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Just a few thoughts to get the engine re-started while I work on another “The Season” post (yes, it will be another Gulfside team, one that I’ll just say had a good Twitter following with me, but we will be returning with a local 3A post and then Northeast-side 1A and 2A teams afterward).

Fleming Island senior Tracy Davis, I’ve just learned, is going to be signing his letter of intent to attend school and wrestle for Southeastern University in Lakeland. The signing is set for, as I’ve been told, April 15 at 8 a.m. While I wish I could tell you (spoilers) about where he wound up on the FTU’s all-area team, I can tell you Davis finished the regular season ranked #1 on the Matmen poll, that he was a district and region champ this past year, and that he will be planning on wrestling at 133 for the Fire in 2016-17. It’s the second signee I’m aware of for 2016-17, as Davis will join Leon’s Gabe Beyer (Arizona State) as a #NextLevel wrestler. Got another signing that you know about? Email me at

While I can’t personally attend, as it turns out, tonight’s AAU event at Flagler Palm Coast, I just found out that 84 kids are pre-registered for the event, which serves as a very good tuneup for the Father Devine events next week in Kissimmee and the AAU state meet coming down the road (May 7, just a month out), also at FPC, which I will not miss for anything — even if I have to drag my boy and his homework down to Palm Coast with me. Weigh-ins start at 4, wrestling at 5:30, must show up and pay by 5 p.m. today and have your AAU card in order to participate. I can’t make it down, I have family business that needs attending to tonight and this weekend, and I need to stay close by my boy in order to make sure his business gets handled that he needs to focus on, but as soon as I receive results (hopefully this weekend if not tonight) I will post them in whatever form they come to me…

We’re a few weeks out from the Your Pie fundraiser and you’re wanting to know what we’re going to do next. I’m somewhat where you are on that, too. If you have wanted to get involved with the next phase of our development as an organization, a parents’ advisory group is out there (and, no, you do not have to be a parent of a wrestler to link up with these folks, but I do insist that certain conduct standards be met — basically, you need to not trash any kid or program, either on the site or in person; remember, this site is about every wrestler, not just your team’s wrestlers). If you have ideas on where we might go and how we might get there (particularly if you know a great deal about e-commerce or web design), I would encourage you to get involved. Email me at or our group facilitator, Brett Chepenik, at, and we’ll get you started. If you’ve already signed up, no need to send in again — I appreciate your patience while we get the wheels turning on what we can make this site become.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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