Who Won States?: 1A

We wrap up the state looks with 1A, then we move strictly northward alone for Who Won Regions? I suppose I can imagine a point, someday, where I do WWR posts for all 12 regions (FORESHADOWING!), but as of today, or later this week, that probably won’t be happening. I need to get some stats figured for the year and start doing some The Season posts, preferably before May.

Here’s a look at how the 4 regions in 3A compare on championships alone:

Region 2 — 9 champs (106, 113, 120, 126, 145, 152, 160, 170, 220).
Region 4 — 3 champs (138, 195, 285).
Region 1 — 1 champ (132).
Region 3 — 1 champ (182).

Here’s a look at how they compare by state medals won:

Region 1 — 26 medals (1 1st, 4 2nds, 7 3rds, 4 4ths, 4 5ths, 6 6ths).
Region 2 — 22 medals (9 1sts, 4 2nds, 3 3rds, 2 4ths, 2 5ths, 2 6ths).
Region 4 — 18 medals (3 1sts, 2 2nds, 2 3rds, 2 4ths, 5 5ths, 4 6ths).
Region 3 — 18 medals (1 1st, 4 2nds, 2 3rds, 6 4ths, 3 5ths, 2 6ths).

Here’s what I do (and there’ll be a quiz later, so take notes).

On the front side of the bracket, each region gets 2 points for round-1 advancement, 4 for quarterfinal, 6 for semi and 8 for a title win.

Oh the back side of the bracket, each region gets 1 point for round-1 advancment, 2 for round 2, 3 for the “blood round”, 4 for a consi-semi win, 5 for a fifth-place win and 6 for a third-place win.

Also, there are bonus points given. 1 extra point for a major, 1.5 for a tech, 2 for pins, forfeits, injury-defaults, DQs, etc.

OK. Got all that straight? Let’s dive in, shall we…just remember that this is data. I recognize the enormity of getting to the state tournament, and just because an 0-2 record is given (or perceived as given) short shrift, it’s still a very difficult task just to get here.

1. Region 2 — 41.5 points (Chauvin 1st).
Breakdown: Strong start for the projected favorites, although it’s misleading to look at the one medal won and compare it to the point total. Chauvin had bonus points in every round to finish the tournament with 26 points, but the 2s also had both wrestlers knocked out in the blood round, as Rowland had 6.5 points and Kirk added five. Rochon added a round-1 fall for an additional four-point contribution.
2. Region 1 — 38.5 points (Pickren 2nd, Gagliardo 5th, Trask 6th).
Breakdown: Not often that a region with one medalist beats another with three, but that’s the power of bonus points. Not that Pickren didn’t collect a bunch, he did, in racking up 17.5 points to get to the final. Gagliardo did as well, with 13, and Trask picked up seven points in making podium after a quarterfinal loss to Chauvin. Delaney added the last point with a consi rd-1 decision.
3. Region 3 — 34 points (Buhler 3rd, Malavsky 4th).
Breakdown: Just one winner on the front side in Malavsky (11 points), but it was Buhler who led the way by not losing again after the first round, scoring 20 to lead the 3s. Spry added a consi rd-1 major and Jones had a consi rd-1 win for the other three points.
4. Region 4 — 0 points (no medalists).
Breakdown: We saw this once in 2A and not in 3A — the “quadruple double-bagel,” where each of the qualifiers went 0-2. Palacios was closest to avoiding this, giving up two losses by decision.

1. Region 1 — 50 points (Merring 2nd, Smith 3rd).
Breakdown: Merring had maximum points (18) in reaching the final, but from a team-point perspective it was Smith who may have been even more valuable, either teching or pinning in every match but the one he lost in the quarters to the eventual champ. Smith finished with 26 points. Blount had a round-1 fall before having to ID out of the tournament and Porter added a front-side win by decision.
2. Region 2 — 43 points (Castillo 1st, Cortez 4th).
Breakdown: Castillo (25 points) had bonus points in each round, with a fall and three majors en route to the title. Cortez lost in the quarters to Merring, but then won three consi-side matches to rack up 15 points. The other three in the total came via Bunts’ consi rd-1 major and a consi rd-1 win from Walker.
3. Region 3 — 26 points (Werden 5th, Morano 6th)
Breakdown: Both of the medalists got to the semis, with Werden picking up the medal round win and scoring 15 points, while Morano added seven. Mills had the other four in reaching the blood round.
4. Region 4 — 6.5 points (no medalists).
Breakdown: Once again, no front-side wins for the 4s, but they did have one blood-round participant in Barnes, who had all of the region’s points with his two back-side wins.
Standings through 2 weights: 1s 88.5, 2s 84.5, 3s 60, 4s 6.5.

1. Region 2 — 41.5 points (Wohltman 1st, Kohn 3rd).
Breakdown: The medalists did all the work for the 2s, with Wohltman winning big on Friday and won close(r) on Saturday, leading the charge with 23.5 points, Kohn scored high as well, picking up the other 18 points in taking 3rd.
2. Region 4 — 30 points (Singletary 5th).
Breakdown: Singletary led the charge, with four wins in the tournament (three on the consi side) and a medal win to finish with 16 points, but the rest of the group chipped in as well, with Piraino bagging seven in reaching the blood round, Gibson adding four and Armengol three.
3. Region 1 — 23 points (Pickren 4th, Taylor 6th).
Breakdown: Pickren was the only semifinalist among the 1s, picking up wins on both sides of the bracket en route to a 13-point performance, but Taylor also chipped in nine points with three wins and a podium spot. Haynes had the other point for the 1s, with a consi rd-1 win.
4. Region 3 — 20 points (Neely 2nd).
Breakdown: Neely did most of the heavy lifting, as a finalist might, scoring 14 points to pace the 3s, but Garcia got to the blood round, scoring five points with two consi-round wins, and Meyer added a consi rd-1 win by decision.
Standings through 3 weights: 2s 126, 1s 111.5, 3s 80, 4s 36.5.

1. Region 1 — 50 points (Browning 3rd, Metcalf 5th, English 6th).
Breakdown: Picked up two semifinalists in Metcalf (15 points) and English (10), but Browning was the top point-scorer after losing to the runnerup in the quarters. Browning had max bonus points in four of his wins to score 25 points and lead the 1s to the weight-class win.
2. Region 2 — 47 points (Silva 1st, Kirk 2nd).
Breakdown: I didn’t expect this, for the 2s to go 1-2 and still not win the weight class, particularly with Silva (27 points) here. Kirk added maximum points possible for finalist, with 18, but Roberds’ round-1 win was the only other points on the board for the 2s.
3. Region 3 — 24 points (Pontinela 4th).
Breakdown: Kind of a sneaky group, as all four kids contributed, led by Pontinela, who had four wins on the back side after falling to Kirk in the first round, finishing with 12 points. McDaniel picked up eight in getting to the blood round, with Farrelly adding three on a consi rd-1 fall and Phillips one with a consi rd-1 win.
4. Region 4 — 7 points (no medalists).
Breakdown: Just one front-side win from Desola, who had six of the seven points in getting to the blood round. Benton had the other point, with a consi rd-1 win, but was knocked out by Desola in consi rd-2.
Standings through 4 weights: 2s 173, 1s 161.5, 3s 104, 4s 42.5.

1. Region 1 — 48.5 points (Miller 1st, McClanahan 3rd).
Breakdown: Miller had a solid run to the first non-Region 2 (read non-LHP) championship won in 1A, scoring 25.5 points along the way with bonus points in three of the four matches. McClanahan rallied from a quarterfinal loss with four consi-round wins to score 21, with Owen picking up a round-1 decision to round out the 1s’ scoring with two.
2. Region 3 — 32 points (Habeil 2nd, Egan 6th).
Breakdown: Habeil scored half of the 3s’ points in his run to the final. Egan chipped in nine, with wins on both sides of the bracket and making the podium, and both Pohler (four points) and Thermidor (three) reached the blood round after losing in the first round.
3. Region 4 — 20.5 points (Talshahar 4th).
Breakdown: Talshahar did most of the damage for the 4s, scoring 13.5 points and nearly earning max bonus at every victory opportunity. Valledor added four points with a round-1 fall and Maynard picked up three with a consi rd-1 walkover.
4. Region 2 — 18 points (Bele 5th).
Breakdown: Bele did his job in medaling and picking up 17 points (not bad for fifth place — max points in ever win helps), but he only got one point from the rest of the 2s, and that came from a consi-rd 1 win from Ellerbee.
Standings through 5 weights: 1s 210, 2s 191, 3s 136, 4s 64.

1. Region 4 — 68 points (Perez 1st, Ashe 2nd, Mursuli 3rd).
Breakdown: Strongest performance by any group of four kids, at any weight, in any class, thus far. We were expecting good things from Perez (26 points) and with maximum points in each round up to the final, he delivered. We got good things from Ashe, who figured to have a deep run, and he did, scoring 14. But it was unranked Mursuli who had maybe the biggest impact, only losing once (and avenging it), scoring 24 points of his own. Lopez chipped in four points, with a round-1 fall.
2. Region 2 — 22 points (Cosmides 5th).
Breakdown: Cosmides (15 points) did most of the heavy lifting with four wins on the back side after falling in round 1 to Ashe, with Davis chiming in six as well as getting to the blood round, and Mason adding a point with a consi rd-1 win.
3. Region 1 — 21 points (Summa 4th, Harris 6th).
Breakdown: The 1s were paced by the medalists, as Summa scored 12 points in reaching the semis and then winning a consi semi match as well, with Harris scoring seven and reaching the semis as well. St. Amant added a round-1 win by decision.
4. Region 3 — 9 points (no medalists).
Breakdown: Krempski got to the blood round and scored eight of the region’s total with falls on both sides of the bracket, but the only other wrestler to find a win was Carbone, who had a consi rd-1 win in OT.
Standings through 6 weights: 1s 231, 2s 213, 3s 145, 4s 132. Region 4 is finally in it.

1. Region 2 — 54 points (Brindley 1st, Ahrens 3rd).
Breakdown: Brindley had a dominant performance through the first three rounds and then did enough to win the title, scoring 25.5 points over the course of the weekend. Ahrens, too, pushed the eventual runnerup to the brink in the quarters before falling, rallying to score 22.5 points behind four wins with bonus points. Kata added the other six for the 2s, reaching the blood round with wins on both sides of the bracket.
2. Region 1 — 23 points (Sawdo 5th).
Breakdown: Sawdo did most of the work for the 1s, reaching the semis and scoring 14 points in taking fifth. Cronk won on both sides of the bracket to reach the blood round and score four points, with Richardson (consi rd-1 fall) adding three and Tuttle (round-1 win) adding two for the 1s.
3. Region 4 — 20 points (Ley 4th, Venturi 6th).
Breakdown: Two scores cost the 4s 11 points for medal-round wins, that’s how close Ley (10 points) and Venturi (seven) were to moving up a spot on the podium. Williams had the other three points for the 4s, with a consi rd-1 fall.
4. Region 3 — 16 points (Artalona 2nd).
Breakdown: Almost could have called it the Artalona region, as he had all but one point for the 3s, with two tech bonuses in getting to the final. Kerr added the other point with the consi rd-1 win.
Standings through 7 weights: 2s 267, 1s 254, 3s 161, 4s 152.

1. Region 2 — 38 points (Byelick 1st, Violette 2nd).
Breakdown: As expected in a 1-2 situation, the finalists did most of the work, with Byelick earning max bonus twice on Friday en route to a 24-point championship effort, with Violette adding a major and two decisions for 13 points. The other point came from Grant’s consi rd-1 win.
2. Region 1 — 36 points (Patterson 3rd, Green 6th).
Breakdown: Patterson scored maximum points in getting to Saturday, and then took a pair of decisions over two pretty tough kids for third, finshing with 20 points. After losing to Violette in the first round, Green won three times on the back side to earn a medal and score 10. McIntire had the other six, with wins on both sides of the bracket in reaching the blood round.
3. Region 3 — 21 points (Gingras 4th).
Breakdown: Gingras did most of the scoring, although the region did start off 3-1 in the first round. Gingras had bonus points in all of his wins to finish with 14 points, with Locke reaching the blood round and scoring four points and T. Taylor picking up three points on a round-1 major.
4. Region 4 — 17 points (Vernaza 5th).
Breakdown: Just one win on the front side made points hard to come by for the 4s. Vernaza did most of the work, finishing with 12, while Nelson (3 points) added a consi rd-1 fall and Nunez (2) a consi rd-1 major.
Standings through 8 weights: 2s 305, 1s 290, 3s 182, 4s 169.

1. Region 2 — 49.5 points (Rogers 1st, Adams 2nd).
Breakdown: Rogers came the closest to achieving maximum points in his weight class, with three pins and a tech fall to win the title and score 27.5 points, something no other 1A wrestler did during the states weekend. Adams had a bit of a surprise run (probably not for him but he wasn’t favored by the rankings in any match he wrestled), finishing with 14 points. Perkins and DeJesus each had four points, with DeJesus winning with max bonus in round-1 and Perkins winning twice on the back side (the second one over DeJesus) to get to the blood round.
2. Region 3 — 34 points (Tarantino 3rd, Wilmington 4th).
Breakdown: Tarantino had maximum points in his victories except for 1, getting to the semis and finishing with 22 points, while Wilmngton added 12 points — all on the backside after losing in double OT in round 1 to Adams. That was it for the 3s.
3. Region 4 — 22 points (Lopouchanski 5th).
Breakdown: Lopouchanski did almost all of the work for the 4s, collecting 17 points with three bonus wins (two max bonus). Hettel had max bonus in consi rd-1 for three oints and Evans had a win in round 1 for two.
4. Region 1 — 11 points (Jenkins 6th).
Breakdown: Jenkins got to the semis with a pair of decisions in the top quarter of the bracket, ensuring a podium spot and six points. Gibbs had wins on both sides of the bracket to reach the blood round, with four points, and Hostetter added a consi rd-1 decision.
Standings through 9 weights: 2s 354.5, 1s 301, 3s 195, 4s 174.

1. Region 2 — 45 points (Cleary 1st, Young 6th).
Breakdown: Cleary had three falls for six bonus points and finished the tournament with 26 as a whole. Young had three wins, on both sides of the bracket, with pins in all of them for a 13-point tournament, with both Williams and Pankow picking up falls in consi rd-1 for 3 points each.
2. Region 3 — 32 points (Walker 2nd, Kelle 4th).
Breakdown: Walker earned bonus points in each of his victories en route to the title match, scoring 17 points. Kelle picked up 14, losing on the front side to Cleary and then winning three matches on the consi side. Harrington had a consi rd-1 win by decision for the final point.
3. Region 1 — 24 points (Haigler 5th).
Breakdown: Haigler led the 1s with 12 points, with a semifinal appearance and medal-round win, but they also got points picked up from Surace (blood round, falls on both sides of the bracket, eight points) and Maddox (blood round, 2 consi-side wins, four points).
4. Region 4 — 23.5 points (Georgescu 3rd).
Breakdown: Georgescu did most of the heavy lifting for the 4s, with two sets of bonus points along the way, scoring 19.5 points. Petit picked up the other four points, with a round-1 fall.
Standings through 10 weights: 2s 399.5, 1s 325, 3s 227, 4s 197.5.

1. Region 2 — 37 points (Ford 2nd, Bennis 4th).
Breakdown: Ford and Bennis each scored 17 to share top team-point honors for the 2s, with Ford collecting bonus points in each round en route to the final and Bennis winning by fall in three matches, on both sides of the bracket. Ralston scored two points with a first-round win and Hastings added a consi rd-1 win for one point.
2. Region 1 — 30 points (Girard 3rd).
Breakdown: Girard led the way, losing only to the eventual champion in the semis, by scoring 18 points. Strickland and Adams both got to the blood round, with Adams chiming in seven points and Strickland scoring three. Taylor added a round-1 victory by decision to round out the 1s’ scoring.
3. Region 4 — 25 points (Soltis 5th, Dorvil 6th).
Breakdown: Soltis reached the semifinals and scored 13 points, while Dorvil won three matches — all with maximum bonus points — to score 12 and reach the podium. However, the medalists were the only two Region 4 wrestlers to find victories.
4. Region 3 — 24 points (Allshouse 1st).
Breakdown: Not often you see the region with the champ finish fourth out of four, and Allshouse certainly did his part with 22 points, but other than a round-1 decision from Burton, there were no other points to be had, as the 3s were, in non-Allshouse matches, 1-6.
Standings through 11 weights: 2s 436.5, 1s 355, 3s 251, 4s 222.5.

1. Region 4 — 52.5 points (Thomas 1st, Williams 2nd, Moltimer 5th).
Breakdown: Thomas won big on Friday and took care of business on Saturday, winning the tournament with 23.5 points overall. Williams had two pins and a decision to add 16, while Moltimer won four matches — all on the back side — to score 13.
2. Region 1 — 34 points (Collins 3rd, Brown 4th).
Breakdown: The medalists scored all of the points in the tournament for the 1s, with both making the semis, and Collins leading the charge in scoring 22 points, with Brown adding 12. The rest of the region couldn’t find a win, however.
3. Region 2 — 17 points (Terkovich 6th).
Breakdown: In reaching the podium, Terkovich won in the first round and then twice in the consi rounds to score nine points, with both Hastings (advancement via injury default) and Flynn (fall) scoring 3 points in consi rd-1. Voor added the remaining two points with a first-round win.
4. Region 3 — 13 points (no medalists).
Breakdown: Grant (eight points) and Steward (four) both got to the blood round after both won in the first round and then again in consi rd-2, but that was as far as either would get. Isnardi picked up a consi rd-1 decision for the 3s’ other point.
Standings through 12 weights: 2s 453.5, 1s 389, 4s 275, 3s 264.

1. Region 2 — 48 points (Goldin 1st, Whitehouse 3rd).
Breakdown: The medalists combined for nine wins, with Goldin scoring 24 points (max bonus in both rounds on Friday) to win the title, and Whitehouse battling all the way back to third after losing in round 1 in OT, scoring 20. Contegiacomo added a round 1 fall for the final four points.
2. Region 1 — 43 points (Dollison 2nd, Koscak 4th).
Breakdown: Dollison got farther in the bracket by reaching the finals, but it was Koscak who led the 1s in team points scored, with 19 behind four victories — all by fall. Dollison’s run to Saturday night earned him 16 points, while J. Beaulieu picked up the other eight in reaching the blood round, with one pin on both sides of the bracket.
3. Region 3 — 27 points (McKenzie 5th).
Breakdown: McKenzie’s medal effort led the 3s, as he scored 15 points behind two max bonus-point situations and a medal win. All four wrestlers contributed, as Escorcia won on both sides of the bracket to score six points and reach the blood round. Chadwick and Coyne both had consi rd-1 falls for three each.
4. Region 4 — 11 points (Clement 6th).
Breakdown: Clement scored eight points to get to the semis, but then lost 2-1 and was DQ’d out (no, I didn’t see how or why) so he was in the sixth spot at the end of the tournament. Schwartzberg scored the rest of the 4s’ points, with a consi rd-1 fall for three points.
Standings through 13 weights: 2s 501.5, 1s 432, 3s 290, 4s 286.

1. Region 1 — 47 points (Chepenik 2nd, Samec 3rd).
Breakdown: All four of the 1s chipped in to collect the weight-class win, as Chepenik scored 16 in reaching the final, with two max-bonus wins, with Samec leading the team-point charge behind 23 points and three max-bonus wins. Marin got to the blood round with six points, while Stephens added a round-1 win for two.
2. Region 4 — 45 points (Jiovenetta 1st, Glover 6th).
Breakdown: Jiovenetta had bonus points in every round, pinning his way into the final and then a major there to score 27 points. Glover had wins on both sides of the bracket, earning a medal with an 11-point performance, while Fox got to the blood round behind two consi-round pins and seven points.
3. Region 3 — 32 points (Bozeman 4th, Grundy 5th).
Breakdown: Both Bozeman and Grundy got to the semis, with Bozeman chipping in 14 points and Grundy scoring 15 to lead the charge. Morales had a consi rd-1 fall for the 3s’ remaining three points.
4. Region 2 — 2 points (no medalists).
Breakdown: No front-side wins for the 2s, and the only two consi rd-1 decisions that were picked up were won by a combined total of two points.

Final standings:
1. Region 2 — 503.5 points. Analysis: Only region in any class to break the 500-point barrier. Firepower at the top really helped — nine champs and 16 top-3 medals, but other than 285, the 2s proved across the board that it was more than just one team that fueled their power.
2. Region 1 — 479 points. Analysis: Did have more medals than the 2s, but more than half of the 1s’ medals were in the 4-6 range. Only having one champion prevented a real two-team race — the 1s only closed late due to the 2s’ two-win effort at 285.
3. Region 4 — 331 points. Analysis: Basically a dead heat with Region 3 in terms of overall strength, but having three champs to the 3s’ one was pretty much the most significant difference between the two regions.
4. Region 3 — 322 points: Analysis: Only had one weight with single-digit points, but just not that much firepower in the group as a whole. Was definitely a 2A-dominated area.

OK, so that’s pretty much it for Who Won States?. If anybody wants to post these on TFWR, it doesn’t matter much to me if you do. Might be kinda fun to see them there. So, we’re going to take Thursday off — just do some background work and work on the FTU all-area teams, and then we’ll work on Who Won Regions?: 1A.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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