The Season 2015-16: South Walton

South Walton

You can see everything I have on the Seahawks in 2015-16 here –> SOUTH WALTON

Win/loss record: Unknown for dual meets. The Seahawks were 3-8 in duals going into the regular season-ending Panhandle Duals, but we only got two of those because South Walton wrestled teams that reported to Trackwrestling. Please review the attached document for a review of the Seahawks’ performance in IBT events.

Season in a nutshell: So. Very. Young. In my coverage area, I think only perhaps FSDB in St. Augustine was younger than the Seahawks this past year. Trackwrestling listed 13 wrestlers on the roster, with 12 of them freshmen. I have to say, I admire the schedule these kids took on, as it was chock-full of prime-time events. The Seahawks didn’t back away because of their youth, and, yes, they took a lot of lumps because of it. It’s going to make South Walton much stronger — eventually. We may not see it for a couple of seasons, but if the Seahawks stay the course and stay in the sport, it will pay off for them. There are 12 kids eligible to return, all of whom saw high-level action in varying amounts, and they’re fairly nicely spread out, so they have the opportunity to grow together without fighting each other too much to stay in the lineup.

2015-16 MVP: While Seth Weinthal didn’t have the best season in the Seahawks’ lineup (that was generated by Mason Levasseur, but he didn’t appear in the lineup after Scott Rohrer, and I hope it was only due to injury and that he’ll be back), Weinthal had the best longest season. As might be expected for a freshman at varsity, he started slowly, with a 1-5 start, but went 15-5 through the rest of December, with several solid victories at both 120 and 126. Weinthal was the first Seahawk to reach 20 wins this past year, finishing third at districts — behind only two very experienced juniors at 120 — and got to Saturday at regions, taking a tough out against another well-experienced kid from an elite program one match before the blood round. Weinthal will be in the mix for states, soon.

2016-17 captain: With Levasseur’s premature season — if he does return, he will be among South Walton’s best as he was this past year — I would look to the only Seahawk to make it to the district final at his weight class, and that was Minh Nguyen at 106. According to the results I have (records reported to FHSAA were significantly different), Nguyen never got over the .500 mark, but we started to see some real improvements after a very tough tournament in Alabama at Scott Rohrer, which was part of a 2-9 skid in Nguyen’s season. From there, though, Nguyen took home a showcase win at Gator Brawl, and that momentum, I think, helped shape the direction of his post-season, in which he finished second at 106 at districts, and got to Saturday at regions. Nguyen will be a leader for his team next season.

Heaton’s Hero: Really, I could go with just about every other Seahawk starter here, because most of the kids that started the year really struggled during the course of it. So I will go with the wrestler that bounced around the lineup the most and that also finished the season, and that would be Joseph Gajewski, who wrestled at four different weight classes during the course of the year. Other than Scott Rohrer, I have results for him throughout the year, with just three contested wins (and I’m not sure one of those is right, but I go with what is reported), but the key point is that no matter what weight the Seahawks needed him to be at, he suited up and gave it his best, and for that Joseph Gajewski is the Heaton’s Hero nominee for South Walton.

Projected returning starters for 2016-17 (with year in school as they’ll be next year): Nguyen (sophomore, wrestled 106/113 this past year, District 1 runnerup); Weinthal (sophomore, wrestled 120/126 this past year, District 1 3rd place); Gajewski (sophomore, wrestled 126/132/138 this past year, 1 match from regions); Tristen Combs (wrestled 145 this past year, 0-2 at districts); Jaden Page (sophomore, wrestled 138/152 this past year, District 1 4th place); Aaron Sears (sophomore, wrestled 160 this past year, 0-2 at districts); Gavin Lizana (sophomore, wrestled 152/160/170 this past year, 0-2 at districts); Gus Delgadillo (sophomore, wrestled 182 this past year, 0-2 at districts); Eldrich Trinidad (sophomore, wrestled 195 this past year, 1 match at regions). Also: Mason Levasseur (sophomore, wrestled 132/138 this past year, did not compete in post-season); Elijah Perryman (sophomore, wrestled 160 this past year, did not compete in post-season); Cole Anderson (sophomore, wrestled 22- this past year, did not compete in post-season).


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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