Matmen Don’t Know: 3A State

Tonight, we’ll at least look at 3A and run through how things went at the big-school level. The 1A group was a bit of hit and miss combined.

Expected final: My projected final of Bush vs. Hines did not go through. Both placed (Hines 3rd, Bush 5th), but Hines lost to bottom half dark horse choice Varona, while Bush lost in the quarters.
Expected semifinalists: 2-2. Botched the top half completely — did not see Fragale having such a great tournament — but was dead on in the bottom half, where the two “chalk” picks were.
First-rounder: I had thought Rosano would hang in against Johnson, and while he did get untracked in the consi rounds, the front-side match was a struggle.
Another good first-rounder: It wasn’t so great from a local standpoint, but McNeal’s double-OT, 11-10 victory over Snedaker was a thriller for the fans watching it.
Local outlook: Snedaker certainly had a winnable first-rounder and he did get to Saturday, so that was (somewhat) right. Rosano went 4-3 with Region 1 champ Jean Baptiste in consi rd 2, so that was winnable as well, just didn’t quite work out.

Expected final: My projection held up. Huzzah!
Expected semifinalists: 3-1, with the only miss in the third quarter, where my projected pick lost in the first round (not a great start locally, but did come back to medal).
First-rounder: The Victor-Demus match did not happen because of injury.
Another good first-rounder: Perez vs. Hale, with the eventual runnerup taking a 6-4 win in the first round and the loser of the match also getting to Saturday.
Local outlook: While the path to Holder’s medal didn’t exactly go the way I thought it might, he rallied nicely from the first-round match to win three matches and secure a podium spot. Hale got to the consi quarter — the blood round — as I had thought that he might, but getting past Holder was daunting. My workup on Demus kind of went for naught given his injury.

Expected final: My projection held up. Huzzah!
Expected semifinalists: 4-0. Huzzah!
First-rounder: The Semrad-Hollingsworth match was one of the best in the opening round, with Semrad taking a 7-4 win.
Another good first-rounder: Probably Farr vs. Martinez, which Farr won by a 5-2 count. All of the others were pretty one-sided.
Local outlook: DeAugustino got all the way to the final and for 5:55 had fought the state’s top-ranked 120 to a standstill. But five seconds can change a lot. Sandoval’s Friday went about as I had expected, with him winning a match but not able to get out to Saturday.

Expected final: My projection held up. Huzzah!
Expected semifinalists: 3-1, with the only miss in the top quarter, when my pick dropped a narrow 4-3 first-round loss.
First-rounder: Well, my thought about Davis vs. Vizcaino, was well-founded…but Vizcaino took care of business with a 4-3 win.
Another good first-rounder: Macfarlane-Capone was a solid opening-round match, with Macfarlane winning 3-0.
Local outlook: Davis did rally solidly in the first consi round, taking a major, but then fell to Sessa in consi-rd 2, 3-0. Moore also came back after a tough first-rounder with the eventual champion, but was knocked out of the tournament by Vizcaino in consi rd-2.

Expected final: My projection held up. Huzzah!
Expected semifinalists: 4-0. Huzzah!
First-rounder: I was right about Sampsel v. Cameron being a barn-burner, and at 3-1, it was. Definitely one not to miss.
Another good first-rounder: In the same quarter, the Difiore-Brown was a tough match as well, with Difiore hanging on for a 3-1 win of his own.
Local outlook: I was pretty much dead on with Sampsel, as the winner of his first-rounder would in fact make the semis, plus the semi with Clarke was pretty much a war. And he made podium, with a solid fourth.

Expected final: My projection did not hold up, exactly, as Camacho — who was neither my expected nor dark horse bottom half selection — got out.
Expected semifinalists: 3-1. My expected pick out of the third quarter being the only miss. More on that in a bit.
First-rounder: I was right about Detwiler vs. Pena being a great match in the first round, 4-3 is about as close as you’ll get and it was the only truly tight outcome. Not worth a miss.
Local outlook: Detwiler’s loss sent him into the consis right away, but he won two matches to get to Saturday, and only a 3-2 loss kept him off the podium. Johnson did get to Saturday also, pinning the guy that beat Detwiler in round 1 after a solid win over a 50-match winner from one of the team contenders, so his fate I more or less tracked.

Expected final: My projection held up. Huzzah!
Expected semifinalists: 4-0. Huzzah!
First-rounder: I was dead-on with the Londono-Hernandez pick, that one went 5-4 in favor of Londono.
Another good first-rounder: Maxwell vs. Pidgeon was a pretty solid opening-round match, with Maxwell winning 5-2.
Local outlook: Insalaco made the semis, which I thought would be possible for him, and he went 5-3 with a really tough wrestler in Del Cueto in the consi semi. Possibly the fourth-best in the class, in a class that was pretty loaded.

Expected final: My projection held up, though what happened after that nobody expected or really wanted.
Expected semifinalists: 3-1, with the only miss being in the bottom quarter, where Osceola’s Arnold had a solid 11-5 decision over my pick.
First-rounder: I thought it might be possible for Vasquez to stay a bit closer with Kaz, but Maia was really looking solid through the rounds of the tournament.
Another good first-rounder: Chester vs. Smith was probably the most hotly-contested of the round, with Chester hanging in for a 6-4 win.
Local outlook: Maia did everything that he could do to get to the final. That’s all that can be said. Truly a gifted couple of seasons he had for FPC.

Expected final: My projection held up. Huzzah!
Expected semifinalists: 3-1, with the only miss in the second quarter, where Rios knocked off my pick in the first round and went on to medal after reaching the semis.
First-rounder: I did have the Vigo-Rios first-rounder as one not to miss, as it had the potential to determine a semifinalist (it did) and it could be close (it was), a 6-3 Rios win.
Another good first-rounder: Probably Sorace v. McAleer in the bottom quarter, with Sorace winning 5-3.
Local outlook: I still think Vigo had the ability to get there, but any missteps in a Group of Death scenario, and it’s not all that hard to be done early. Vigo was one of my favorite kids to watch over the past two seasons on the Bulldogs’ roster, so I’ll own some homerism with the pick.

Expected final: My projection held up. Huzzah!
Expected semifinalists: 3-1, where I went against the local kid. I’ll sometimes do that as a strategery thing, but John didn’t need my help to get to the semis. As it turned out, I would be right, just not where on the bracket I thought I’d be.
First-rounder: I was right about Morang-Chery being a barn burner — 5-3, with the loser coming all the way back for fourth and the winner losing out in the blood round.
Another good first-rounder: If you’re a fan of offense, Moore’s 12-7 decision over Saber certainly had plenty of that.
Local outlook: Considering how gimpy Martorano was all February, for him to medal and medal at fifth is a pretty impressive accomplishment.

Expected final: My projection did not hold up, as the dark horse pick from the top half Raich, got to the final.
Expected semifinalists: 3-1, with Raich beating my pick, Eisman, by one point in the quarters to messer-upper my 4-0 master plan.
First-rounder: I thought Schanck could hang a little closer with Gittman, but Gittman got enough separation for an 11-6 win, so it wasn’t quite as close as others were.
Another good first-rounder: Three candidates here, but I have to go with DeLong’s 4-3 double-OT win over South Dade’s Harvey out of the bottom quarter.
Local outlook: Smenda’s statewide introduction, where a match I know he would want back was all that held him back from the final. It’s going to be a fun couple of years watching the kid, particularly as he gets some muscle packed on as he grows.

Expected final: My projection held up. Huzzah!
Expected semifinalists: 3-1, with the third quarter being the only miss — Dawson pinned my pick in 5:53 in the quarters.
First-rounder: My first-round pick of Davis vs. Macugoski was not all that close as a “not to miss” match should be. When they met in the consi semis, THAT was more what I had in mind.
Another good first-rounder: Osterling went 3-1 with eventual state placer Saffold, who was fourth; after losing by fall to Dawson in the quarters, Osterling was done in the very next round.
Local outlook: Davis got to the semi as expected. I didn’t expect a fall there. Otherwise, he did everything I would have expected. Just got to pick up and move forward, and he did. Stepanyan showed with his state performance — getting to Saturday after winning twice by majors — that he will be a podium threat in 2017.

Expected final: My projection did not hold up; I don’t think with Mosley, Mentor anod others in the bottom half, that many outside of District 2 would have picked Jackson to get to the final.
Expected semifinalists: 3-1, with Jackson being the only outlier.
First-rounder: I was right that Mentor vs. Jackson was going to be a great match, I just projected the wrong guy to win it; I thought Jackson would do more damage on the consi side and still podium.
Another good first-rounder: Baker vs. Bolton-Henry was a pretty solid one, with Bolton-Henry getting the win in the first round, and Baker getting it back for fifth.
Local outlook: I think the path I sort of saw Concepcion traveling was pretty much about how it was about to go down; what I didn’t count on was Baker being THAT committed to the podium after losing in round 1. Concepcion would have faced Gerve for a medal — and probably won — but not for the consi rd-2.

Expected final: My projection held up. Huzzah!
Expected semifinalists: 4-0. Huzzah!
First-rounder: Glemaud vs. Behrens was a solid first-rounder indeed, with Glemaud winning 3-2. Although, as it turned out, it might not have been THE first-rounder not to miss.
Other good first-rounders: How about Boyd going double-OT to knock off Parsons, 6-4, or Juedy needing overtime to overcome Earle, 3-0? Those were pretty good ones to watch as well.
Local outlook: For Harris, third place had to hurt. How many kids complete a career with three state medals? I’m racking my brain to think if anybody had done it besides him this year. I can think of lots of two-time medalists, even a couple that come back next year, but no three-time medalists. No others but De.

So we finish at 10-4 with picking the finalists. As for the semifinalists, I was 45-11. Better than 1A, but … you don’t know as much as you think you know, Matman.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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