1A-District 4 Preview

1A-District 4 preview

When & where: Saturday at The Bolles School, Jacksonville. First round starts at 10 a.m., with the finals scheduled for 7 p.m. per the FHSAA website.

Team preview: Forthcoming after the individual weight classes are all posted. Keep in mind: I do not have fully updated records for Providence and Wolfson kids, so the records I post will not be what they actually have).

Projected competitors by school (with Matmen unofficial records): Jack Delaney (Bishop Kenny, 16-7); Josh Bono (Bolles, 4-6); Antonio Urolia (Bradford, 11-5); Daniel Porter (Duval Charter, 31-4); Kyle Hopkins (Episcopal, 12-1); Christian Miranda Reyes (FSDB, 11-15); Limuel Mallari (Pedro Menendez, 16-13); Cameron Wiley (University Christian, 5-13); Quetin O’Berry (Wolfson, 11-6). No expected wrestler from Providence.
Projected finish: 1. Porter. 2. Delaney. 3. Mallari. 4. Hopkins.
The skinny: This is Porter’s weight class to lose, and I don’t see that happening for Porter (5th locally, 12th statewide). He’s taken a few setbacks in bigger events, but they were against battle-tested kids from bigger schools, and they’ll only prepare him for what’s needed if he wants to get to Kissimmee in two weeks. Delaney appears to have a significant edge over Mallari, Hopkins, Urolia and also O’Berry.

Projected competitors by school: Kyle Mayer (Bishop Kenny, 16-12); Dalton Posick (Bolles, 4-4); Dalton Marroletti (Bradford, 2-3); Jack Fagan (Duval Charter, 9-8); Reid Hampton (Episcopal, 16-5); Ty Snow (FSDB, 6-6); possibly Brandon Gardner (Pedro Menendez, 10-8). No expected wrestler from Providence, University Christian or Wolfson).
Projected finish: 1. Mayer. 2. Hampton. 3. Gardner. 4. Fagan.
The skinny: When there’s a lot of room for play in the possible outcomes because there’s no established star like a Porter at 106, I always look to the teams that have year-long starters with the strongest competition in the books. In my book, that’s Bishop Kenny and Mayer. I would have Hampton over Gardner, by a slim margin, but I could be wrong there — particularly if Gardner isn’t competing. If so, then move Fagan up to third and I think I would put Posick in the fourth spot.

Projected competitors by school: Ryan Timmons (Bishop Kenny, 20-9); Bennett Zimmerman (Bolles, 13-13); Jason Griffis (Bradford, 12-4); Andrew Slade (Duval Charter, 26-9); Tayshaun Smith (FSDB, 8-16); Stefan Sladojevic (Pedro Menendez, 8-11); Zack Oakley (University Christian, 1-6). No expected wrestler from Episcopal, Providence or Wolfson.
Projected finish: 1. Griffis. 2. Timmons. 3. Slade. 4. Sladojevic.
The skinny: Griffis (9th locally, 12th statewide) didn’t get a whole lot of mat time, but was solid enough when he was out there. Timmons (8th locally) has had some setbacks after starting the year 10-1, but has a slight edge over Slade (10th locally), I believe. Sladojevic gets the nod for fourth, but Zimmerman is someone to look at as a dark horse. Bolles seems to find a way at districts time.

Projected competitors by school: Nick Toney (Bishop Kenny, 18-4); KJ Fagan (Bolles, 10-9); Shay Boggess (Bradford, 2-3); possibly Hunter Lawson (Duval Charter, 13-10); Connor Evans (Episcopal, 7-12); AJ Rice (FSDB, 20-9); Dominique Bordley (Pedro Menendez, 23-10); Jack Anderson (Providence, 9-22); John Leone (University Christian, 5-11); Charles Kessinger (Wolfson, 12-14).
Projected finish: 1. Toney. 2. Rice. 3. Bordley. 4. Fagan.
The skinny: Hey, a full set of 10 kids! That’ll work! Toney (8th locally at 132, 9th statewide) should be the class of the field here after making the drop and finishing third at 126 at Clay Rotary. I think it could be a strong semi between Rice and Bordley (16th statewide). Rice has had a thing with IBTs; in duals, he’s far stronger. Let’s hope for his sake it changes. Fagan gets the nod for fourth over a still-maybe-hurt Lawson and Evans.

Projected competitors by school: Kyle Black (Bishop Kenny, 12-10); Gray Creed (Bolles, 16-14); Dustin Laricsey (Bradford, 3-12); Sean Bennett (Duval Charter, 3-11); Tyre Singleton (FSDB, 9-15); Derrick Stumph (University Christian, 5-12); Joshua Cade (Wolfson, 2-1). No expected wrestlers from Episcopal, Pedro Menendez or Providence.
Projected finish: 1. Black. 2. Creed. 3. Stumph. 4. Cade.
The skinny: Earlier in the season, Black had a first-period fall over Creed, and that kind of edge is crucial in situations like this, particularly since the Crusaders and Bulldogs will be battling for the team title. Stumph’s resume is better than his record, and I would take Cade with the fourth spot, but if he doesn’t wrestle I’d go with Singleton.

Projected competitors by school: Colin Warren (Bishop Kenny, 10-14); Conner Cronk (Bolles, 23-8); Jesse Burch (Bradford, 6-9); James Allinson (Duval Charter, 6-10); Marcus Maldonado (FSDB, 15-6); David Soule (Pedro Menendez, 3-17); Evan Merry (Providence, 16-12); Reuben Neal (Wolfson, 5-10). No expected wrestlers from Episcopal or University Christian.
Projected finish: 1. Cronk. 2. Maldonado. 3. Merry. 4. Warren.
The skinny: Cronk has flirted with the area top-10 for most of the season, but a bad early loss by fall to Warren has been part of what has kept him out, although he did come back with two decisions. Maldonado’s athleticism and Merry’s strength are both factors in their behalf, as either could also make the final, and it is possible that Warren could find another win. This should be a very competitive bracket.

Projected competitors by school: Sid Madison (Bishop Kenny, 2-5); Josh Calhoun (Bolles, 23-3); Clayton Hicks (Bradford, 10-6); Andrew Duchaussee (Duval Charter, 15-14); Shane Pack (Episcopal, 5-12); Kolton Kimball (FSDB, 6-21); Nicholas DiGregorio (Pedro Menendez, 18-12); John Lee (University Christian, 0-2); Mark Harrington (Wolfson, 10-15). No expected wrestlers from Providence.
Projected finish: 1. Calhoun. 2. DiGregorio. 3. Duchaussee. 4. Hicks.
The skinny: This is Calhoun’s house and it will be his bracket. Calhoun (2nd locally, 3rd statewide) just has too much experience and too much firepower for the rest of the group. I would say that DiGregorio has a lot of separation from the rest of the group. Duchaussee and Hicks are separate enough that they should be able to qualify from this group.

Projected competitors by school: Nick Beenen (Bishop Kenny, 4-7); Michael Surenyan (Bolles, 24-6); Ryan Fishburn (Bradford, 2-13); Ben Fitzpatrick (Duval Charter, 11-6); Alex Fowlin (FSDB, 3-1); Max Worthington (Pedro Menendez, 6-6). No expected wrestlers from Episcopal, Providence, University Christian or Wolfson.
Projected finish: 1. Surenyan. 2. Fitzpatrick. 3. Worthington. 4. Beenen.
The skinny: With Fitzpatrick recently bumped up (I would guess, as he’s too good to not be in the lineup for the Panthers), Surenyan (8th locally, 16th statewide) would still be the overwhelming favorite to win this bracket. I would take Fitzpatrick over Worthington, but it could be a good battle. Beenen gets the nod over Fowlin for fourth — I just don’t have enough history to get a read on Fowlin yet.

Projected competitors by school: Tim Bianco (Bishop Kenny, 11-15); Rushton Roberts (Bolles, 5-14); Ethan Barry (Duval Charter, 4-8); Christian Rickey (Episcopal, 14-6); Wesley Homewood (FSDB, 27-6); Avery Samples (Pedro Menendez, 26-9). No expected wrestlers from Bradford, Providence, University Christian or Wolfson.
Projected finish: 1. Homewood. 2. Samples. 3. Rickey. 4. Bianco.
The skinny: It should be a nice rematch in the final between Homewood (10th locally) and Samples (9th locally, 15th statewide), a match that Homewood won by third-period fall in the regular-season finale for both teams. Both could, should be well-positioned for a run to Kissimmee that starts on Saturday. Rickey is significantly ahead of the rest of the group, and I would put Bianco in the fourth spot.

Projected competitors by school: Bayley Judah (Bishop Kenny, 11-8); Forrest Andrews (Bolles, 9-9); Mike Dinkla (Duval Charter, 3-15); Rodney Padgett (Pedro Menendez, 17-9); Ty Merry (Providence, 22-12); Nassiem Waitley (Wolfson, 4-11). No expected wrestlers from Bradford, Episcopal, FSDB or University Christian.
Projected finish: 1. Merry. 2. Padgett. 3. Judah. 4. Andrews.
The skinny: Merry and Padgett (10th statewide) have met twice this year. Merry won the first time, Padgett won the rematch. Assuming both are at this weight, they will meet in the final and settle it. When they (whoever the nameless “they” are) say a match like this can go either way, this time the “they” are right. Judah has a win in hand over Andrews — albeit in overtime — from earlier in the season.

Projected competitors by school: Paxton Driscoll (Bishop Kenny, 14-10); Brandan Anderson (Pedro Menendez, 15-6); Michael Marshall (University Christian, 7-13); Rafeal Leon (Wolfson, 15-4). No expected wrestlers from Bolles, Bradford, Duval Charter, Episcopal, FSDB or Providence.
Projected finish: 1. Leon. 2. Anderson. 3. Driscoll. 4. Marshall.
The skinny: Leon (10th locally) might be one of the most unknown possible champions out there. He was a Gateway medalist this season, but even I don’t know as much about him as I would like, and how he’ll do with this group is up in the air. It might not surprise me to see any of the top three wind up as champion, but Leon’s had enough wins against wrestlers I’d think are ahead of this group to make me think he’s capable of winning here.

Projected competitors by school: possibly Jack McMorrow (Bishop Kenny, 2-6); Caleb Calhoun (Bolles, 18-12); Andrew Sadler (Bradford, 6-6); Imed Touahri (FSDB, 26-7); Aaron Smith (Providence, 7-6); Deevon Jenkins (Wolfson, 10-6). No expected wrestlers from Duval Charter, Episcopal or Pedro Menendez.
Projected finish: 1. Touahri. 2. Calhoun. 3. Jenkins. 4. Sadler.
The skinny: No area-ranked wrestlers here, although Touahri has often been “11th” many times. This should be the time, finally, that he gets to shine in a post-season event. Calhoun, who has been state-ranked during the course of the year, should be a good test and also should be able to gain some confidence. Jenkins is the next best in the group, and although I have Sadler fourth, I could see Smith there, too.

Projected competitors by school: Josiah McCallum (Bishop Kenny, 6-12); Justin Mitchell (Bolles, 7-13); Eddie McCormick (Bradford, 5-9); Michael Booker (Duval Charter, 10-7); Conor Chepenik (Episcopal, 23-6); Colby Shedd (FSDB, 4-3); Max Cobb (Providence, 27-4); David Trigg (University Christian, 15-9); Ronald Brunson (Wolfson, 1-1). No expected wrestlers from Pedro Menendez.
Projected finish: 1. Cobb. 2. Trigg. 3. Chepenik. 4. Booker.
The skinny: It’s still surprising to me that Cobb (7th locally, 8th statewide) still has yet to face Trigg (8th locally, 10th statewide) or Chepenik, but he does have a second-period fall over Booker. Trigg does have a fall in hand over Chepenik, but hasn’t faced Booker yet. If you’re looking for a wild card, I might take a look at Brunson, who gets to work with one of the best 285s anywhere, every day.

Projected competitors by school: Alexander Condoroteanu-oroveanu (Bishop Kenny, 22-6); Jordan Luke (Bradford, 8-7); Travis Williams (Episcopal, 14-7); DeAngeles Harris (Wolfson, 21-5). No expected wrestlers from Bolles, Duval Charter, FSDB, Pedro Menendez, Providence and University Christian.
Projected finish: 1. Harris. 2. Condoroteanu-oroveanu. 3. Williams. 4. Luke.
The skinny: Harris hasn’t seen a lot of competition outside of Jacksonville yet this year, and he’ll have to wait a week for a heavier dose of it, but he should be in charge of this bracket. `Condor’ is ahead of Williams for the runnerup spot, I should think, but Williams has made a lot of strides this season, and won’t be an easy out at regions.


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