Disney Duals — Local Community 1 Results

Pool N standings: War Eagle WC 2-0, Dakota Wrestling 2-0, Brandon 2-0, Austintown Fitch Falcons 2-0, Naples Bears 0-2, Titans WC Blue 0-2, Aurora 0-2, Kissimmee Osceola 0-2.

Pool N results

War Eagle WC 45, Rhino WC Blue 9
106: Tyler Shannon (R) d. Albie Snedeker, 2-0. 113: Joseph Cooper (WE) d. Rocco Bartolo, 4-3. 120: Dylan Rossetti (WE) d. Ryan Harnett, 2-0. 126: Xaiver Sampsel (WE) p. Alec Reiter, 5:44. 132: Tracy Davis (WE) d. Ryan Whaler, 4-1. 138: Paul Detwiler (WE) d. Matthew Gosser, 3-1. 145: Josh Calhoun (WE) d. John Mott, 12-6. 152: Gabe Lear (WE) p. Ryan Park, :47. 160: Daniel Blarney (R) fft. 170: Ryan Smenda (WE) p. Gavin Wilkerson, 5:49. 182: John Martorano (WE) fft. 195: Jason Davis (WE) d. Jake Stoyer, 9-2. 220: Jose Concepcion (WE) d. Jared Miller, 5-1. 285: Double fft.

War Eagle WC 32, Naples Bears 30
106: Deandre Demus (WE) d. Rocco Pereira, 7-6. 113: Cooper (WE) d. Ryne Rosenbalm, 2-1. 120: Colby Singletary (NB) d. Rossetti, 8-4. 126: Sampsel (WE) p. Brenden Eddington, 5:05. 132: Davis (WE) md. Eric Garcia, 15-6. 138: Detwiler (WE) d. Hunter Johnson, 11-4. 145: Calhoun (WE) p. Joey Parmenter, 5:02. 152: Gabriel Torres (NB) p. Lear, 1;46. 160: Francisco Jaramillo (NB) fft. 170: Joey Nadotti (NB) d. Smenda, 3-1. 182: Zechariah Rives (NB) ID over Martorano. 195: Davis (WE) d. Kristian Suarez, 7-2. 220: Concepcion (WE) p. Bruce Estanislao, 3:23. 285: Joe Chmielowski (NB) fft.

War Eagle WC v. Aurora

War Eagle WC v. Kissimmee Osceola

War Eagle WC v. Austintown Fitch Falcons

War Eagle WC v. Brandon

War Eagle WC v. Dakota Wrestling Nation

Pool R standings: Flagler Attack 2-0, Naperville Phoenix 2-0, Camden Wildcats GA Natl Guard 1-1, Olmsted Falls HS 1-1, Perrysburg HS 1-1, Wilson Central, Goon Squad 0-2, Lakewood Ranch Mustangs 0-2.

Pool R results

Flagler Attack 69, Lakewood Ranch Mustangs 9
106: Trace Insalaco (FA) p. Jake Seaman, 2:56. 113: Avery Holder (FA) p. Elijah Miller, :53. 120: Hunter Reed (LRM) d. Michael DeAugustino, 4-3. 126: Dylan Cameron (LRM) p. Alfred Shavers, 3:27. 132: Michael Martins (FA) p. Jeffery Phillips, 5:55. 138: Evyn Insalaco (FA) p. Brandon Bolesta, :23. 145: Tariq Johnson (FA) d. Zachary McCoy, 12-6. 152: Eric Rosso (FA) p. LRM, 3:23. 160: Jake Trivett (FA) p. Logan Bounds, 3:07. 170: Steve Canidate (FA) p. Anthony Capozzi, 2:59. 182: Glaston McKenzie (FA) fft. 195: Jahlan Walker (FA) p. Nate Lancaster, 2:13. 220: Scott Dollison (FA) fft. 285: Vincent Ebanks (FA) p. Kyle Mathis, 4:59.

Flagler Attack 33, Olmsted Falls HS 22
106: Michael Shaw (OF) d. T. Insalaco, 15-8. 113: Holder (FA) md. Alexander Kho, 11-1. 120: DeAugustino (FA) md. Ryan Gute, 10-0. 126: Shavers (FA) d. Joey Marysiak, 5-1. 132: Martins (FA) d. Nicholas Dailey, 5-4. 138: Joshua Jaeckin (OF) p. E. Insalaco, 4:34. 145: Kaz Maia (FA) p. Alec Kirby, 1:01. 152: Rosso (FA) md. Noah Broski, 12-0. 160: Brice Locklear (OF) p. Canidate, 2:53. 170: Trivett (FA) d. Jaden Mendeluk, 5-1. 182: McKenzie (FA) d. Tony Caraffi, 3-1. 195: Michael Ller (OF) d. Walker, 6-3. 220: Noel Caraballo (OF) md. Dollison, 15-3. 285: Ebanks (FA) d. Collin Shirley, 2-0.

Flagler Attack v. Perrysburg HS

Flagler Attack v. Naperville Phoenix

Flagler Attack v. Goon Squad

Flagler Attack v. Wilson Central

Flagler Attack v. Camden Wildcats GA Natl Guard

I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in both 1992 and again in 2011. But I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. We combined those sites into North Florida Matmen in the summer of 2018. And, we've started South Georgia Matmen in November of 2018. Our work is never paywalled, our content is searchable for all time. We're here because the kids keep lacing 'em up, so we'll keep writing 'em up.

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