Some Good News Out There

The caption explains what went down on Sunday. Good stuff for these guys. Per comments from those who attended (see the comments for specifics), 12 wrestlers were nominated. Matmen does not have a list of all 12 at this particular time.


Several Matmen-area wrestlers were honored by In The Game Sports on Sunday in St. Augustine, for that publication’s winter athletic awards banquet. Front row from left are DeAngeles Harris (Atlantic Coast), Marcus Reid (Orange Park), Chris Merring (Clay) and Derek Miller (Clay); back row, from left, are Conor Chepenik (Episcopal), Kaleb Collins (Clay) and Scott Dollison (Episcopal). All seven wrestlers finished third or higher in last month’s FHSAA state wrestling tournament in Kissimmee, in their respective weight classes and school classifications.



I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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4 comments on “Some Good News Out There
  1. Sampsel says:

    Was that only for 1a and 2a? Fleming had few kids place 3rd at states and didn’t see them honored… That’s the problem with the area and wrestling they miss half the stuff

    • sheaton2013 says:

      Not sure. To be honest, I don’t even know who In The Game Sports even is. I have never seen them at a sporting event in a live capacity, nor have I ever seen their publication to know what they do. I would have liked to find out about this before the fact, so I could have done some checking into it, but I was not provided any details from any source until I started seeing pictures on kids’ and parents’ Facebooks/Instagrams. Yes, you would expect that Jason and Ryan would also have been honored if they were looking at top-3 at state as a criterion for the award. And even then, then Dale Browning should have been so honored, as he was third. Also, how far does this publication go out? Curtis from Columbia wasn’t so honored, that I’m aware of, nor were the Flagler kids. I was told by Marcus Reid that the kids in the picture were the only ones so honored at the banquet; whether the publication tried to reach out further I have no details on that. I would guess from your commenting in, nobody reached out to the Fleming program.

  2. Brett Chepenik says:

    Actually 12 wrestlers were chosen, but only 7 of them showed. An email was sent to the athlete and parents notifying them of the recognition. The email addresses for the students and parents were provided by the school of the athlete.

    In the Game Sports is a publication that has been around for 9 years which started in South Georgia. After each season (fall, winter, spring) they recognize 12 athletes from each sport from that specific season. Athletes are selected by specific criteria and statistics.

    I believe the magazine is supported by the orthopedic and physical therapy community to be a resource for high school athletics in Northeast Florida. This is what I learned yesterday at the event.

    • sheaton2013 says:

      Thanks Brett for shining more light. I have to say I have never seen this publication, nor have I seen its representatives, at any one of three sports that I have a toe in the water of when it comes to sports in the First Coast.

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