Day 1 Postseason Recap: 2A-Region 1

Northeast Florida Matmen staff report

TALLAHASSEE — Creekside has been the chaser all season.

After Friday’s sparkling third-place performance in the 2A-Region 1 tournament at Chiles HS, the Knights are chasing the biggest game they’ve seen yet this season.

Creekside, with 51 points, and Middleburg, which stands fourth at 50.5, are close behind six-time region champion Lincoln, which leads the first day with 63.5 points. Tate is second at 55.

Ed White is in fifth place, with 49 points, while Matanzas is sixth (47), Orange Park seventh (45), Bartram Trail eighth (42) and Nease 10th (37), with Columbia 12th at 35.

Below follows a list of every wrestler still alive after the first day of competition:

Semis — Jacob Cochran, Tate, v. Kristopher Smith, St. Augustine; Sean Arnold, Nease, v. Dominic Cerillo, Niceville.
Consi quarters — Robert Sheridan, Middleburg, v. Scotty Tacinelli, Gainesville; Jerson Cabiao, Choctaw, v. Nicholas Vugman, Bartram Trail.

Semis — Alex Porter, Tate, v. Traevon O’Neal, Gainesville; Frank Sawyer, Orange Park, v. Rocky Samples, Matanzas.
Consi quarters — RJ Leon, Ft Walton Beach, v. Michael Crowder, Lincoln; Briar Jackson, Middleburg, v. Chris Walker, Terry Parker.

Semis — Justin Trinh, Ridgeview, v. Chace Curtis, Columbia; Zach Hartzog, Niceville, v. Dylan Martinson, Nease.
Consi quarters — Tyree Young, Lincoln, v. Marcus Reid, Orange Park; Tony Giordano, Ponte Vedra, v. Nelson Elder, Choctaw.

Semis — Tristen Lucessi, Nease, v. Dylan Rossetti, Middleburg; Sean Hendley, Lincoln, v. Nate Golman, Gulf Breeze.
Consi quarters — Matt Ross, Columbia, v. Jeremiah Watson, Orange Park; Leland Knoch, Pace, v. Tanner Wood, Tate.

Semis — Trevor Belden, Ridgeview, v. Logan Mellor, Chiles; Saeid Ejmali, Orange Park, v. Matthew Pickett, Bartram Trail.
Consi quarters — Parker Feddersen, Leon, v. Michael Cantwell, Crestview; Darrell Lampkin, Ed White, v. Noah Losievsky, Gulf Breeze.

Semis — Travis Thompson, Pace, v. Tristan Kraus, Matanzas; Diego Calonje, Crestview, v. Darien Tucker, Ed White.
Consi quarters — Daniel Pigg, Tate, v. Connor Cleveland, Ft Walton Beach; McKenzie Williams, Ridgeview, v. David Tyer, Creekside.

Semis — Jack Johnson, Niceville, v. Steven Stanton, Creekside; Anthony Krevatas, Pace, v. Juwan Lee, Ed White.
Consi quarters — Dalton Koike, Nease, v. David Jackson, Lincoln; Austin Nolan, Chiles, v. Kody Waldron, Columbia.

Semis — Logan Womack, Tate, v. Justin Grant, Leon; Tavian Whitehead, Englewood, v. Brandon Dickman, Creekside.
Consi quarters — Aaron Mantuano, Gulf Breeze, v. Chase Cleveland, Ft Walton Beach; Eddy Leon de la Cruz, Matanzas, v. Cody Eastwood, Middleburg.

Semis — Landon Dains, Terry Parker, v. Nartorian Lee, Orange Park; Jaycie Rudd, Lincoln, v. Sullivan Gerlits, Pace.
Consi quarters — Christopher Mixan, Matanzas, v. Sergio Jordan, Ed White; Jarrod Case, Nease, v. Zykeim Sermons, Englewood.

Semis — Tannen Slack, Gulf Breeze, v. Daryn Tucker Brown, Ridgeview; Gavin Hoard, Chiles, v. Jonathan Shoen, Middleburg.
Consi quarters — Justin Lopeman, Lincoln, v. Heath Herndon, Tate; Reed Danielson, Orange Park, v. Michel Augustin, Englewood.

Semis — Sam Mason, Choctaw, v. Maverick Dennis, Matanzas; Anthony Stith, Bartram Trail, v. Willy Lulias, Creekside.
Consi quarters — Aquana McCalop, Terry Parker, v. Robert Carley, Ed White; Bryan Heflin, Middleburg, v. Isaac Gutierrez-Tapia, Lincoln.

Semis — Brian Haynes, Ft Walton Beach, v. Atyrus McDonald, Ed White; Henry Segura, Leon, v. Gus Fischer, Creekside.
Consi quarters — Pete Staviski, Gulf Breeze, v. Kurt Jackson, Middleburg; John Wilson, Bartram Trail, v. Jordin Castanheira, Matanzas.

Semis — Gaven McAnally, Tate, v. Robert Williams, Chiles; JT Grant, Leon, v. Cory Grower, Creekside.
Consi quarters — Seth Witt, Niceville, v. Avery Wilds, Ed White; Ammon Meeks, Middleburg, v. Kolton McDaniel, Bartram Trail.

Semis — Joseph Pearson, Ft Walton Beach, v. Gabe Beyer, Leon; Kelton Johnson, Ed White, v. Marcus Zeighler, Columbia.
Consi quarters — Thomas Moss, Lincoln, v. Yessic Spencer, Gainesville; Hunter Hall, Milton, v. Murphy Bennett, Pace.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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