Jonah Bilder 1-2, Matt Kanarick 1-2. Not much happened on the championship side for the Astros other than Kirk reaching the semis, with one of the two consi wins a bye.

1. Hernando — 34.5 points at weight (69.5 overall).
8-7 as a district. Brandon McQuinn (2nd) 3-1, Austin Mestres 3-2, Matt Lafavor 2-2, Rudy Hajaistron 0-2. Lots of bonus points with each win, particularly from McQuinn in his run to the finals. Mestres picked up his share on the consi side, too.

2. LH Prep — 30 points at weight (63.5 overall).
5-6 as a district. Jake Brindley (1st) 4-0, Stephen Lang (not available) 0-2, Adonte Magras 1-2, Winston Tomlinson 0-2. The Lakes are super-solid at the top, no question, but how will the rest of the district perform? I think 113 may tell us.

3. Villages — 30 points at weight (63 overall).
6-7 as a district. Dale Browning (3rd) 4-1, Curtis Lowe 1-2, Bryce Follett 1-2, Chase Bunts 0-2. Browning did most of the work here, with four pins in his victories. Each win netted two bonus points.

4. Astronaut — 35 points at weight (56 overall).
9-8 as a district. Dylan Fivecoate 2-2, Jacob Demming (4th) 4-2, Nick Lebeau 2-2, Rahkim Mewa 1-2. In a very even weight class, the Astros performed best because it won the most, with three wins in rd 1.

1. LH Prep — 43.5 points at weight (107 overall).
9-5 as a district. Bryce Rogers (1st) 4-0, Austin Rasmussen (3rd) 4-1, Patrick Dunlevy 1-2, Bye 0-2. As soon as we think that the Lakes are going to be in trouble, that’s when they start their run. Strongest performance from a group of four thus far.

2. Hernando — 24 points at weight (93.5 overall).
6-7 as a district. Dante Pedilla (2nd) 3-1, Brandon Rasmussen 2-2, Bailey Mosher 1-2, Jordan Gibson 0-2. It was a good rd 1, with three wins, but only Pedilla won beyond that round on the championship side.

3. Astronaut — 33 points at weight (89 overall).
9-8 as a district. Steven Arce (4th) 3-2, Robert Robillard 3-2, Domanique Moon 3-2, Mateo Lopez 0-2. The Astros hung in and moved up a spot for one reason: three kids with three wins and effectively all in the top six. Solid group.

4. Villages — 12 points at weight (75 overall).
4-8 as a district. Lucas King 2-2, Caleb Wyman 1-2, Shade Ward 1-2, Jesse Stills 0-2. Just couldn’t hang with the rest of the districts, as Villages’ young kids had trouble competing. All come back next year.

1. Hernando — 34 points at weight (127.5 overall).
9-7 as a district. Jon Galvan (2nd) 3-1, Mark Espinosa (4th) 3-2, Jaekwon Forde 2-2, Josh Cooey 1-2. Galvan and Forde had nothing but bonus wins and Espinosa added three more Ws as well, to push the Herns back into the top spot.

2. LH Prep — 17.5 points at weight (124.5 overall).
4-8 as a district. Dewayne Walker 3-2, Joe McKenna 1-2, Kristoffer Rivera 0-2, Bye 0-2. No wins on the back side and Walker was the only one to win more than once — and his only front-side win was a bye.

3. Astronaut — 28 points at weight (117 overall).
7-7 as a district. Travis Ahrens (3rd) 4-1, Chris Watson 1-2, Rhio Rendor-Rivera 2-2, Cody Dunkheiler 0-2. The Astros kept hanging in at third with a decent effort, with three bonus-point wins from Ahrens and a couple of bye wins in the consis.

4. Villages — 38 points at weight (113 overall).
8-6 as a district. Michael Allen (1st) 4-0, Julian Summa 3-2, Casey Demary 1-2, Bye 0-2. Villages rallied behind the best effort of the four districts, with three bonus-point wins from Allen and two wins in the consi rounds from Summa.

1. LH Prep — 32 points at weight (156.5 overall).
6-6 as a district. Elijah Cleary (1st) 4-0, Alexander Aguayo 0-2, Jack Roche 1-2, Thomas Potts-Burrill 1-2. The Lakes vaulted back into the lead, but only just, as Cleary was the only Lake wrestler to win a contested match.

2. Hernando — 27.5 points at weight (155 overall).
9-8 as a district. Jesus Nieves (4th) 3-2, Tyler Bridenstine 3-2, Joey Defranco 2-2, Jacob Irving 1-2. Won more often than the Lakes, but got less bang for each win after advancing three out of rd 1.

3. Astronaut — 32 points at weight (149 overall).
9-7 as a district. Ethan Ahrens (3rd) 4-1, Michelangel Medina 3-2, Tyler Hansen 2-2, TJ Tamburello 0-2. The Astros continued to keep fighting through the first third of the weight classes, with Ahrens losing only to the champion and Medina winning two consi matches.

4. Villages — 17 points at weight (130 overall).
4-7 as a district. Dylan Martin (2nd) 3-1, Michael Ciccone 1-2, Bye 0-2, Bye 0-2. Having just two wrestlers available made things difficult, but it certainly wasn’t Martin’s fault — he picked up two bonus-point wins along the way.

1. LH Prep — 48.5 points at weight (205 overall).
10-5 as a district. Max Wohlabaugh (3rd) 4-1, Anthony Petrone (1st) 4-0, Andres Ramirez 1-2, Justin Peacock 1-2. Strongest effort so far from any weight and any district, and with a 1-2 like that, it’s not surprising. Both come back, too.

2. Hernando — 25 points at weight (180 overall).
6-7 as a district. Skyler White (2nd) 3-1, Jeramie Jazikoff 2-2, Brandon Enoch 1-2, Codey Maniates 0-2. White certainly did well, knocking off eventual state champ Wohlabaugh in the semis, and Jazikoff won on both sides of the bracket, but not a lot of points otherwise.

3. Astronaut — 16.5 points at weight (165.5 overall).
5-8 as a district. Matthew Seymour 3-2, Alex Holtzman 2-2, Jarrett Willingham 0-2, Hayden Burns 0-2. Seymour did have three bonus wins and Holtzman won on both sides of the bracket, but they had no help.

4. Villages — 25 points at weight (155 overall).
7-8 as a district. Austin Luke (4th) 3-2, Joel Pelton 3-2, Chris Wikoff 1-2, AJ Riggins 0-2. Luke did well in reaching the semis, but he was the only Villager to win a contested match on the championship side of the bracket.

1. LH Prep — 18 points at weight (223 overall).
4-7 as a district. Justin Martinez (2nd) 3-1, Henry Garcia 1-2, John Reece 0-2, Bye 0-2. After scoring so well in the previous weight, the Lakes came back to the group a bit here. Martinez did his part, but there wasn’t much else there.

2. Hernando — 39 points at weight (219 overall).
9-7 as a district. Robert Napolitano (3rd) 4-1, Raivyn Alicea 2-2, Maleak Dawkins 3-2, Niko Grivas 0-2. Lots of wins, with three in rd 1 and two semifinalists, which allowed the Herns to close the gap significantly.

3. Astronaut — 30 points at weight (195.5 overall).
8-8 as a district. Dylan Lockard 1-2, Quentin Johnson (4th) 4-2, Joseph Malizzi 2-2, Tyler Hobbs 1-2. With Lockard not coming back the second day, things could have been more uphill, but Johnson had a great run on the backside, with three wins to punch his Lakeland ticket.

4. Villages — 35 points at weight (190 overall).
7-6 as a district. Adam Breindel (1st) 4-0, Nick Hooper 2-2, Daniel Soto 1-2, Lutrell Smith 0-2. Breindel certainly carried the district’s effort, and that allowed the Villagers to get back close, as he had three falls and Hooper had two.

1. Hernando — 38 points at weight (257 overall).
10-7 as a district. Jonte Scott (3rd) 4-1, Adrian Rivera 1-2, Hunter Solem 3-2, Jon Rivera 2-2. Everybody contributed, and that’s the biggest reason why the Herns were able to vault back into the lead. Scott and Solem each had three bonus wins.

2. LH Prep — 27.5 points at weight (250.5 overall).
4-8 as a district. Jake Spengler (1st) 4-0, Nelson Stone 0-2, Gabriel Gonzalez 0-2, Breydon Bartee 0-2. What a guy at the top (3 pins and a tech fall), but Spengler had absolutely no help from anybody else, which pushed the Lakes down a spot.

3. Villages — 31 points at weight (221 overall).
8-7 as a district. Imier Almanzar (2nd) 3-1, Kyle Borgus 3-2, CJ Lawson 1-2, Omar Dominguez 1-2. Almanzar had a pair of falls, and so did Borgus, and the bonus points they were able to accumulate helped push the Villagers up a spot into third.

4. Astronaut — 22 points at weight (217.5 overall).
6-8 as a district. Kyle Barrington (4th) 3-2, Brock Grant 2-2, Jacob Farris 1-2, Alex Stathis 0-2. Barrington was able to pick a few extra points with his wins, and the district did have three rd 1 winners, but couldn’t hold off Villages for long.

1. Hernando — 32 points at weight (289 overall).
9-7 as a district. TJ Maple 3-2, Brennan Ertl (2nd) 3-1, Zack Adams 1-2, Deshawn Smith 2-2. The Herns held the spot behind several wins (though perhaps not as many as the district expected) and a good draw that led to a finals run for Ertl.

2. LH Prep — 15 points at weight (265.5 overall).
4-8 as a district. Kevin Ford 3-2, Dylan Lapointe 1-2, Tyler Bossford 0-2, Bye 0-2. Are the wheels starting to fall off? While nobody questions how strong the Lakes were in the first five or six weights or so, they’re taking a beating now.

3. Villages — 39 points at weight (260 overall).
9-7 as a district. Zachary Logan (4th) 3-2, Caleb Loyd (3rd) 4-1, Justin Burcroff 2-2, Willie James 0-2. The surge continues for the Villagers, who were the strongest district mainly due to a semifinal run from Loyd and two semifinal appearances from Loyd and Logan.

4. Astronaut — 28 points at weight (245.5 overall).
6-6 as a district. Trace Woxburg (1st) 4-0, Michael Stavros 1-2, LeRon Berry 1-2, Johnny Altvator 0-2. With three bonus-point wins as well as a title, Woxburg certainly did his job, but he was the only one to win on the front side.

1. Hernando — 27 points at weight (316 overall).
7-8 as a district. LeShaun Gray (4th) 4-2, Ryan Robinson 2-2, Austin Webber 0-2, John Templar 1-2. The job for the Herns right now is just to hang onto the lead and get it in the hands of District 6’s powerful upper-weight strength. Because…

2. Villages — 55 points at weight (315 overall).
11-5 as a district. Colton Jackson (1st) 4-0, Trevor Larson (3rd) 4-1, Michael Chambliss 2-2, Mike Leon 1-2. The Villages are on the move, and fast! So far, this is the strongest effort so far, with Jackson bonus-pointing his way through the draw and Larson winning twice on both sides of the bracket.

3. LH Prep — 24.5 points at weight (290 overall).
5-7 as a district. Connor Andrew (2nd) 3-1, Justin Perkins 2-2, Thomas Boreski 0-2, Boston LaRussa 0-2. Now what we’re seeing from Lakes is one strong wrestler and (at times) one OK wrestler, and that’s about it. Will they even hang on to third, after leading for quite a while?

4. Astronaut — 15 points at weight (260.5 overall).
5-8 as a district. Clay Tezel 3-2, Jontavious Ables 0-2, Wyatt Cupp 1-2, Zack Raynor 1-2. Tezel was the only Astro to win on the front side, and it’s hard to get any momentum started with just one winner on the championship side.

1. Hernando — 75 points at weight (391 overall).
14-4 as a district. Jarred Kruse (2nd) 3-1, Brandon Brown (1st) 4-0, Nathan Love (3rd) 5-1, Johnathan Coats 2-2. Wow. That’s all I can say. Just wow. No group of four wrestlers has done so well, anywhere, that I have evaluated. 1-2-3, with a rare five-win performance. Huge. They just kept winning and SCORING. The group had as many wins as the other three districts — combined.

2. Villages — 32 points at weight (347 overall).
7-8 as a district. Tristain Sichmeller 2-2, Eddie Bennis (4th) 4-2, Chase LaClair 0-2, Tyler Hoyne 1-2. Hard to believe that the Villagers were MORE than doubled up with a medalist and seven wins.

3. LH Prep — 1 point at weight (291 overall).
1-8 as a district. MJ Butler 1-2, Bye 0-2, Bye 0-2, Bye 0-2. It’s not Butler’s fault. He made weight and put himself out there. But he had no help and his stronger teammates at the lower weights can’t help, either. He’ll be back next year.

4. Astronaut — 19 points at weight (279.5 overall).
6-8 as a district. Harry Hampton 2-2, Tyler Van Siclen 2-2, Zaqueri Viers 1-2, Dylan Green 1-2. The Astros continued to close the gap for third, and certainly were able to make up a lot against the one-man Lakes contingent at this weight, but had the opportunity to make up more, and just couldn’t deal with the Hernando juggernaut in the quarters.

1. Hernando — 31 points at weight (422 overall).
8-8 as a district. Frankie Ritchie 2-2, Robert Valentine 1-2, Nick Oleszczuk 1-2, Drake Carson (4th) 4-2. It has to be said: Carson saved the Herns’ bacon. And he did it with four wins on the back side of the bracket (ALL by fall), punching his Lakeland ticket in the process. Impressive effort for the fourth-placer.

2. Villages — 68 points at weight (415 overall).
13-5 as a district. Cole Fagan (1st) 4-0, Andrew Bilby (3rd) 5-1, Kaleb Collins 2-2, Eron Carter 2-2. Were it not for the stunning 75-pointer that Hernando threw up in the previous weight, this might be the most impressive four-pack of efforts. A ton of bonus points.

3. Astronaut — 23 points at weight (302.5 overall).
5-7 as a district. Chris Ralston (2nd) 3-1, Lorenzo Johnson 1-2, Dylan Mila 1-2, Adam Salinger 0-2. Ralston had a pair of falls, and both Johnson and Mila each had bonus points in their one win, as the Astros moved into third against another short-handed effort.

4. LH Prep — 3 points at weight (294 overall).
2-8 as a district. Matt Whitehouse 0-2, Ben Goldin 2-2, Earl Bailie 0-2, Bye 0-2. Another short-handed group for the Lakes. It was impressive of Goldin to rally back after a first-round loss, but he had no other help, as District 5 hammered the Lakes in rd 1.

1. Hernando — 52 points at weight (474 overall).
10-5 as a district. Jesse Gaudin (1st) 4-0, Anthony Contegiacomo (2nd) 3-1, Kenneth Hayes 1-2, Nick Burt 2-2. No one could do anything with Gaudin in this bracket, but it was Contegiacomo that really helped out, and Burt making semis after finishing fourth at districts the week before was also an asset.

2. Villages — 37 points at weight (452 overall).
10-8 as a district. Carlos Sanabria (4th) 3-2, Alex Williams 3-2, Jon Whiting 2-2, Kenneth Vance 2-2. Not quite as much star power as the Herns, and that’s what pushed the Villagers back a bit, but everybody contributed and contributed well.

3. Astronaut — 34 points at weight (336.5 overall).
8-7 as a district. Travis Dunbar (3rd) 5-1, CJ Williams 1-2, Tristain Pauwels 1-2, Mason Li 1-2. The Astros all but clinched third place with this effort — it’s really difficult to overcome a 42-point gap. Props to Dunbar for winning five matches after losing in rd 1.

4. LH Prep — 0 points at weight (294 overall).
0-8 as a district. Thomas Humphries 0-2, Bye 0-2, Bye 0-2, Bye 0-2. It had to happen at some point, and I guess this is the way it happens. Again, it’s not Humphries’ fault. He went out, made weight, and stepped to the line. A lot of guys don’t. He had no competition, and therefore no help.

1. Hernando — 60 points at weight (534 overall).
12-5 as a district. Andrew Ivie (1st) 4-0, Anthony Vines (2nd) 3-1, Dean Brooks 2-2, Joshuah Rodriguez 3-2. Hard to believe this group wasn’t the best in this district. Truly hard to believe, with 12 wins. But it was the best of the four heavyweight groups.

2. Villages — 50 points at weight (502 overall).
12-7 as a district. Roland Samec (3rd) 4-1, Dallas Vaughn 2-2, Alan Perrotta (4th) 4-2, Phillip Baer 2-2. Another solid performance for Villages, which did close with a strong flurry for the second spot overall.

3. Astronaut — 6 points at weight (342.5 overall).
2-8 as a district. Davis Stanley 1-2, Dillon Herridge 0-2, EJ Krajewski 1-2, Isiah Polanco 0-2. Not the Astros’ best effort — in fact it was by far the worst. But Astronaut proved, even here, that depth is better than star power — at least in an environment like this one.

4. LH Prep — 8 points at weight (302 overall).
2-8 as a district. Josh Calabro 1-2, Josh Goins 1-2, Jared Gaver 0-2, Bye 0-2. In the final four weight classes, the Lakes scored 12 points. That’s 0.75 points per potential entrant. Not a way to finish after such a solid start (best through 145).

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