Disney Developmental: Day 3 Results

Bracket 5 (1st-15th place)

Championship (2 p.m. Wednesday): Team STL Snake v. Young Guns White.
Semifinals: Team STL Snake 30, Team STL Spiders 26; Young Guns White 40, Team Palmetto Red 21.
Consi rd 2: Top Tier 47, Mishawaka Cavemen 16; River City Wrestling Factory 29, CFWA Stars 21; Ohio Titan Red 50, Bulldog Wrestling 21; SEO Wrestling 39, Brawlers Mean Green 30.
Consi rd 3: Top Tier 46, River City Wrestling Factory 15; SEO Wrestling 60, Ohio Titan Red 16.
Consi semis (10 a.m. Wednesday): Team STL Spiders v. Top Tier; Team Palmetto Red v. SEO Wrestling.
7th place (2 p.m. Wednesday): River City Wrestling Factory v. Ohio Titan Red.
5th place (2 p.m. Wednesday): Consi semi losers.
3rd place (2 p.m. Wednesday): Consi semi winners.

River City Wrestling Factory 29, CFWA Stars 21
106: Sean Arnold (RC) d. Jake Wohltman, 3-2. 113: Frank Sawyer (RC) md. Jaylen Paucar, 11-1. 120: Vincent Menozzi (Stars) p. William Ward, 2:32. 126: Jamel Clue (Stars) d. Dylan Youmans, 8-3. 132: Jeffrey Mercado (RC) md. Logan Andrew, 10-2. 138: Zain Cruz (RC) d. Logan Flanagan, 10-4. 145: Cameron Monzadeh (Stars) d. Joey Cusick, 10-4. 152: Jack Johnson (RC) p. Thomas Larison, 3:51. 160: Jaime Santos (Stars) d. Azim Hameed, 4-2. 170: Omar Delgado (Stars) fft. 182: RJ Adams (RC) d. Brian Santiago, 7-3. 195: Double fft. 220: Cory Grower (RC) d. Michael Handy, 2-1, 2 OT. 285: Josiah McCallum (RC) d. Curtis Ruff, 5-0.

Top Tier 46, River City Wrestling Factory 15
106: Sean Arnold (RC) d. Kevin Hernandez, 8-2. 113: Jack Delaney (RC) d. Michael Medio, 4-1. 120: Raiden Johnson (TT) p. William Ward, 2:41. 126: Joel Govia (TT) d. Dylan Youmans, 5-1. 132: Ivan Pena (TT) ID over Jeffrey Mercado. 138: Luke Pidgeon (TT) d. Zain Cruz, 5-1. 145: Alexander Kiester (TT) md. Joey Cusick, 20-8. 152: Dimitri Naimi (TT) d. Jack Johnson, 8-6. 160: Sam Cannova (TT) d. Azim Hameed, 5-1. 170: Matt Spero (TT) fft. 182: RJ Adams (RC) d. Cody Johns, 2-0, SV. 195: Cory Grower (RC) fft. 220: DJ Tice (TT) fft. 285: Johan Albuquerque (TT) fft.

Also in Bracket 5 —
Consi rd 2: FPC rising sophomore Christian Sheppard competed with Bulldog Wrestling, which finished 9-12th in the bracket when it was eliminated 50-21 by Ohio Titan Red. Sheppard lost by fall at 106 to OTR’s Kolbie Lange, in 1:13.

Bracket 6 (16th-30th place)

Championship (16th place; 2 p.m. Wednesday): Combat WC v. SW FLA Elite.
Semifinals: Combat WC 52, Sebring 24; SW FLA Elite 43, Team STL Silverback 30.
Consi rd 2: Ohio Titan Blue 44, CFWA Stripes 21; Montana Maroon 48, SW FLA Elite B 36; Tropical Storm 39, Florida Young Guns 31; SEO Wrestling 2 46, Veterans High 34.
Consi rd 3: Ohio Titan Blue 37, Montana Maroon 36; Tropical Storm 45, SEO Wrestling 2 36.
Consi semis (10 a.m. Wednesday): Sebring v. Ohio Titan Blue; Team STL Silverback v. Tropical Storm.
22nd place (2 p.m. Wednesday): Montana Maroon v. SEO Wrestling 2.
20th place (2 p.m. Wednesday): Consi semi losers.
18th place (2 p.m. Wednesday): Consi semi winners.

In Bracket 6 —
Consi rd 2: Tropical Storm, with three Matmen-area wrestlers, earned a ticket to Wednesday’s final rounds with a 39-31 win over Florida Young Guns. 132: Ryan Brown (FYG) p. Elijah Keselowsky, 1:29. 152: Zachary Dagg (FYG) p. Robert Taylor, 2:37. 182: Evan Akel (FYG) p. Carlos Wilson, 4:29.
Consi rd 3: Tropical Storm earned itself two matches on Wednesday with a 45-36 win over SEO Wrestling 2. 132: Christopher Knaup (SEO) p. Keselowsky, :34. 152: Corban West (SEO) p. Taylor, 1:24. 182: Wilson (TS) d. Christian Blair, 10-5.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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