FAWA State Greco

FAWA Greco State Championship
At Osceola HS, Kissimmee

(Placers noted where locals were in attendance)
120 — 1. Luis Hernandez (Garage Boyz). 2. Daishaun Felton (unattached). 3. Marshall Craig (unattched). 4. Louis Cortez (Astronaut). 5. Daniel Porter (Team Jax). 6. Jordy Cabanaz (Garage Boyz). Local results: Felton p. Porter, :16; Craig tf. Porter, 10-0; Porter p. Cabanas, :46.
152 — 1. Antony Kinsey (Spartan Express). 2. Todd Perry (Gladiator). 3. Charles Small (Hurricane WC). 4. David Miller (Citrus). 5. Leonel Hernandez (Garage Boyz). 6. Jean Santiago (Attack). Local results: Santiago d. Delmontae Davis (Pin N Win), 10-2; Small tf. Davis, 15-2.
285 — 1. Darius Hamilton (Spartan Express). 2. Jaafari Stephens (Coral Gables). 3. Javohn Maravolo (Astronaut). 4. Geovany Casco (Coral Gables). 5. Tariq Hookfin (Pin N Win). Local results: Hookfin p. Casco, 2:05; Hamilton tf. Hookfin, 10-0; Stephens d. Hookfin, 6-2; Maravolo p. Hookfin, :15.
106 — 1. Ryan Rowland (Florida Jets). 2. Sebastian Calmet (Garage Boyz). 3. Jacob Cochran (Unattached — Tate). 4. Josh Rodriguez (Attack). 5. Luis Pasarell (Florida Jets). Local results: Rowland tf. Cochran, 15-4; Cochran p. Rodriguez, :19; Cochran tf. Pasarell, 10-0; Calmet ID over Cochran.
113 — 1. Malyke Hines (Attack). 2. Christopher Rivera (Ft Myers WC). 3. Christopher Busutil (Spartan Express). 4. Nicholas Vugman (Unattached — Bartram Trail HS). 5. Guillermo Flores (Gladiator). 6. Jared Fisher (Attack). Local results: Rivera tf. Vugman, 11-0; Vugman d. Fisher, 18-9; Busutil tf. Vugman, 10-0.
132 — 1. Gianni Guerriero (St Thomas Aquinas). 2. Ethan Gustilo (Knights Attack). 3. Chase Fuller (Attack). 4. Threlkeld Major (St Thomas Aquinas). 5. Brandon Ochoa (unattached). Local results: Guerriero p. Gustilo, 1:41; Gustilo d. Ochoa, 8-4; Gustilo p. Fuller, 1:44; Gustilo p. Major, :26.
170 — 1. Angelo Madruga (unattached). 2. Kevin Perez (Gladiator). 3. Wyatt Forsberg (Florida Jets). 4. Joshua Hagan (Citrus WC). 5. Lawrence Smith (Attack). 6. Sammy Bencid (Garage Boyz). Local results: Forsberg p. John Jones (Pin N Win), 3:26; Bencid p. Jones, 1:00.
75 — 1. Elvis Solis (Gladiator). 2. Jahiem Trice (Homestead PAL). 3. Marrion Nelson (Florida Jets). 4. Wyatt Leduc (Pin N Win). 5. Aqullia Wilson (Citrus WC). Local results: Nelson p. Leduc, 1:08; Solis tf. Leduc, 12-2; Trice tf. Leduc, 10-0; Leduc tf. Wilson, 22-10.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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