2A-District 4 preview capsule

2A-District 4
Team synopsis: Last year at Creekside, the host Knights and Matanzas battled to a virtual standstill, tying for the district crown. This year, the battle shifts closer to the coast, with the Pirates hosting, Expect another tussle, with nine returning district champions between the two teams.

While St. Augustine should be, with all of its returners in play for 2014-15, the logical choice for the third spot, Ponte Vedra has some stars, as does Nease (the Panthers also had an impressive amount of numbers in 2013-14), and don’t count out a Chad Parker-coached team at Bartram Trail, particularly in a school year when the Bears did not make the playoffs in football.

Projected finish: 1. Matanzas. 2. Creekside. 3. St. Augustine. 4. Nease. 5. Bartram Trail. 6. Ponte Vedra.

Bartram Trail Bears
Coach: Chad Parker, 1st year.
2013-14: 3-11 in duals. 8th at St Johns River Conference, 14th at Westside Kiwanis, 24th at GCS Rotary, 27th at Palm Coast Rotary, 4th at 2A-District 4 meet, 19th at 2A-Region 1 meet.
Returning starters (15+ matches):
Seniors: Hayden Good (district 3rd, 15-9 at 195 in 13-14), Andy Plish (7-18 at 145 in 13-14).
Juniors: Kyle Bachman (18-11 at 113 in 13-14), Charlie Miller (district 3rd, 14-15 at 138 in 14-15), John Wilson (district runnerup, 8-12 at 160 in 13-14).
NEFLM’s take: A Parker-coached team will get legit — fast — and an early football exit could be an asset for the Bears’ wrestling fortunes. This program will be a hard-charger, and soon.

Creekside Knights
Coach: Richard Marabell, 7th year.
2013-14: 17-4 in duals. 4th at Westside Kiwanis, 6th at GCS Rotary, 21st at Palm Coast Rotary, T-1st at 2A-District 4 meet, 5th at 2A-Region 1 meet, T-51st at 2A state meet.
Returning starters (15+ matches):
Seniors: Cole Eubanks (district champ, region 4th, 33-13 at 285 in 13-14), Jared Langdo (district champ, region 4th, 19-8 at 145 in 13-14), Austin Wynn (district champ, region champ, 32-9 at 106 in 13-14), John Zhang (4-11 at 126 in 13-14).
Juniors: Gus Fischer (district champ, 19-14 at 195 in 13-14), Willy Lulias (8-7 at 170 in 13-14), Steven Stanton (7-16 at 152 in 13-14), David Tyer (district champ, 14-6 at 126 in 13-14).
Sophomores: David Cline (8-9 at 160 in 13-14).
NEFLM’s take: Strong senior class, with three returning state qualifiers, will keep Knights very much in the fray for a top-10 berth again this year. But combination of graduation and other losses will be tricky to overcome at first.

Matanzas Pirates
Coach: John White, 10th year.
2013-14: 16-4 in duals. T-1st at 2A-District 4 meet, 12th at 2A-Region 1 meet, T-39th at 2A state meet.
Returning starters (15+ matches):
Seniors: Troy Magnuson (district champ, 28-13 at 138 in 13-14), Nathan Pooler (district 4th, 9-10 at 145 in 13-14), Chad Samples (district champ, 28-18 at 120 in 13-14), Gregorio Torres (district runnerup, 9-12 at 220 in 13-14), Cody Womack (district 3rd, 10-8 at 132 in 13-14).
Juniors: Jordin Castanheira (district runnerup, region 4th, 19-18 at 182 in 13-14), Maverick Dennis (district runnerup, 18-12 at 195 in 13-14), Carter Goodman (district champ, 20-15 at 113 in 13-14), Tristan Krause (23-12 at 132 in 13-14), Eddy Leon de la Cruz (district 4th, 13-13 at 152 in 13-14), Rocky Samples (district runnerup, 27-16 at 106 in 13-14).
Sophomore: Kwentel Moultrie (12-5 at 160 in 13-14).
NEFLM’s take: Addition of highly-ranked Andrew Klopman (Clay transfer) only helps an already-strong side. Just stacked in the lower weights, this team is, and there’s a few in the uppers that can bring it, too.

Nease Panthers
Coach: Craig Muckle, 1st year.
2013-14: 13-15 in duals. 6th at St Johns River Conference, 34th at GCS Rotary, 5th at 2A-Region 4 meet, 18th at 2A-Region 1 meet, T-59th at 2A state meet.
Returning starters (15+ matches):
Seniors: Austin Scott (district 3rd, 21-11 at 126 in 13-14), Henry Velasquez (district 4th, 4-6 at 138 in 13-14).
Juniors: Tristen Lucessi (district 3rd, 29-13 at 113 in 13-14)
Sophomores: Dalton Koike (district 4th, 14-10 at 132 in 13-14), Johnny Perez (11-7 at 138 in 13-14).
NEFLM’s take: The thing that impressed me about the Panthers last year was how. many. kids. they had out. If the numbers stay high, this will be a team on the move in due course.

Ponte Vedra Sharks
Coach: Mike Ostlund, 5th year.
2013-14: Duals record unknown. 8th at Optimist Invitational, 16th at Westside Kiwanis Invitational, 24th at GCS Rotary, 6th at 2A-District 4 meet, 25th at 2A-Region 1 meet.
Returning starters (15+ matches):
Seniors: Michael Swain (district 4th, 19-16 at 160 in 13-14).
Juniors: Anthony Giordano (19-16 at 113 in 13-14), Zachary Gregory (district 3rd, 15-17 at 145 in 13-14).
Sophomores: John Fox (9-22 at 106 in 13-14), Marshall Frye (7-13 at 132 in 13-14), Jairo Hernandez (district 4th, 3-12 at 120 in 13-14), Jackson McIntyre (7-13 at 138 in 13-14), Taylor Montroy (district 4th, 6-15 at 285 in 13-14), James Stanton (8-13 at 120 in 13-14).
NEFLM’s take: With schedule change for the season, Sharks lost some top talent, and this could make things difficult this year. Lots of sophomores in this year’s group will have to carry the load.

St. Augustine Yellow Jackets
Coach: Josean Gonzalez, 4th year.
2013-14: 14-8 in duals. 7th at St Johns River Conference, 31st at GCS Rotary, 3rd at 2A-District 4 meet, 15th at 2A-Region 1 meet, T-51st at 2A state meet.
Returning starters (15+ matches):
Seniors: Hunter Collis (11-9 at 182 in 13-14), Dayton Gilbert (district champ, 24-12 at 132 in 13-14), Conor Griffin (district 3rd, 11-13 at 152 in 13-14), Justin Gross (district runnerup, 18-10 at 145 in 13-14), Xavier Jones (district 4th, 10-15 at 182 in 13-14).
Juniors: Ralph Hicks (district 3rd, 4-18 at 113 in 13-14), Courtney Johnson (district 4th, 10-9 at 195 in 13-14), Stacy Murray (district 3rd, 14-13 at 160 in 13-14), Kristopher Smith (district 3rd, 17-13 at 106 in 13-14), Dustin Vara (district runnerup, 17-6 at 113 in 13-14).
Sophomores: Malik Hicks (2-15 at 126 in 13-14), Nicholas Thomson (3-16 at 126 in 13-14).
NEFLM’s take: Yellow Jackets look like a team — if everybody stays in the lineup and healthy — that won’t be on the outside looking in at the rankings list for long. Lots of kids with region experience returning will really help, and they’re going to be tough outs.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in both 1992 and again in 2011. But I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. We combined those sites into North Florida Matmen in the summer of 2018. And, we've started South Georgia Matmen in November of 2018. Our work is never paywalled, our content is searchable for all time. We're here because the kids keep lacing 'em up, so we'll keep writing 'em up.

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