Who Won States?: 3A

Today we pivot to 3A, and I’m wondering if the regions are shifted a bit. Sarasota, which would have been in Region 3 for 2A were the Sailors still there, is now in Region 2 for 3A. Shoot, Region 2 goes all the way down to North Port, which I skirt around when I go to visit my mother. That’s a big region, from Kissimmee all the way that way.

This is probably because there are no northwest teams in 3A.

Here’s a look at how the 4 regions in 3A compare on championships alone:

Region 4 — 7 champs — 106, 113, 120, 126, 145, 195, 285.
Region 2 — 3 champs — 132, 160, 170.
Region 1 — 2 champs — 152, 220.
Region 3 — 2 champs — 138, 182.

Here’s a look at how they compare by state medals won:

Region 4 — 25 medals (7 1sts, 4 2nds, 4 3rds, 5 4ths, 3 5ths, 2 6ths).
Region 1 — 24 medals (2 1sts, 5 2nds, 5 3rds, 4 4ths, 3 5ths, 5 6ths).
Region 2 — 22 medals (3 1sts, 4 2nds, 5 3rds, 2 4ths, 4 5ths, 4 6ths).
Region 3 — 13 medals (2 1sts, 1 2nd, 3 4ths, 4 5ths, 3 6ths).

Here’s what I do (and there’ll be a quiz later, so take notes).

On the front side of the bracket, each region gets 2 points for round-1 advancement, 4 for quarterfinal, 6 for semi and 8 for a title win.

Oh the back side of the bracket, each region gets 1 point for round-1 advancment, 2 for round 2, 3 for the “blood round”, 4 for a consi-semi win, 5 for a fifth-place win and 6 for a third-place win.

Also, there are bonus points given. 1 extra point for a major, 1.5 for a tech, 2 for pins, forfeits, injury-defaults, DQs, etc.

OK. Got all that straight? Let’s dive in, shall we…just remember that this is data. I recognize the enormity of getting to the state tournament, and just because an 0-2 record is given (or perceived as given) short shrift, it’s still a very difficult task just to get here.

1. Region 2 — 55 points (Fragale 2nd, Hines 3rd, Bush 5th).
Breakdown: Fragale had a great tournament, pinning his way to the final (six additional bonus points) and two medal-round wins for Hines (four wins, all with bonus, only loss to Varona) and Bush helped get the 2s out to a solid open.
2. Region 4 — 39 points (Varona 1st, Boncamper 4th).
Breakdown: Regions that have the champion within them are always going to score reasonably well, and Varona had two Friday pins to add to his individual 24-point effort, but Boncamper won four times on the back after dropping a loss to Fragale in the first round. Huffman added a point to the region score with a win in consi-rd 1.
3. Region 1 — 13 points (no medalists).
Breakdown: We didn’t see a region that had no medalists outpoint another region in the 2A WWS article, so this is kind of a first, at least for this year. Both Snedaker and Jean Baptiste got to Saturday, with the R1 champ winning on both sides of the bracket and Snedaker winning two consi matches (one with max bonus). Bradshaw added a front-side win in the first round and Rosano won with bonus in consi-rd 1.
4. Region 3 — 10 points (McNeal 6th).
Breakdown: McNeal clinched his medal with a pair of 1-point decisions to get to the semis, scoring six points, and Johnson added a front-side round-1 fall, but that was it for scoring — no points anywhere on the back side.

1. Region 4 — 39.5 points (Victor 1st, Perez 2nd).
Breakdown: Victor and Perez reprised their region title matchup in the state final, with Victor scoring bonus points twice before the final and Perez gutting out three decisions. Silvestre had a win in the first round and Reyes added a consi rd-1 tech fall victory.
2. Region 1 — 34 points (Costen 4th, Holder 5th).
Breakdown: Costen picked up bonus points in both of his front-side victories that guaranteed him a medal, while Holder’s medal came via a more difficult path after dropping a first-rounder to Silvestre. Holder won four times on the back, three times adding bonus points. Hale also lost in the first round and got back to Saturday with two wins on the back. Region would have scored higher with a healthy Demus.
3. Region 2 — 25 points (Craig 3rd).
Breakdown: Craig wasn’t very flashy in his victories (no bonus points in any of his four wins), but he carried the region with 16 points and its only medal. Stewart added two wins on the back side to get to Saturday, and Garcia had a round-1 fall to round out the scoring.
4. Region 3 — 14 points (Barrett 6th).
Breakdown: Barrett scored most of the points (12), with bonus in every one of his victories, but other than a front-side first-round win from Abramson, the region couldn’t come up with any more points.
Standings through 2 weights: 2s 80, 4s 78.5, 1s 47, 3s 24.

1. Region 1 — 34 points (DeAugustino 2nd, Semrad 3rd).
Breakdown: The 1s had another strong round, winning the weight class as DeAugustino wasn’t scored on until the final, putting together 14 team points, while Semrad led all scorers with 16, losing only to McCray in the semis. Garcia and Sandoval each chipped in two points, with Garcia winning in round 1 on the front and Sandoval adding a consi rd-1 major.
2. Region 4 — 32 points (McCray 1st).
Breakdown: McCray’s run to the title powered the 4s, as he had 23 of the 32 points, including three bonus points earned Friday. Gonzalez added four on the front side and Martinez had five on the back in getting to the blood round.
3. Region 3 — 26 points (Moreno 4th, Farr 5th).
Breakdown: The medalists carried the load for the 3s, and while both had wins on the front-side (bonus points for Moreno as well), it was the consi rounds where they did the most damage, as both won three matches. A pair of 0-2s otherwise held down the region.
4. Region 2 — 17 points (Rodriguez 6th).
Breakdown: Rodriguez (all on front) and Hollingsworth (all on back) each had seven points and Behers (consi rd-1 fall) chipped in three points, but the region was shut out on Saturday, preventing more points from being scored.
Standings through 3 weights: 4s 110.5, 2s 97, 1s 81, 3s 50.

1. Region 4 — 49.5 points (Marshall 1st, Valdes 2nd, Vizcaino 6th).
Breakdown: Marshall and Valdes staged their region title-match rematch in the finals, with Marshall adding some big bonus points there and another one in round 1. Valdes also had bonus in the first round, but all four kids took advantage of their advantage over Region 1 with round-1 wins, as Vizcaino had three combined wins on both sides of the bracket and Codinach had two (one per side) in reaching the blood round).
2. Region 3 — 34 points (Asenjo 4th, Sessa 5th).
Breakdown: Asenjo (13 points) had bonus points in both of his front-side wins, and Sessa (15) pikced up bonus points on both sides of the bracket, including the medal round, to lead the charge for the 3s. Macfarlane had wins on both sides of the bracket in getting to Saturday with four points, and Powell had a consi rd-1 major for two.
3. Region 2 — 22 points (Telfer 3rd).
Breakdown: Telfer did most of the work for the 2s, with tech-fall bonus twice (once on both sides of the bracket), only losing 4-2 to Marshall in the semis. Capone added a consi rd-1 fall, and that was it for the west/central group.
4. Region 1 — 3 points (no medalists).
Breakdown: No wins on the front side and nobody getting through to Saturday = a very low point total for the 1s, who got two consi rd-1 wins from Davis (a major) and Moore and nothing else on a 2-8 Friday for the region as a whole.
Standings through 4 weights: 4s 160, 2s 119, 3s 84, 1s 84.

1. Region 2 — 43 points (Clarke 1st, Locksmith 2nd).
Breakdown: Everybody contributed to the 2s’ first weight-class win, with Clarke (22 points) and Locksmith (16) leading the charge, but Cameron won twice on the back side to get to Saturday and Fletcher had a consi rd-1 major to give the 2s a little bit of breathing room.
2. Region 4 — 32.5 points (Balmeceda 3rd, Urquiza 5th).
Breakdown: Balmeceda (17.5 points) only lost once, to Locksmith, and even then just by a point under a long-debated match ending. After falling 3-2 to Clarke in the quarters, Urquiza came back for three wins on the back side to score 13, and Abreu had a round-1 victory.
3. Region 1 — 25 points (Sampsel 4th, Mitchell 6th).
Breakdown: Sampsel (12 points) reached the semis and then had a fall in the consi semis after falling 7-5 to eventual champ Clarke in the semi, with Mitchell chiming in nine points, after winning by decision in round 1 plus two wins to get to the podium. Ruiz added a consi rd-1 fall and Wooten had a consi rd-1 decision as well for the 1s.
4. Region 3 — 5 points (no medalists).
Breakdown: Difiore was the only wrestler to score for the 3s, with a front-side win in round 1 and a consi rd-2 major to get to Saturday. and other than that the 3s were 0-6.
Standings through 5 weights: 4s 192.5, 2s 162, 1s 109, 3s 89.

1. Region 3 — 41 points (Aronoff 1st, Stephens 5th).
Breakdown: Aronoff nearly picked off maximum points throughout the rounds, finishing with 27 on the weekend after two pins and two techs. Stephens won four times on the back side after losing in round 1, to collect 12 points, with the other two chipped in on Pena’s first-round win.
2. Region 4 — 31.5 points (Kinsey 3rd, Bentley 4th).
Breakdown: Medalists did all the work for the 4s, as Kinsey (17.5 points) made the semis and only lost by one point to the eventual runnerup, but it was Bentley who rallied impressively after losing by ID in the first round, scoring the other 14.
3. Region 1 — 21 points (Rivera 6th).
Breakdown: All four wrestlers contributed, and the group started slowly-ish, but rallied past the 2s with their efforts on the back. Rivera and Alicea (two points) won on the front side, with Rivera taking 10 points on Friday with his two front-side pins, and Detwiler (four) and Johnson (five) both reached the blood round after dropping opening-round matches.
4. Region 2 — 20 points (Camacho 2nd).
Breakdown: Promising start, with the region going 3-1 in the first round, but only Camacho would win after that round, taking decisions at each point prior to the final to rack up 12 points. Mitchiner and Henson each added four with max bonus points in round 1, but there were no consi-side wins for the 2s.
Standings through 6 weights: 4s 224, 2s 182, 3s 130, 1s 130.

1. Region 4 — 51 points (Lugo 1st, Del Cueto 3rd).
Breakdown: Getting bonus points from the champion in the round always helps rack up the points, and Lugo finished his high school career with an impressive 27-point total, with a major in the quarters to go along with three falls. Del Cueto rallied from a quarterfinal loss to finish third, scoring 19 points along the way, while Londono won on both sides (4 points) and Jones chipped in a consi rd-1 decision.
2. Region 1 — 32 points (Aimable 2nd, Insalaco 5th).
Breakdown: Aimable picked off a major bonus point in each of his wins en route to the final, finishing the weekend with 15, while Insalaco added 13 with his run to the semis and eventual medal finish. Maxwell added wins on both sides of the bracket to chime in with four points.
3. Region 3 — 16.5 points (Marcus 4th).
Breakdown: Marcus had all but two of the points for the 3s, with the only front-side wins for the group (bonus points with all three of his Ws). The other two came from consi rd-1 decisions for Thomas and Pidgeon.
4. Region 2 — 10 points (Small 6th).
Breakdown: Small scored seven points to lead the 2s, with a round-1 victory and then two wins on the back side, including a win over Hernandez, who’d chipped in the other three with a consi rd-1 fall.
Standings through 7 weights: 4s 275, 2s 192, 1s 162, 3s 146.5.

1. Region 1 — 41 points (Nereim 1st, Maia 2nd).
Breakdown: Going 1-2 in the finals, Nereim and Maia –as they have all season — led the way for the 1s, as Nereim collected bonus points three times for 25 points and Maia added 12 with three decisions en route to the final. The difference between the 1s and 2s, though, came in consi rd-1 wins from Aimable (plus max bonus) and Sala.
2. Region 2 — 39 points (Cruz 3rd, Vasquez 4th, Arnold 6th).
Breakdown: Nearly overcame the 1s with three medal-winning efforts, with two semifinalists of their own in Cruz (19 points) and Arnold (eight), plus Vasquez coming back from a round-1 loss to Maia to score 12 points.
3. Region 4 — 16 points (no medalists).
Breakdown: Another situation where a region with no medalists outpoints a region with one. That was due mainly to a 3-1 start in the first round, with bonus points in two of those wins, plus Perez (eight points) and Chester (five) getting to the blood round. Lopez’s first-round major added three more.
4. Region 3 — 15 points (Smiley 5th).
Breakdown: I should almost re-title Region 3 as “Smiley”, because the Seminole Ridge wrestler picked up all the points for the region, with a round-1 win, two consi wins with bonus points and the fifth-place match. Everyone else in the region was 0-2.
Standings through 8 weights: 4s 291, 2s 231, 1s 203, 3s 161.5.

1. Region 2 — 45.5 points (Bonilla 1st, Bounce 3rd).
Breakdown: The champ picked up bonus points in three of his four wins en route to the title, putting together a 25.5-point weekend. Bounce rallied from his 10-8 loss in the quarters to win four times on the back and score 19 points of his own. Salahutdin added a consi rd-1 win by decision.
2. Region 4 — 29 points (Flores 4th, Rios 5th).
Breakdown: After falling to Bonilla in the quarters, Flores (15 points) rallied nicely, with three consi-side wins, including a semifinal fall over Rios. For his part, Rios did rally after reaching the semis, adding 11 points with the medal-round win, and Nogradi added a consi rd-1 fall for the remaining three.
3. Region 1 — 23 points (Wohlabaugh 2nd, Gomez 6th).
Breakdown: The medalists did most of the scoring for the 1s, with Wohlabaugh (16 points) picking up max bonus in both the first round and the semi, and Gomez reaching the semis to add six points. The only other point came from Koller, who had a consi rd-1 win by decision.
4. Region 3 — 13 points (no medalists).
Breakdown: Had front-side wins in the first round from Lapeter (six points) and Sorace (four), who both got to the blood round. Loy added a consi rd-1 fall to round out the 3s’ scoring.
Standings through 9 weights: 4s 320, 2s 276.5, 1s 226, 3s 174.5.

1. Region 2 — 47 points (Flenard 1st, Hardinger 2nd).
Breakdown: The finalists — as would be expected — picked up a majority of the points, with Flenard scoring 22 and Hardinger 16, but Morang added six in reaching the blood round and Beriguete picked up a round-1 major for three.
2. Region 1 — 46 points (Treadwell 3rd, Martorano 5th, Ferkovich 6th).
Breakdown: Went 4-0 in the first round and put two in the semis. Treadwell’s only loss was to the eventual runnerup, as he put together a 17-point effort, while Martorano added 13 as both won in the medal round. Ferkovich fell in the quarters to the eventual champ, but rallied for a 10-point tournament, with Moore reaching the blood round and scoring six.
3. Region 4 — 16 points (Chery 4th).
Breakdown: Chery had all but one of the points for the 4s, who could not find a way against the 2s in the first round of the tournament. Chery then won four times on the back, three times with bonus, to finish with 15 points. Perez added one point to round out the team total.
4. Region 3 — 2 points (no medalists).
Breakdown: No wins likewise on the front side against the 1s, Johnson and Saber each picked up consi rd-1 decisions for the group’s two points.
Standings through 10 weights: 4s 336, 2s 323.5, 1s 272, 3s 176.5.

1. Region 3 — 34 points (Gittman 1st, Raich 2nd).
Breakdown: 2nd title for the 3s (both from St. Thomas), but couldn’t cut into gap for third much. Gittman put together a 21-point tournament (one bonus point in the quarters) and Raich gutted out three tough wins (combined 4 points total) for a 12-point weekend. The only other point came from Sikes, with a consi rd-1 win.
2. Region 1 — 31 points (Smenda 3rd, Wallace 6th).
Breakdown: Smenda (20 points) had maximum points in reaching the semis, losing by just one to Raich in the semi, while Wallace rallied from a quarterfinal loss to get to the medals with two back-side wins, scoring seven. Schanck and Duren both contributed as well, with Schanck adding a consi rd-1 fall and Duren a consi rd-1 decision.
3. Region 2 — 20.5 points (Mercadante 5th).
Breakdown: The 2s started well, with three wins on the front (Mercadante’s with tech bonus), and Mercadante (12.5 points) got to the semis and won in the medal round. Didden and DeLong each had wins on both sides of the bracket for four points and a Saturday appearance.
4. Region 4 — 16 points (Eisman 4th).
Breakdown: Eisman had all but one of the points for the 4s, with max bonus twice (once on each side of the bracket) to finish with 15 points and the fourth-place medal. Williams had the only other point for the 4s, with a consi rd-1 win.
Standings through 11 weights: 4s 352, 2s 343.5, 1s 303, 3s 210.5.

1. Region 4 — 57 points (Hill 1st, Sotolongo 2nd, Macugoski 5th).
Breakdown: Best performance by any group of 4 kids thus far in either 2A or 3A, and might have been enough to sew up the team race in the 4s’ favor. Hill had max bonus points twice in scoring 24 points to charge to the title, and Sotolongo had max points possible in getting to the final, with 18. Macugoski added four consi wins after the round-1 loss, scoring 13 points, and Osterling had a round-1 win by decision for two.
2. Region 1 — 34 points (Davis 3rd, Saffold 4th).
Breakdown: Davis (19 points) led the way, with bonus points in both of his Friday victories, with Saffold rallying from a first-round loss to win four times on the back, all by decisions, en route to a 10-point tournament. Stepanyan added two consi-round majors to get to Saturday, scoring five points.
3. Region 2 — 17 points (Dawson 6th).
Breakdown: Dawson reached the semis and scored maximum points in so doing (10 points) to secure his medal, while Clayton picked up five points in getting to Saturday behind two consi-round wins and Gouveia added a round-1 win by decision.
4. Region 3 — 6 points (no medalists).
Breakdown: The 3s got round-1 wins from Adonis (including fall bonus points) and DeAngeles, but then went 0-8 the rest of the tournament.
Standings through 12 weights: 4s 409, 2s 360.5, 1s 337, 3s 216.5.

1. Region 1 — 42 points (Meeks 1st, Jackson 2nd).
Breakdown: Perfect score for Meeks, who pinned his way through the draw and scored 28 points, the only one in 3A to do so (only Ramirez & Kosoy did it in 2A, no one did in 1A). Jackson added 12 points in reaching the final, with all wins by decision, and Concepcion added a round-1 win by decision.
2. Region 4 — 28.5 points (Hamilton 3rd).
Breakdown: Bonus points in all but one of Hamilton’s wins pushed him to a 21.5-point tournament; the other seven points came from Mentor, who had two pins on the back side to get to Saturday after losing to Jackson by one point in the first round.
3. Region 2 — 28 points (Mosley 4th, Baker 5th).
Breakdown: Mosley reached the semis and scored points on both sides of the bracket to score 12 points, but from a team-point standpoint Baker led the region, with 15 points behind four consi-round victories after losing in round 1. Robinson pitched in the other point with a consi rd-1 win.
4. Region 3 — 20 points (Bolton-Henry 6th).
Breakdown: All four of the Region 3 220s wound up scoring, led by the nine points scored by Bolton-Henry. Gerve had wins on both sides of the bracket to chime in with six points, with Hunt’s consi rd-1 fall adding three and Taylor’s decision on the front side good for two.
Standings through 13 weights: 4s 437.5, 2s 388.5, 1s 379, 3s 236.5.

1. Region 4 — 48 points (Taylor 1st, Mann 2nd, Juedy 6th).
Breakdown: Taylor and Mann reprised their region title match, with Taylor rolling up 24 points and Mann picking up 14 on the front. Juedy added seven, with wins on both sides of the bracket, and Stephens chipped in a consi rd-1 fall.
2. Region 1 — 35 points (Harris 3rd, Glemaud 4th).
Breakdown: Harris (18 points) only lost to Taylor en route to taking third, while Glemaud (11) lost only to Taylor and Harris in finishing fourth. Boyd chipped in the remaining six points, winning on both sides of the bracket as well to get to the blood round.
3. Region 3 — 12 points (no medalists).
Breakdown: Each of the 3s scored here as well, just like at 220, but there were no medals to be had. Earle went the farthest in the bracket, scoring five points in reaching the blood round. Davis had three with his round-1 major and Harvey picked up three with a consi rd-1 fall, while Cosgrave had one point with a consi rd-1 win.
4. Region 2 — 11 points (Harrison 5th).
Breakdown: The 2s got all their points from Harrison, who only lost by two points in his two losses in the tournament, with the rest of the group going 0-6.

Final standings:
1. Region 4 — 485.5 points. Analysis: Seven champs helped greatly, 4s led from 120 onward, a couple of hiccups at 170 and 182 gave up some ground, but the 195s closed it out. Scored double-digit points in every weight class.
2. Region 1 — 414 points. Analysis: Light weights proved to be an issue, with only three points at 126 and low teens at 106, but the region scored 20 or better at every other weight. Had to make a big push from 145 on up to overtake Region 2.
3. Region 2 — 400.5 points. Analysis: On average, just one point behind the 1s per weight class. Like the 4s, had double-digits in every weight, but just 10 at 145 and 11 at 285 slowed momentum.
4. Region 3 — 245.5 points. Analysis: Other than at 138 and 182 (also 126 to some degree), there just wasn’t enough firepower. Had three weights with single-digit totals and another seven scoring between 10-17 points.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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