Matmen Don’t Know: 2A-Region 1

OK, so I’m running into an energy stumbling block, and need to recharge. We’ll do so with some fun things coming through first. I’d promised these last week, but just couldn’t get to them.

106: Started off 3-1, as Niceville’s Dominic Cerillo did have the best first-round match as predicted, but didn’t accept the neat loss I’d planned. Instead, not only did he muck up the semi picks, he got to the final as well. Also botched the who of who would get out.
My picks: Smith; Sheridan; Cochran; Arnold.
Actual: Smith; Cerillo; Cochran; Vugman.

113: 3-1 for the semis again, with the only miss the third quarter, where Sawyer won by DQ over Crowder. I also got the champion pick wrong (as it turned out, Trae-von was going to prove a lot of people wrong over the course of the following week). I will say that I WAS right to think that the O’Neal-Jackson quarter would be one of the better matches prior to the final. I also was not expecting Porter’s strong rally to make it out of the consi semis.
My picks: Samples; O’Neal; Crowder; Leon.
Actual: O’Neal; Samples; Jackson; Porter.

120: Not the best group of picks of all time, as I went 2-2 for the semis, with Trinh winning in OT over Elder (an eventual state placer as well as qualifier) in the top quarter and Hartzog winning by fall over Reid in the third quarter. I did get the right four kids out, just — other than Elder in fourth — not the right order.
My picks: Reid; Curtis; Martinson; Elder.
Actual: Curtis; Martinson; Reid; Elder.

126: Another solid effort by the Matman! 2-2 here, with a swing and a miss on Hendley in the third quarter and a complete swing and a miss on Gulf Breeze’s Golman, who not only got out to the semi, wasn’t “favored” by the “expert” to get of Round 1. So, I was well off on the finals pick as well.
My picks: Goodman; Lucessi; Rossetti; Brennen.
Actual: Hendley; Lucessi; Wood; Rossetti. Not even close, by my reckoning.

132: HUZZAH! and boy howdy did I need a 4-0 after the previous two sets of clunker picks. However, I still had trouble picking the champion correctly, as my champpion pick lost in the semis and did not get out. So it is a mixed bag.
My picks: Mellor; Ejmali; Belden; Losievsky.
Actual: Ejmali; Belden; Cantwell; Pickett.

138: Went 3-1, with the miss being in the third quarter, where Calonje took an ID win over Williams. Another swing and a miss on the champion pick, where I got NEITHER of the finalists right, although my picks did meet for third, where…naturally…I was incorrect. This was one weight where District 1 was ready to come in and do some damage.
My picks: Tucker; Kraus; Thompson; M. Williams.
Actual: Thompson; Calonje; Kraus; Tucker.

145: HUZZAH! And a finals pick! I’ll go with being confident in Krevatas’ ability to come back from a District 1 loss, as opposed to any other explanation. I actually got all four kids getting out, in the right order. About time.
My picks & actual: Krevatas; Johnson; Jackson; Lee.

152: Did I say one kid? No no no I meant THIS kid with the names that sort of start the same way. Sure. Yes. I’ll go that way. 3-1 in this round, with Tate’s Womack taking the first quarter. The top half of the bracket looked on paper because…I used voice text with WordPress…and…Siri didn’t understand me…and…it was late? Does that work?
My picks: Grant; Dickman; Leon de la Cruz; Mauney.
Actual: Grant; Dickman; Mantuano; Leon de la Cruz.

160: Another 2-2. Sheesh. Recall the Matman! We couldn’t have predicted that our top-quarter pick wouldn’t compete (and that there’d be a competitor get to the semis without, seemingly, wrestling a match per the brackets) and we also messer-uppered the bottom quarter. Another District 1 kid doing better than I expected. Hopefully, next year I’ll have better info out of that district as a whole.
My picks: Rudd; Lee; Jordan; Chapman.
Actual: Rudd; Lee; Jordan; Gerlits.

170: HUZZAH! 4-0 for the semis and the correct finals pick, although this time my District 1 tip went the other way. More information always is better information. I simply had the wrong guy finishing second, otherwise this was a pretty solid bracket for me.
My picks: Shoen; Slack; Hoard; Herndon.
Actual: Shoen; Brown; Hoard; Herndon.

182: 3-1 here, with — of course — a District 1 kid defying my expectations and also a perfect set of semis (although I did recognize his quality by tabbing him to get out, which didn’t quite happen). Did get the final right, but became a bit of a mashup after that.
My picks: Dennis; Lulias; Gutierrez-Tapia; Mason.
Actual: Dennis; Lulias; Stith; McCalop.

195: That didn’t go so well, at least that was the case going up for Friday. 2-2 on the semis picks, with Haynes winning in OT (over an eventual state placer) in the top quarter and also Segura winning in the third quarter. We did get the four wrestlers getting out, and in the right order.
My picks & actual: Fischer; McDonald; Castanheira; Jackson.

220: 3-1 on the semifinalists. I should have known better than to pick against Grower, but yes, I did step into the breach once again on that one. Picked the final correctly, but missed on the fourth, as Meeks beat my pick first and then Grower to get out, then my pick for third.
My picks: Grant; McAnally; Wilds; McDaniel.
Actual: Grant; McAnally; Meeks; Wilds.

285: HUZZAH! Went 4-0 on the semifinalists and picked the correct four kids to get out. The only issue was in the third-place match, but otherwise this went more or less according to plan.
My picks: Beyer; Johnson; Pearson; Zeighler.
Actual: Beyer; Johnson; Zeighler; Pearson.

So…we were 42-14 for the semis. One miss per weight class. Stellar. 9 champions correctly picked, though the way that 113 through 138 went I wasn’t sure if I’d even get half of that number.

Big step back from 1A-Region 1 on the semis numbers and no improvement on the champ picks. You know nothing, Matman.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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  1. John says:

    What happen to the postseason 1a-state-meet recap?

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