The Scouting Report: 2A-District 6

Welcome to another edition of The Scouting Reports. Here, we take a spin through what the entire state of Florida has coming back. More information for you, the readers, is what we’re all about at Matmen. We’re starting with the completely out-of-area teams, as we just ran through each area team in the previous 3 months. The plan is to complete all 48 districts before most schools start. We can only highlight returners from last year based on post-season performances and we can only know so much about transfers. If someone out-of-area was hurt or just didn’t compete, I just won’t know about it (regardless of what may be or have been posted on other forums). One new wrinkle for this year. We’re focusing less on the individual histories of each wrestler and focusing more on their matches with local kids, and we’ll have a couple of tidbits on each team to show that focus.

2A-District 6

2015-16 team finish: 1. Liberty. 2. Harmony. 3. East River. 4. New Smyrna Beach. 5. Poinciana. 6. Seabreeze. 7. Deltona. 8. Pine Ridge.
2014-15 team finish: 1. Harmony. 2. Lake Nona. 3. New Smyrna Beach. 4. Liberty. 5. Pine Ridge. 6. Seabreeze.
2013-14 team finish: 1. Harmony. 2. Lake Nona. 3. New Smyrna Beach. 4. Liberty. 5. Seabreeze. 6. Pine Ridge.

Other post-season stats: 2016 — 30th at region. 2015 — 4th at 1A-District 7, 13th at 1A-Region 2, T-34th at 1A states. 2014 — 2nd at 1A-District 7, 19th at 1A-Region 2, T-59th at 1A states.
Individual returners: Jariel Cedeno (junior, 14-20 at 113, district runnerup); Ethan Keebler (sophomore, 13-23 at 120, district 3rd); Jeremy Fowler (junior, 2-21 at 126, 1 match from regions); Derek Garcia (junior, 10-16 at 132, 1 match from regions); Shane Swanson (sophomore, 7-22 at 145, 1 match from regions); Grimaldy Rolon (sophomore, 2-22, 0-2 at districts); Gabriel Gonzalez (senior, 33-9 at 170, district runnerup, 1 match from states); Logan Rudi (senior, 10-21 at 285, district runnerup).
Why knowing about the Wolves matters: Deltona moved up to 2A this past year, and all but one of its points at regions came from Gonzalez. No intersection in post-season with Matmen wrestlers, but FPC, Matanzas and Yulee see them during the year.

East River (Orlando)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — 10th at region, T-34th at states. 2015 — 3rd at 3A-District 4, T-28th at 3A-Region 1. 2014 — 5th at 3A-District 2, 25th at 3A-Region 1.
Individual returners: Gabriel Galarza (senior, 16-16 at 126, district runnerup); Austin Smith (junior, 31-5 at 132, district champ, region 3rd, state 5th); Miles Maybin-Hill (senior, 6-22 at 138, 1 match from regions); Nick Hayes (senior, 27-17 at 170, district 4th); Robert Huttner (senior, 11-19 at 182, 1 match from regions); Michael Ginchereau (junior, 8-25 at 220, district 4th).
Why knowing about the Falcons matters: Smith started his bid for a state medal with a first-period fall over Ridgeview’s Trevor Belden in the first round at states. Falcon 2016 graduate Miguel Ruberia (160) knocked out Pace’s Sullivan Gerlits, 10-2, in consi round 1, only to be eliminated himself by Orange Park’s Nartorian Lee via third-period fall in consi round 2.

Other post-season stats: 2016 — 12th at region, 40th at states. 2015 — 6th at region, 7th at states. 2014 — 6th at region, T-20th at states.
Individual returners: Owen Wetzel (junior, 38-10 at 106, district 3rd); Alvaro Morzan (sophomore, 7-15 at 113, district 4th); Tyler Bramlett (senior, 22-24 at 120, district 4th); Jhoric Adugalski (junior, 7-25 at 126, district 4th); Francisco Blanco (senior, 25-13 at 132, district runnerup); Caleb Williams (senior, 34-28 at 138, district runnerup); Austin Gilhart (senior, 39-12 at 145, district champ); Drake Lord (sophomore, 5-35 at 152, 1 match from regions); Julian Barnett (junior, 4-16 at 160, district 4th); Michael Clauss (sophomore, 7-28 at 170, 1 match from regions); Robert Pagan (senior, 11-14 at 182, 1 match from regions); Avery Hamm (sophomore, 6-15 at 195, district 3rd).
Why knowing about the Longhorns matters: 2016 Harmony graduate Silas Root (220) picked up two wins over local competitors during the state tournament, edging 2016 Tate grad Gaven McAnally, 1-0, in the quarters, and then decisioning Leon’s JT Grant, 8-5, in the third-plae match. Terry Parker regularly attends Harmony’s Longhorn Duals event in late December and the Longhorns come to Jacksonville for the Army Duals in January.

Liberty (Kissimmee)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — 6th at region, T-27th at states. 2015 — 13th at region, T-49th at states. 2014 — T-18th at region.
Individual returners: Anthony Lopez (senior, 106, district champ, region 3rd, state 5th); Lucas Haase (senior, 28-13 at 113, district champ, region runnerup); Jonathan Figueroa (junior, 15-15 at 120, district runnerup); Joseph Figueroa (senior, 5-2 at 126, district champ, 1 match from states); Ty Moody (sophomore, 12-30 at 145, district 4th); Jerry Alicea (senior, 22-22 at 195, district runnerup); .
Why knowing about the Chargers matters: Lopez knocked out St. Augustine 2016 graduate Kristopher Smith of the state tournament with a 5-4 decision in consi round 1, and later decisioned Tate’s Jacob Cochran 13-7 for fifth place. Charger 2016 grad Brian Almeida-Torres (170) won 8-0 over Chiles’ Gavin Hoard in the state quarters, but Hoard later came back to finish fourth to Almeida-Torres’ fifth.

New Smyrna Beach
Other post-season stats: 2016 — T-16th at region. 2015 — 14th at region. 2014 — 5th at region, T-51st at states.
Individual returners (no season records available): David Cieckiewicz (sophomore, 106, district runnerup); Dylan Huie (sophomore, 113, 1 match from regions); Holley Caven (sophomore, 120, 1 match from regions); Jordan Engberg (junior, 138, district champ, 1 match from states); Blake Thacker (junior, 160, district 3rd); James Muni (senior, 170, 0-2 at districts); Robert Baker (sophomore, 220, district 3rd).
Why knowing about the Barracudas matters: Second year in a row without a state qualifier for New Smyrna Beach, which has intersections with FPC at the Five Star Conference meet. The Barracudas also competed at Flagler Duals this past Christmas season.

Pine Ridge (Deltona)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — 34th at region. 2015 — 30th at region. 2014 — 24th at region, T-62nd at states.
Individual returners: Austin Novak (junior, 9-21 at 120, 0-2 at districts); Kaitlin Martin (junior, 4-23 at 126, 1 match from regions); Sam Barbosa (senior, 21-18 at 182, district 3rd).
Why knowing about the Panthers matters: Pine Ridge has taken part in the Capital City Classic, Longhorn Duals and Five Star Conference meets in the previous year, all of which have a Matmen presence (Capital City a sizable Matmen presence).

Poinciana (Kissimmee)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — T-32nd at region. 2015 — 2nd at 1A-District 9, 16th at 1A-Region 3, T-45th at 1A states. 2014 — 3rd at 1A-District 9, T-16th at 1A-Region 3.
Individual returners (no season records available): Josue Calderon (sophomore, 113, district 3rd); Jacob Bazilme (junior, 120, 1 match from regions); Bryan Garland (senior, 138, 1 match from regions); Nay’drell Gordon (junior, 160, district runnerup); Alfredo Trejos (junior, 170, 1 match from regions)..
Why knowing about the Eagles matters: Like Deltona, which also came up from 1A, Poinciana struggled with the jump in classification.

Seabreeze (Daytona Beach)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — 27th at region. 2015 — T-19th at region. 2014 — 8th at 2A-District 13, 26th at 2A-Region 4.
Individual returners: Nick Caliendo (junior, 4-16 at 120, 0-2 at districts); Isaac Mott (junior, 11-14 at 126, district 3rd); Chace Schmidt (senior, 4-17 at 132, district 4th); Dimitrios Summerlin (senior, 5-11 at 152, 1 match from regions); Buswell Braden (junior, 23-9 at 195, district champ); Akarri Davis (sophomore, 3-24 at 285, district 3rd).
Why knowing about the Sandcrabs matters: As is the case with New Smyrna Beach, the Sandcrabs couldn’t get a wrestler through to states. Seabreeze has been a traditional competitor in Matanzas’ season-opening duals event.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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