Matmen Don’t Know…1A-Region 1

One more before I have to start setting up to be a Twitter warrior for awhile. Like all of you, I have to follow Trackwrestling for results. One thing that I wish the tournament could do — in addition to a better Grand March setup, we’ll see what happens this go-round this year — is announce results over the PA so fans in the stands can fill out their programs. It’s something Illinois does very well and I would like to see that here.

Anyway, we’re going to just get 1A-Region 1 for now, hopefully picking up 2A-Region 1 and 3A-Region 1 later today.

106: HUZZAH! 4-0 in picking the semifinalists, and nearly a perfect set of picks. I had the right guys, but Trask overcame Delaney in the third-place match. Was close, but it was done.
My picks: Pickren; Gagliardo; Delaney; Trask.
Actual: Pickren; Gagliardo; Trask; Delaney.

113: HUZZAH! Another 4-0 semis number, but we had some slight miscues in the ordering of the placers, although I did get the WHO right, just not exactly the WHERE they would finish, as I missed both final-round matches.
My picks: Smith; Merring; Blount; Porter.
Actual: Merring; Smith; Porter; Blount.

120: First miss in the semis picks, as Raines’ Joseph Haynes blew that pick up with a solid major decision. Did get the final right, as it turned out, but my pick for third didn’t compete and Metcalf edged my pick for fourth.
My picks: Pickren; Taylor; Youmans; Malik.
Actual: Pickren; Taylor; Haynes; Metcalf.

126: Not an elite set of picks on my part, as I went 2-2. Again, Kyle Black defied my “expectations” in roaring to the final, where I thought he might get knocked out in the consi semis. Still had three of the four right kids make it.
My picks: Browning; Metcalf; English; Cao.
Actual: Browning; Black; English; Metcalf.

132: 3-1, with Suwannee’s Julian Borrell (I wasn’t even sure he would be in the post-season lineup, with as much depth as the Bulldogs had in the middles) breaking up a perfect moment. Missed the champion pick, doubt I was alone — outside of Green Cove Springs — on that one.
My picks: McClanahan; Miller; Owen; Ferry.
Actual: Miller; McClanahan; Owen; Borrell.

138: HUZZAH! Back to a 4-0 mark after stumbling a bit there. I do think that I was very close to a perfect set of picks, but there must have been an injury-default or something like that in play.
My picks: Summa; St. Amant; Harris; Malcolm.
Actual: Summa; St. Amant; Harris; Patterson-Rhodes.

145: 3-1 at this weight, with Arnold’s Dylan Tuttle overcoming my expectation and taking the top quarter. And then Florida High’s Jake Richardson did the same in the consi semi.
My picks: Sawdo; Royce; Tuttle; Cronk.
Actual: Sawdo; Tuttle; Cronk; Richardson.

152: 3-1 in picking semifinalists here, with Christian McIntire putting together a really solid tournament. I did see Green and Borrell meeting, but in the third-place match, not the consi semi; McIntire more or less made that happen.
My picks: Patterson; Samples; Green; Borrell.
Actual: Patterson; McIntire; Green; Surenyan.

160: HUZZAH! 4-0 in the semis, but from there it got a bit muddled. Got the finalists right, but Jenkins got vindication for an earlier-season loss, and Gibbs wanted into the show in his final year. Gotta give props for that.
My picks: Hostetter; Jenkins; Brown; Bass.
Actual: Jenkins; Hostetter; Gibbs; Brown.

170: Another HUZZAH! for a 4-0 semis picks, but guys that fought their way out of the consis were just not willing to allow the two semifinal losers to just go on ahead. Happened on both sides of the bracket.
My picks: Haigler; Surace; Steinmetz; Rickey.
Actual: Haigler; Surace; Maddox; Duncan.

182: Went 3-1 in the semis, as Yulee’s Adams lost in the first round but he didn’t lose again. Taylor continued to defy expectations, beating Strickland in the semi. So we got the qualifiers right, just not in the right order…or how they got there.
My picks: Girard; Strickland; Adams; Taylor.
Actual: Girard; Taylor; Adams; Strickland.

195: HUZZAH! for a 4-0 semis record. That went well enough. Got the final right. But I couldn’t have gotten the four qualifiers right AND get the semis right, because English and Kruger wouldn’t have both been able to qualify out. And then English got vindication for the district loss.
My picks: Collins; Brown; Kruger; English.
Actual: Collins; Brown; English; Edwards.

220: Went 3-1, as Pedro Menendez’s Joseph Phelts had two pins to reach the semis (what a season he could have had with a full one). From there, everything got a bit weird, except from where Koscak stood, for sure.
My picks: Dollison; Koscak; J. Beaulieu; Paine.
Actual: Koscak; Dollison; J. Beaulieu; A. Beaulieu.

285: 3-1 here, as Godby’s Devaughn Stephens completely defied my expectations…three times, because had I known he would beat Hudson, I would have picked Hookfin. Got the final pick wrong, but I’ll own it.
My picks: Marin; Chepenik; Samec; Williams.
Actual: Chepenik; Marin; Samec; Stephens.

Final thoughts: 47-9 in getting semifinalists right, and 9-5 on champion picks. Yes, LHP is in Region 2 and therefore chalk picks are a bit easier, but it’s very interesting to me that I did much better with Region 2 — an area largely outside of my realm of knowledge, and the kids I should know best, I do much less gooder.

You know nothing, Matman.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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