FAWA Folkstyle State Results

Here’s what I’ve been able to compose from the FAWA brackets. As always, I can never be sure about anyone listed as unattached, so just shoot an email at nefloridamatmen@gmail.com if you don’t see a listing for you or your child here.

At Silver Spurs Arena, Kissimmee
Florida Folkstyle State
Local Results
Junior Division
152: 5th place — Delmontae Davis (Pin N Win): lbf to Na’gee Rivera (Durant), 5:17; DQ over Stephen Croley (Durant); d. Christopher Villafane (FL Jets), 7-0; lbf to Blake Fuller (Attack Wrestling), 3:33; ff over Nick Gust (Hurricane WC).
160: DNP — Isaiah Graham (Knights Attack): lbf to Angelo Talabert (Oak Ridge), 1:25; p. Jared Ladd (Predator WC), 2:34; lbd to Jessen Flores (Bear Wrestling), 5-4.
285: 3rd place — Tariq Hookfin (Pin N Win): p. Bryce Foxworth (unattached), 2:36; d. by Matthew Westbay (Hurricane WC), 6-4; p. Brett Knellinger (Hurricane WC), 1:24; p. Masen Foss (unattached), 5:03.
113: DNP — Kyle Tairovski-Romeu (Knights Attack): lbf to Malyke Hines (Attack Wrestling), :13; p. Luke Sopotnick (Team Barracuda WC), 1:36; d. BY Michael Sarron (Top Team Mocco), 5-1.
132: 3rd place — Malik Hardison (Pin N Win); p. Nicolas Reyes (Eagle Empire), 1:15; p. Jason Duarte (Gladiator Wrestling), 2:56; lbf to Jacob Kampmann (Hurricane WC), 1:09; p. Jose Alfaro (Eagle Empire), 3:56; p. Maxwell Manning (unattached), 2:30.
84: DNP — Creed McClafferty (Pin N Win): lbf to Dylan Layton (Team Barracuda WC), :48; md. BY Seth Brown (FL Jets), 10-2.
160: 2nd place — Kevin Beverly (unattached): lbf to Donnie Shoup (unattached), 1:55; lbf to Shoup, :40.
75: DNP — Gunner Ivey (unattached; Clay): md. BY Jayden Young (Buffalo WC), 18-6; p. BY Ezra Yoder (Buffalo WC), 2:51.
95: 6th place — Jhoel Robinson (War Eagles): d. Jaheim Mills (Gator WR PBC-PAL), 10-3; d. BY Frank Solorzano (Braves WC), 3-2; d. BY Sergio Desiante (Caveman WR), 3-2; fft to Mills.
75: 2nd place — Wyatt Leduc (Pin N Win): p. Rourke Drake (Brandon), 1:48; d. Kian Cartwright (unattached), 5-2; p. BY Jahiem Trice (Homestead PAL), 1:19.
Rookie & JV Folkstyle State
Local Results
115: 2nd place — Geneva Winston (BTS-NE Florida): lbf to Samantha Smith (unattached), :53; tf. Emmaleigh Moriniti (unattached), 15-0.
113: 5th place — Geneva Winston (BTS-NE Florida): lbf to Gavin Wheeler (FL Jets), 2:46; lbf to Logan Perkins (FL Jets), 2:35; fft over Richard Montero (Bear WR).
132: 5th place — Malik Hardison (Pin N Win): d. Ethan White (Hurricane WC), 5-3; p. BY Jonathan Perez (Gladiator WR, 3:52; p. Jason Duarte (Gladiator WR), :40; p. Jose Ascension (Tomahawk WC), :31; lbf to Jacob Kampmann (Hurricane WC), 1:26; fft over Anthony Gonzalez (unattached).
138: 3rd place — Christian Downs (War Eagles): md. BY Ethan Woods (FL Jets), 15-4; p. Jacob Carbonell (FL Jets), 3:51; tf. Wyatt Beasey (Hurricane WC), 17-2; tf. Mason Perkins (FL Jets), 15-0; md. Tyler Neal (Sickles WR), 8-0.
182: 5th place — Jacob Hake (unattached): d. BY James Mercier (Gladiator WR), 8-3; fft to Elijah Slage (FL Jets); rec. bye.
195: 1st place — Jalyn Robinson (War Eagles): fft over Enzo Benkiran (unattached); d. Kenneth Crouse (Gladiator WR), 4-0; d. Zach Jordan (unattached), 6-0.
220: 3rd place — Seveno Velarde (BTS-NE Florida): rec. bye; d. BY Jacob Mason (Hurricane WC), 6-1; md. Robert Baker (unattached), 9-0; d. Jacob Thomas (Wellington HS), 5-2.
77: 5th place — Hunter Vanvactor (Pin N Win): lbf to Landon Stilwell (Unattached), :22; lbf to Canon Donaldson (GC Eagles), :03. rec. bye.
144: 1st place — Gavan Foster (Pin N Win): p. Michael Brown (Hernando WR), 2:13; p. Brown, 2:00.
Novice Division
75: 1st place — Gunner Ivey (unattached; Clay): p. Luke Forsberg (FL Jets), :48; d. Bransen Angel (Caveman WR), 4-0; d. Anthony Samuels (Hurricane WC), 5-4, OT.
Intermediate Division
75: 3rd place — Case Foster (Pin N Win) p. Aqullia Wilson (Citrus WC), 1:26; d. BY Jahiem Trice (Homestead PAL), 8-3; d. Gavin Gillott (Caveman WR), 6-1; p. Teddy Barry (FL Jets), :10; d. Kian Cartwright (FL Jets), 9-2; md. WIlson, 10-2.

I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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