Matman Don’t Know…2A-District 4

106: Picks — Smith/Arnold/Vugman/Creekside. Actual — Vugman beat Arnold in the semis, and Creekside’s 106 got Smith in rd 1 and then Arnold in the consi semis…which allowed Bower to move up.
113: Picks — Samples/Teaman/Swor/Creekside. Actual — Summers had no interest in my picking him fourth, pinning Teaman in the semi to take second.
120: Picks — Martinson/Giordano/Hicks/White. Actual — Hicks didn’t wrestle, and White moved up to third, with McDonald taking over the remaining slot.
126: Picks — Lucessi/Goodman/Mueller/Fox. Actual — Well, I got the GUYS right. Just bunged the order up. Goodman AND Fox weren’t interested in losing in the final round.
132: Picks — Pickett/Stanton/Sorgen/Russo-Cooney. Actual — First, I had Russo too low. Second, I had virtually no idea that Pontejos was going to force his way into the region show. And Cooney didn’t compete. Hello? Matman? Are you going to get close to one?
138: Picks — Kraus/Tyer/Miller/Thomson. Actual — Miller didn’t compete, and that opened up a spot, which Crowley took for fourth.
145: Picks — Koike/Stanton/Williams/Frye. Actual — Stanton actually beat Koike, but other than the eensy-weensy problem of not picking the champion correctly, this one might have been the best pick thus far.
152: Picks — Dickman/Leon de la Cruz/Beshara/Mauney. Actual — Mauney beat Beshara for third. I did wonder where he would fit in with the St Johns/Flagler kids. I should have wondered a bit harder.
160: Picks — Mixan/Bennett/Chesser/St. Augustine. Actual — Case shot these picks to h-e-hockey sticks with his first-round win, and then stomped on my pride again in the third-place match. As it should be.
170: Picks — Harp/Lockwood/Ponte Vedra/Nease. Actual — Did a lot of hedging here from the start. It mostly paid off on the front side, but the injury to Davis kind of messer-uppered the back.
182: Picks — Dennis/Lulias/Bartram/Ponte Vedra. It took all the way to 182 to get a HUZZAH, and given that I had to hedge for both the Bears and Sharks, I really only deserve a golf-clap version.
195: Picks — Fischer/Castanheira/Bartram/Steinhour. Actual — Steinhour didn’t wrestle here, which I thought might happen, and didn’t wrestle at all, which I didn’t expect. That allowed Zuzu to jump in at fourth. Slow start that kid had, but nice finish.
220: Picks — McDaniel/Grower/Adams/no 4th. Got the right school for third, but Scott moved up here from 195 (seems like the right call, since he got out), what else…hmm…oh yeah. Grower got me. Creekside kids didn’t seem to be terribly happy with the lots in life I gave them…
285: Picks — Leonard/Montroy/Anderson/Storey. Made a hash of this one too. Storey got Leonard in the semis…Walter ultimately tiebreakered past Anderson…I thought I had a good handle on this district.

10 champions right. Boooo. Worst so far. 46 qualifiers correctly identified as getting out. Worst so far. Almost no HUZZAH full-on picks correctly.

So, in case you are concerned that I didn’t mention you as prominently as you’d hoped, or as prominently as I should have. just remember these seven words.

Prove Matman wrong, because Matman knows nothing.

We’ll see how much nothing Matmen knew about 1A districts tomorrow night. I KNOW Avery Samples is fired up to read that post.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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