Matmen Don’t Know: 3A-Region 1

Now I’ll wrap up Class 3A at the region level and then look at getting the postseason recap for 1A together.

I don’t think sometimes all of the members of the readership realizes just how hard it is to do this work — particularly on top of a 50-hour job and 8-10 hours commute time every week.

Negativity or not about how I choose to spend my personal time creating free content for this website, the 1A recap is going to take a very long time and great deal of effort, so that is probably not going to come out until the weekend. After writing 10,000 words on 2A & 3A — with many fewer interviews and photos to import — I need the time that a Saturday would provide for that. Please try to be patient with me on that while I rediscover the other human living in my dwelling space and battle through the busiest work pace I’ve ever had.

So, to business with the picks. How will I do in 3A, after mostly underachieving in 1A and 2A?

106: I went 3-1 at 106, with the first three quarters correct. Hagerty’s Tyler McVay got us, but I had a miss with the final, as Jean Baptiste had a solid tournament with two tight decisions on Saturday. Did get three of the four qualifiers right, just not (other than Rosano) in the right order.
My picks: Snedaker; Rosano; Barie; Jean Baptiste.
Actual: Jean Baptiste; Rosano; Bradshaw; Snedaker.

113: For Lake Mary’s Costen, it was a tremendous tournament, with three dominant performance and a solid effort in the final. I called it a tough quarter for him, he took care of business fairly easily. Yes, it still was a HUZZAH! moment as far as the semis were concerned, and I got the four qualifying kids correct, but from there Costen made sure I didn’t have much of a clue about what was going to happen next.
My picks: Demus; Holder; Costen; Hale.
Actual: Costen; Holder; Hale; Demus.

120: Went 3-1 in much the same manner that 106, with connections in each of the first three quarters, but I did not count on Buchholz’s Broughton to have such a solid Friday. Picked the top three kids in order correctly, but Fleming’s Sandoval outlasted my choice for fourth, 6-5, in the consi semis. Hedge note: I did say I wouldn’t be surprised if Sandoval forced his way in.
My picks: DeAugustino; Semrad; Garcia; Clue.
Actual: DeAugustino; Semrad; Garcia; Sandoval.

126: Well. 2-2. That’s…tidy of me. We had it right with Davis getting out to Saturday in the semis (and eventually the title), but a lot of the rest of the bracket wound up completely unpredictable, at least by me at least. I did wind up somewhat vindicated by picking Moore to reach finals; while he was upset in the quarter, he did come back for third. Also had a swing and a miss on the younger Insalaco getting to the semi. Have to keep an eye on him going forward.
My picks: Davis; Moore; Smith; Mitchell.
Actual: Davis; Maharaj; Moore; Vazquez.

132: We went 3-1 here, and had the instinct right to nearly get that 4-0 mark, but I had the wrong kid, as Wooten made it out of the second quarter. I had the final picked correctly, but the third- and fourth-place kids weren’t the ones I thought. My Orlando knowledge, particularly at 3A level, isn’t quite so solid.
My picks: Mitchell; Sampsel; Halliburton; Palmer.
Actual: Mitchell; Sampsell Wooten; Ruiz.

138: And HUZZAH! 4-0 in this bracket, as everybody took care of business on Friday. I did miss the pick in the final, as Freedom’s Rivera combined the ability to win big on Friday with the ability to win close on Saturday, with a couple of one-point wins. I also didn’t get the four kids going out, so there’s clearly still items to work on.
My picks: Alicea; Detwiler; C. Rivera; Bell.
Actual: C. Rivera; Alicea; Detwiler; Johnson.

145: And then we’re back to 2-2. Didn’t expect the pin for Walker in the top quarter, and while I did suggest that the third quarter was going to be a pretty open affair, my gut feeling wasn’t so gutsy. Nor did I suspect that Walker would go on and make it out, so props for that. Made a bit of a hash with this one, although I was correct to have Maxwell second.
My picks: Insalaco; Maxwell; Aimable; Paredes.
Actual: Aimable; Maxwell; Insalaco; Walker.

152: I seem to be getting a bit bipolar when it comes to the semis, going 4-0 this time, so HUZZAH! But…another finals miss…Nereim had the formula to get the job done. I had the four qualifiers right, but also missed on the third place match. The instincts are more or less there, but the specificity is off.
My picks: Maia; Nereim; Aimable; Sala.
Actual: Nereim; Maia; Sala; Aimable.

160: Another 4-0 HUZZAH! effort with all four correct semifinalists, but a 3-2 win in the semis by Koller rearranged the final — and third-place match — just a bit. Sometimes prognosticating is about fine-tuning the sights a little bit. Wasn’t a bad overall class.
My picks: Wohlabaugh; Gomez; Vigo; Koller.
Actual: Wohlabaugh; Koller; Gomez; Vigo.

170: Willing to stipulate to 2-2 on this one, as I missed the third quarter and couldn’t call a choice on the second quarter (it was, indeed, a great match, with Moore winnig over Ferkovich — Ferkovich got it back on the back side for third). Apopka’s Wilson was the surprise on Friday, but I did get all of the qualifying kids correct.
My picks: Treadwell; Martorano; Moore; Ferkovich.
Actual: Treadwell; Martorano; Ferkovich; Moore.

182: This tournament was Smenda’s announcement that he’s going to be around for quite awhile; while I was very happy to see that for him, it meant that my picks were going to be a bit smashed up as a result. That’s OK, I’ll own it. I did get the semis all correct HUZZAH!, missed the final (and thereby the 3rd-place winner), and Duren not only wanted to make the semis, he also wanted to get out.
My picks: Wallace; Schanck; Smenda; Celella.
Actual: Smenda; Schanck; Wallace; Duren.

195: Another HUZZAH! semifinal group (See? Fine-tuning. You thought that was word salad — I know what I do). I will say that more fine-tuning is needed, since I didn’t exactly get the final correct. I didn’t count on Apopka’s Gallon getting out, and Joseph not getting out.
My picks: Davis; Joseph; Saffold; Surenyan.
Actual: Davis; Saffold; Gallon; Surenyan.

220: 3-1 in this group, but — as we saw at states — I had a legitimate reason to take Jackson in the second quarter. Some picks are absolutely certain, like Meeks — I’ll just go ahead and end the suspense now: IF he doesn’t early-enroll for football next year, and he’s not injured, he wins regions at this weight (or 285, if he’s there).
My picks: Meeks; Concepcion; R. Jackson; Stimphil.
Actual: Meeks; Concepcion; R. Jackson; Hauerty.

285: 3-1 here as well, with the first three quarters selected correctly. My instincts for the final quarter were correct, but a bit misplaced, as it was McNeilly that made it to the semis, but wouldn’t get any further. Got the finalists right, but not the right champion.
My picks: Harris; Boyd; Glemaud; Ebanks.
Actual: Boyd; Harris; Glemaud; Melton.

So let’s see how we did in 3A. 45-11 in the semis, smack dab in the middle between 1A (49 wins) and 2A (42). But hey, check out that NFL-wildcard quality 7-7 record of picking champs.

Yeah. You know nothing, Matman. And you’re lazy to boot.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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