The Season 2015-16: Wolfson


You can see everything I have on the Wolfpack in 2015-16 here –> WOLFSON

Win/loss record: Unknown in dual meets. Assuming earlier results were more or less duplicated in Wolfson’s February 3 duals against Lee and Paxon, Wolfson would have finished the year at 4-14, but we got neither of those duals. Please review the attached document for a review of the Wolfpack’s performance in IBT events.

Season in a nutshell: Young group, needing more matches. That was pretty much the story for the Wolfpack at the start of the season and I think it may still be most of the story at the end, but Wolfson did start trying to branch out its competition a little bit in 2015-16, going into a solid field at Creekside’s duals in early January. I don’t think there’s any coincidence between that appearance and Wolfson’s most one-sided dual victory of the year less than a week later. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a huge amount of momentum shift sustained from that, but Wolfson did get four kids moved out of the district tournament. Where we’ll see progression is in more region wins and, perhaps, a states appearance. One step at a time.

2015-16 MVP: I’m a little concerned that he did not compete in the district tournament, but from a talent standpoint 2015-16 sophomore Mark Harrington was Wolfson’s top wrestler, able to hang in against solid kids from other kids at 152 that were on the Wolfpack schedule. Harrington’s final two wins — that I have in the way of results — both came against eventual region qualifiers and I think he certainly would have made it out of districts had he gotten there. Wolfson will need him in the lineup over the next two years as its program continues to evolve.

2016-17 captain: Ronald Brunson spent his first season in a Wolfpack singlet backing up then-1A state medalist DeAngeles Harris, who later went on to pick up two more medals at states, with Wolfson in 2015 and Atlantic Coast this past season. Brunson got his chance to start with Harris’ transfer, and although his record was sub-.500, I think he had made some solid strides this past year. Brunson had wins over four different region qualiifers this past year, and I saw some very competitive matches of his this past year that suggested to me that a breakout could be imminent. Brunson should be in the hunt for a Gateway medal at least in 2016-17, and with a big push, perhaps a Gateway title.

Heaton’s Hero: My favorite guy on the Wolfson side had to be first-year starter (possibly first-year wrestler) Sai Hassalla, who had some great reactions after wins this year (I’m reminded most of his overtime fall at Creekside against a Matanzas wrestler) where his family was as animated about his victory as he was. This isn’t basketball, people, it’s wrestling — have fun with it sometimes. Hassalla went six minutes with an eventual state qualifier, at that very same tournament, and although he did struggle down the stretch, he did stay in the lineup from the beginning of the year to the end, getting out to regions and going 7-6 with his district champion — and he was fourth. His energy and the fact that he’ll be a senior could really help this group next year. Sai Hassalla is the Heaton’s Hero representative for Wolfson.

Projected returning starters for 2016-17 (with year in school as they’ll be next year): Keayon Gray (sophomore, wrestled 106 this past year, 1 match from regions); Hassalla (senior, wrestled 132 this past year, District 4 3rd place); Keethan Seay (junior, wrestled 182 this past year, District 4 4th place); Lance Schlecter (junior, wrestled 195 this past year, District 4 4th place); Brunson (junior, wrestled 285 this past year, District 4 3rd place). Also: Hector Rosado (sophomore, wrestled 120 this past year, did not compete in post-season); Cody Beard (sophomore, wrestled 138 this past year, did not compete in post-season); Harrington (junior, wrestled 152 this past year, did not compete in post-season); Duray Tisby (junior, wrestled 160 this past year, did not compete in post-season).


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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