Day 1 Postseason Recap: 1A-Region 2

Northeast Florida Matmen staff report

TITUSVILLE — Defending 1A state champion Lake Highland Prep leads the first day of the 1A-Region 2 tournament, outpointing host Astronaut 93.5-77.

Weeki Wachee was third, with 70 points, Hernando fourth with 69 and Space Coast fifth with 64.

Locally, Eastside leads the three Matmen-area schools with 19 points, good for 17th place, while Palatka is 18th with 18 and Interlachen is tied for 22nd with 13.

A list of every competitor still alive in the tournament follows:

Semis — Kevin Rochon, Villages, v. Ryan Rowland, Bishop Moore; Devin Horton, Weeki Wachee, v. Ryan Chauvin, LHP.
Consi quarters — Michael Watson, Cocoa Beach, v. Zachary Dill, Hernando; Carson Kirk, Astronaut, v. Ryan Vite, Space Coast.

Semis — Kristopher Niebrugge, Space Coast, v. Noah Castillo, LHP; Austin Bonasota, Villages, v. Louis Cortez, Astronaut.
Consi quarters — Nick Walker, Bishop Moore, v. Evan Simonson, Gulf; Collin Smith, Trinity Catholic, v. Chase Bunts, Crystal River.

Semis — Devin Kohn, Bishop Moore, v. Nick Lebeau, Astronaut; Mason Wohltman, LHP, v. Austin Lashure, Rockledge.
Consi quarters — Brandon Smith, Weeki Wachee, v. Joshua Hulse, Hernando; Austin Agazarm, Gulf, v. Nicholas France, Ridgewood.

Semis — Alex Roberds, Anclote, v. Joey Silva, LHP; Nick Wheeler, Bishop Moore, v. Connor Kirk, Astronaut.
Consi quarters — Dean Lowe, Palatka, v. Nick Marsh, Weeki Wachee; Legend Newsome, Space Coast, v. Bryce Follett, Dunnellon.

Semis — Nick Tomesko, Bishop Moore, v. Hunter Gibson, Weeki Wachee; Kai Bele, LHP, v. Jason Amato, Space Coast.
Consi quarters — Dakota Ellerbee, Hernando, v. Owen Lott, Anclote; Kolin Marsh, Satellite, v. Chance Luckey, Crystal River.

Semis — Solen Sheppard, Anclote, v. Max Cosmides, LHP; Keegan Davis, Nature Coast, v. Aaron Mason, Bishop Moore.
Consi quarters — Reggie Bradley, Space Coast, v. TJ Tamburello, Cocoa Beach; Tyler Hansen, Satellite, v. Jerry Begera, Astronaut.

Semis — Codey Maniates, Hernando, v. Ethan Ahrens, Astronaut; Brandon Enoch, Weeki Wachee, v. Jake Brindley, LHP.
Consi quarters — Garrett Brackett, Rockledge; v. Alexander Knowles, Hudson; Bradley Kata, Bishop Moore, v. Drew Ferrell, Anclote.

Semis — Ryan Violette, Bishop Moore, v. Jordan Gibson, Nature Coast; Erich Byelick, LHP, v. Brock Grant, Satellite.
Consi quarters — Gomez, Weeki Wachee, v. Dowdell, Hernando; Ryan Hatcher, Villages, v. Anthony Riggins, Trinity Catholic.

Semis — Demarcus Munford, Hernando, v. Bryce Rogers, LHP; Nathaniel DeJesus, Weeki Wachee, v. Nathaniel Newberry, Astronaut.
Consi quarters — Quentin Johnson, Space Coast, v. Justin Perkins, Atlantic; Zack Adams, Anclote, v. Cameron Fischer, Crystal River.

Semis — Harry Williams, Hernando, v. Chase Hall, Rockledge; Donte Young, Weeki Wachee, v. Elijah Cleary, LHP.
Consi quarters — Johnathan Pankow, Space Coast, v. Tyler Storm, Astronaut; Tyler Clagett, Atlantic, v. Willie James, North Marion.

Semis — Eddie Bennis, Crystal River, v. Christopher Ralston, Satellite; Logan Hastings, Interlachen, v. Kevin Ford, LHP.
Consi quarters — Zac Viers, Space Coast, v. Rayshard Small, Anclote; Wilbur Thomas, Atlantic, v. Camilo Moraga-Lewy, Eastside.

Semis — Kyle Schaefer, Nature Coast, v. Abel Terkovich, Hernando; Drake Carson, Hudson, v. Jaret Flynn, Crystal River.
Consi quarters — Sam Voor, Astronaut, v. Kenneth Vance, Eastside; Dakota Lora, Rockledge, v. Lance Hastings, Interlachen.

Semis — Michael Listebarger, Hernando, v. Ben Goldin, LHP; Anthony Contegiacomo, Nature Coast, v. Spencer Beard, Rockledge.
Consi quarters — Dane Blizard, Astronaut, v. Matt Whitehouse, Atlantic; Isaiah Rivera, Space Coast, v. Clayton Owens, Dunnellon.

Semis — EJ Krajewski, Rockledge, v. Dean Brooks, Nature Coast; Robert Graves, Hernando, v. Javohn Maravolo, Astronaut.
Consi quarters — Vernon Hamilton, Atlantic, v. Joe Schwartz, Satellite Beach; Phillip Baer, North Marion, v. Jason Graham, Crystal River.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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