Matmen Don’t Know…1A-Region 2

So we’re still a little reeling from three late nights writing, and it’s less than 2 hrs to go from go-time.

But we’re gonna knock ’em out, quick-like.

106: I went 3-1 in picking the semifinalists as Dalton David didn’t compete. From there, Bishop Moore’s Ryan Rowland didn’t settle for the 4th I gave him, pinning Rochon in the semi.
My picks: Chauvin; David; Kirk; Rowland.
Actual: Chauvin; Rowland; Rochon; Kirk.

113: Again 3-1 in the semis, as my top quarter pick, Crystal River’s Chase Bunts ID’d in that round. Cortez overcame Bonasota in the semi, so the order got tricked around. I’m a little surprised at how that played out.
My picks: Castillo; Bonasota; Cortez; Walker.
Actual: Castillo; Cortez; Bunts; Walker.

120: 3-1 again, I really thought Brandon Smith would have a better tournament, but he was beaten out Saturday morning in the consi quarter. Austin Lashure had a different idea than I had.
My picks: Wohltman; Kohn; Smith; Lebeau.
Actual: Wohltman; Kohn; Lashure; Lebeau.

126: 3-1 again. I doubt Anclote’s Alex Roberds read my preview, but he obviously had other plans than I did for his season.
My picks: Silva; Kirk; Wheeler; Follett.
Actual: Silva; Kirk; Wheeler; Roberds.

132: 3-1 again. Proves that records don’t mean everything, as Space Coast’s Jason Amato, with 22 losses, made the semis and qualified out. Ellerbee knocked out Nick Tomesko to at least validate my pick of him to get out.
My picks: Bele; Gibson; Tomesko; Ellerbee.
Actual: Bele; Gibson; Ellerbee; Amato.

138: 3-1 even with hedge that it could go in any direction. I definitely admit that for these lower/middle weights, I mis-underestimated Space Coast’s kids. They were pretty tough.
My picks: Mason; Cosmides; Davis; Begera.
Actual: Mason; Cosmides; Davis; Bradley.

145: HUZZAH! Finally a 4-0 record, although these were guys were really so very good, it really almost couldn’t have gone any other way. Would have been a perfect set of picks except for a 1-point decision in favor of Bradley Kata.
My picks: Brindley; Ahrens; Enoch; Maniates.
Actual: Brindley; Ahrens; Kata; Maniates.

152: HUZZAH! 4-0 in picking the semis, although these were for the most part chalk picks, I really didn’t have to go out on a limb. Again, a one-point loss in the consi semis left me just short of a perfect set of picks.
My picks: Byelick; Violette; Gibson; Grant.
Actual: Byelick; Violette; Gomez; Grant.

160: HUZZAH! I guess I just needed a little time to get warmed up. Three straight 4-0s. And, FINALLY, a perfect set of picks. Thanks guys.
My picks & actual: Rogers; DeJesus; Adams; Perkins.

170: And…back to reality. 3-1 in the semis. I paid too much attention to Henry Williams’ 20-plus losses going in, and he got me in both the quarter and the semi. Records? Throw ’em out.
My picks: Cleary; Hall; Young; Pankow.
Actual: Cleary; Williams; Young; Pankow.

182: HUZZAH! 4-0 in the semis and a perfect set of picks. Hastings followed my advice to stay on the front side for as long as possible, and he’s in the big show now. Who sez Matmen don’t know?
My picks & actual: Ford; Ralston; Bennis; Hastings.

195: 3-1 in the semis and my first (and as it turned out, only) missed champion pick. I did say Schaefer would be tough (can’t help but wonder if the Nature Coast coaches, who do read me, showed Schaefer this post). I saw last year how hard Carson had battled Clay’s Kaleb Collins, and I thought he would therefore be the class of the field. This weekend, it was Flynn.
My picks: Carson; Terkovich; Hastings; Flynn.
Actual: Flynn; Terkovich; Hastings; Voor.

220: HUZZAH! I picked the semis right at 4-0, but should have extended the feeling I had about Beard into making it out. My fourth-placer Tzobanakis, lost in rd 1 which fed him into Whitehouse in consi rd-2. I would have gone with Whitehouse under that instance. Hindsight.
My picks: Contegiacomo; Goldin; Whitehouse; Tzobanakis.
Actual: Contegiacomo; Goldin; Whitehouse; Beard.

285: HUZZAH! 4-0 in the semis to close them out with a 48-8 overall record. 13-1 in picking champs. Not so great in picking finalists, as it turned out, and that was true here.
My picks: Brooks; Graves; Krajewski; Schwartz.
Actual: Brooks; Maravolo; Graham; Krajewski.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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