Disney All-Stars: Final Day Results

Bracket 4 (25th-32nd)

Standings: Top Tier 6-1, Spec Ops 6-1, South Dakota Blue 6-1, Contender Elite Black 4-3, Vulcans 2-5, Nebraska White 2-5, Jacksonville Elite Wrestling 1-6, Children of the Corn 0-7.

Round 5 scores: Contender Elite Black 38, Vulcans 29; Top Tier 39, Nebraska White 24; Spec Ops 45, South Dakota Blue 18.
Round 6 scores: Top Tier 46, Vulcans 24; Nebraska White 49, Children of the Corn 28; Spec Ops 63, Contender Elite Black 9.
Round 7 scores: Nebraska White 48, Vulcans 21; South Dakota Blue 57, Contender Elite Black 12; Top Tier 44, Children of the Corn 30.

Jacksonville Elite Wrestling 34, Children of the Corn 33
106: Trey Finnearty (CC) fft. 113: Nick Litter (CC) fft. 120: Marcus Reid (JE) d. Hunter Langeloh, 12-5. 126: Trevor McDaniel (JE) d. Ryan Rasler, 10-4. 132: Riley Rasler (CC) p. Jaquan English, 3:13. 138: Saeid Ejmali (JE) d. Drew Rethlake, 8-5. 145: Cross Dietrich (CC) d. Cameron Bell, 5-2. 152: William King (JE) fft. 160: Jordan Rader (CC) p. Chandler Bell, 1:12. 170: Mike Edouard (JE) fft. 182: Double fft. 195: Kolton McDaniel (JE) fft. 220: Atyrus McDonald (JE) p. Wyatt Lanczynski, 1:57. 285: Morgan Miller (CC) fft.

South Dakota Blue 68, Jacksonville Elite Wrestling 6
106: Jacob Wood (SDB) fft. 113: Jaelin Decou (SDB) fft. 120: Marcus Baptiste (JE) d. Dylan Hanisch, 10-6. 126: Joshua Weisbrod (SDB) p. English, 1:23. 132: Paul Lauck (SDB) tf. Ejmali, 17-0. 138: Marcus Urban (SDB) fft. 145: Jess Karber (SDB) d. Cam. Bell, 5-4. 152: Nicholas Donnelly (SDB) p. King, 1:42. 160: Trent Francom (SDB) fft. 170: Caleb Ortiz (SDB) p. Edouard, 4:37. 182: Devin Stork (SDB) fft. 195: Evan Kizer (SDB) p. K. McDaniel, 3:47. 220: McDonald (JE) d. James Nelson, 10-5. 285: Colten Nelson (SDB) fft.

Spec Ops 84, Jacksonville Elite Wrestling 0
Editor’s Note: Jacksonville Elite forfeited as a team. Finished 7th in the bracket, 31st overall.

Also in Bracket 4:
Top Tier: Handled business in the 8 a.m. round with a 39-24 win over Nebraska White. 120: Clayton Glendy (NW) d. Ethan Pickren, 5-0. 126: William Pickren (TT) d. Justin White, 10-5. 182: Sam Kolterman (NW) p. Brian Girard, :56. In the 10 a.m. dual, Top Tier stayed tied for top of the bracket with a 46-24 win over Vulcans. 120: E. Pickren (TT) d. Dymond Smith, 4-2. 126: W. Pickren (TT) p. Tyler Gilson, :37. 182: Girard (TT) p. Thomas Carter, 4:44. Finally, at noon, Top Tier took the bracket victory (25th in the division overall) with a 44-30 win over Children of the Corn. 120: Hunter Langeloh (CC) p. E. Pickren, 5:44. 126: W. Pickren (TT) p. Ryan Rasler, 1:04. 182: Girard (TT) fft.
Spec Ops: Threw the bracket into a four-way battle to the top with its win over the day’s leader going into 8 a.m. competition, South Dakota Blue, by a 45-18 score. 138: Richie McClanahan (SO) d. Urban, 4-2. 182: Stork (SDB) p. Jonathan Shoen, 3:51. 285: Scott Dollison (SO) p. Nelson, 3:45. At 10 a.m., Spec Ops stayed tied with Top Tier and South Dakota Blue for first with a 63-9 romp over Contender Elite Black. 138: McClanahan (SO) p. Gavin Hale, 3:12. 182: Shoen (SO) p. Brian Fennell, :56. 285: Dollison (SO) fft. Spec Ops finished second in the bracket (26th overall) with its forfeit win over Jacksonville Elite.

In Bracket 1: CFWA-South Florida Lightning finished fourth overall in the division, with its lone match a 26-25 loss to Team Ohio Mafia in the third-place match at noon. At 285, Gabe Beyer (Leon grad) fell 3-2 to Ohio’s Kameron Teacher.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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