Matman Don’t Know…1A-District 4

Last one, 1A-4. Best one? Well…..

106: Picks — Delaney/Hopkins/Mallari/Wiley. Actual — Ignore that “if he’s there” noise, that was a typo HUZZAH!
113: Picks — Porter/Iglesias/Tirado/FSDB. Actual — Tirado blew up the semi, with a second-period fall. No FSDB here, allowing Posick to come in and take the spot. Side note, and for real here, was a little saddened to see just two Dragons on Saturday. Coach Homewood is a good man, with great assistants. Wish they could have had more representation.
120: Picks — Urolia/Hampton/Lazar/Valentin-Sarmiento. Actual — Hey. “Matman”. THREE OF THE PICKS DIDN’T COMPETE. Step yer game up, son. None of that wide-open nonsense, that’s just bracketologic jiggery-pokery. You blew it.
126: Picks — Griffis/Black/Zimmerman/Menendez. Actual — It was all going so well until the front-side final…how one picks against a defending district champion…hard to fathom. Hard to fathom, indeed.
132: Picks — Slade/Fagan/Wilson/Singleton. Actual — No FSDB, and the Hassalla I saw at Creekside showed up at Episcopal as well. As for the final, it’s one thing to miss it, but this was a match I got to see part of. Still a bit shell-shocked by it. Well done, KJ.
138: Picks — Creed/Madison/Bradford/Tanner. Actual — Straight-up HUZZAH! No caveats, no hedges. Just got it right. OK, can we stop now? No? Sigh.
145: Picks — Cronk/Bradford/Cusick/McManus. Actual — Here comes the Menendez uppance, starting with Soule, who had the best tournament of his career so far. Salud. Hetler did finish ahead of McManus, but it was in the consi semis.
152: Picks — Surenyan/Samples/Harrington/Stumph. Actual — Can I call it a typo? No? Sigh. I should have listened to Scout. And…then Harrington didn’t wrestle…? Their best kid? Stumph moved up and Wiliams moved in.
160: Picks — Worthington/Beenen/Grimes/Bradford. Actual — Got the first three right, but there was no Bradford wrestler, allowing Oakley to move on.
170: Picks — Rickey/Andrews/Freiha/Menendez. Actual — HUZZAH! Let’s go! What’s next?
182: Picks — Anderson/Calhoun/Marshall/Driscoll. Actual — Well, the 2-4 were right…but Anderson didn’t wrestle, and the 2-4 moved up in order. There was a good fight for the fourth, and that wound up going to Seay.
195: Picks — VanHoogten/Glisson/Roberts/Hoyt. Actual — Just about nothing went as predicted, except Glisson taking 2nd. We had a new Menendez wrestler…Roberts found his power…and Schlecter seized the shot for regions away.
220: Picks — Dollison/McCormick/Menendez/Mitchell. Actual — Well, got the guys right, but Mitchell and McCormick wound up switching spots without wrestling.
285: Picks — Chepenik/McCallum/Luke/Brunson. Actual — Luke didn’t wrestle, Brunson moved up and Yost took the spot.

Eight champions. Not even going through the rest of it.

Eight. You know nothing, Matman. <drops mic>


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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