The Scouting Report: 3A-District 6

Welcome to another edition of The Scouting Reports. Here, we take a spin through what the entire state of Florida has coming back. More information for you, the readers, is what we’re all about at Matmen. We’re starting with the completely out-of-area teams, as we just ran through each area team in the previous 3 months. The plan is to complete all 48 districts before most schools start. We can only highlight returners from last year based on post-season performances and we can only know so much about transfers. If someone out-of-area was hurt or just didn’t compete, I just won’t know about it (regardless of what may be or have been posted on other forums). One new wrinkle for this year. We’re focusing less on the individual histories of each wrestler and focusing more on their matches with local kids, and we’ll have a couple of tidbits on each team to show that focus.

3A-District 6

2015-16 team finish: 1. George Jenkins. 2. Durant. 3. Strawberry Crest. 4. Lakeland. 5. Newsome. 6. Kathleen. 7. Plant City. 8. Bartow.
2014-15 team finish: 1. George Jenkins. 2. Strawberry Crest. 3. Lakeland. 4. Wharton. 5. Bartow. 6. Plant. 7. Plant City. 8. Tampa Bay Tech.
2013-14 team finish: 1. Lakeland. 2. George Jenkins. 3. Strawberry Crest. 4. Plant. 5. Wharton. 6. Plant City. 7. Bartow. 8. Tampa Bay Tech.

Other post-season stats: 2016 — T-32nd at region. 2015 — 22nd at region, 27th at states. 2014 — 32nd at region.
Individual returners: Michael Cribbs (senior, 170, district 4th); Rashard Henry (senior, 13-8 at 285, 1 match from regions).
Why knowing about the Yellow Jackets matters: Bartow had just three wrestlers that competed in the district tournament, with just one — in a four-person weight class — make it to regions, with the Yellow Jackets’ points there coming via forfeit in consi round 1.

Durant (Plant City)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — 16th at region. 2015 — T-12th at region, T-30th at states. 2014 — 4th at 3A-District 8, 10th at region, T-56th at states.
Individual returners: Pedro Gregorio (junior, 15-8 at 106, district 3rd); Carlos Esparza (junior, 32-19 at 113, district 3rd); Stephen Powell (junior, 12-23 at 120, district 4th); Daniel Haley (junior, 41-10 at 126, district 3rd, 1 match from states); Cody Vining (junior, 9-17 at 132, district 4th); Wyatt Lewis (junior, 2-5 at 138, district 3rd); Na’Gee Rivera (senior, 33-15 at 145, district champ, 1 match from states); Fernando Molina-Dixon (senior, 4-9 at 152, district 4th); Cody Johns (senior, 29-15 at 195, district runnerup); Quinn Beaulieu (sophomore, 11-16 at 285, district 3rd).
Why knowing about the Cougars matters: First year in District 6 after moving from District 8, Durant got three wrestlers just one match from the state tournament but couldn’t quite cement the deal.

George Jenkins (Lakeland)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — 6th at region, T-14th at states. 2015 — 3rd at region, 13th at states. 2014 — 14th at region, T-68th at states.
Individual returners: Tracy Allen (sophomore, 22-29 at 106, district 4th); Lorenzo Brown (sophomore, 10-7 at 113, 1 match from regions); Donovan Barger (junior, 28-18 at 126, district runnerup); Chance Elmer (junior, 31-20 at 132, district runnerup); Jobe Robertson (senior, 20-14 at 145, district 3rd); William Smith (sophomore, 24-22 at 152, 1 match from regions); Stephen Mansker (sophomore, 12-29 at 195, district 4th).
Why knowing about the Eagles matters: Lot of graduated talent to be replaced for the Eagles. 2016 grad Christian Bounce (160) lost in the quarters to Winter Springs’ Max Wohlabaugh (10-8) and beat Boone’s Jonathan Gomez (3-0 in consi semis) out of Region 1. At 220, 2016 grad Darrius Mosley decisioned Fleming Island’s Jose Concepcion 8-3 in the quarters, but then lost in the semis to Wekiva’s Raimello Jackson. At 285, 2016 grad Samuel Harrison decisioned Wekiva’s Latavius Melton in round 1 and later lost to Dr Phillips’ Tahj Glemaud, 3-2, in the consi semis.

Kathleen (Lakeland)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — 25th at region. 2015 — 6th at 2A-District 7, 25th at 2A-Region 2. 2014 — 6th at 2A-District 7, 30th at 2A-Region 2.
Individual returners: Jaylon Andrews (junior, 30-7 at 106, district champ, 1 match from states); Stephen Ohsiek (junior, 30-13 at 113, district runnerup, 1 match from states); Brett Reeves (sophomore, 126, 1 match from regions); Xavier Montgomery (senior, 10-10 at 132, 1 match from regions); Evan Sullivan (sophomore, 10-17 at 138, 1 match from regions); Vincent Pantaleon (junior, 17-16 at 160, 0-2 at districts); David Bell (junior, 27-12 at 182, 1 match from regions); Armon Cross (senior, 22-14 at 220, district 4th).
Why knowing about the Red Devils matters: Besides Kathleen being Ray Lewis’ alma mater? Isn’t that reason enough? Red Devils haven’t had a state qualifier for the past three years. Andrews and Ohsiek were closest, but they were in LOADED region fields.

Other post-season stats: 2016 — 13th at region, T-39th at states. 2015 — 10th at region, T-49th at states. 2014 — 6th at region, T-48th at states.
Individual returners: Joseph Barron (sophomore, 9-11 at 106, 1 match from regions); Branden Ball (sophomore, 21-16 at 126, 1 match from regions); Elijah Gray (sophomore, 5-10 at 132, 1 match from regions); Kael Davis (senior, 8-11 at 138, district 3rd); Clay Carey (sophomore, 4-11 at 145, 1 match from regions); Jonathon Tutiven (senior, 25-13 at 170, district 3rd); Cameron Juncal (junior, 2-10 at 285, district 4th).
Why knowing about the Dreadnaughts matters: Like George Jenkins, Lakeland was driven mostly by its seniors in 2015-16. Dreadnaughts 2016 grad Gage Hollingsworth (120) lost in the first round to Region 1’s Jake Semrad of Lyman, 7-4.

Newsome (Lithia)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — 9th at region, T-61st at states. 2015 — T-12th at region, T-55th at states. 2014 — 5th at 3A-District 8, 15th at region.
Individual returners: Jake Reiser (sophomore, 17-17 at 106, 1 match from regions); Brenden Galluzzo (sophomore, 7-10 at 113, 1 match from regions); Luke Noon (sophomore, 13-18 at 126, 0-2 at districts); Michael Schramm (junior, 30-20 at 138, district runnerup); Joe LeBarre (senior, 48-11 at 152, district champ, region 4th); Dorian Gonzalez (sophomore, 7-14 at 160, 1 match from regions); Brady Houchens (senior, 13-25 at 182, 0-2 at districts).
Why knowing about the Wolves matters: LeBarre was paired in the first round against eventual state champ James Nereim of Winter Springs, out of Region 1, and lost by fall early in the second period. Wolves 2016 graduate Tyler O’Brien (195) was knocked out of the tournament by Atlantic Coast’s Narek Stepanyan, 15-4, in consi round 1, and fellow graduate Sean Behrens (285) lost in the first round to Dr Phillips’ Glemaud, 3-2.

Plant City
Other post-season stats: 2016 — 27th at region. 2015 — 24th at region. 2014 — 17th at region.
Individual returners: Jacob Spray (junior, 15-16 at 113, 0-2 at districts); Dalton Hull (sophomore, 3-6 at 120, 1 match from regions); Grant Rhodes (senior, 25-18 at 126, district 4th); Cristobal Chavez (senior, 16-16 at 132, district 3rd); Ty Young (sophomore, 3-8 at 145, district 4th); Nathan Pires DeCamargo (junior, 13-22 at 195, district 3rd); Donnie Tice (senior, 37-11 at 220, district runnerup);
Why knowing about the Raiders matters: Another tricky post-season for Plant City, with only Tice even getting to Saturday of regions that I can see. Plant City has had three seasons without a state qualifier, from the data I have.

Strawberry Crest (Dover)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — 11th at region, T-29th at states. 2015 — 11th at region, 19th at states. 2014 — 18th at region.
Individual returners: Lane Keck (sophomore, 33-12 at 106, district runnerup); Chase Zimmerman (junior, 28-16 at 113, district 4th); Cullen Telfer (junior, 28-2 at 126, district champ, region champ, state 3rd); Chas Waller (junior, 33-8 at 132, district champ, 1 match from states); Blaise Rodriguez (junior, 21-14 at 145, district runnerup); Harry Combs (senior, 38-12 at 152, district runnerup, 1 match from states); Chad Grassel (junior, 17-14 at 160, 1 match from regions); Josh Grassel (sophomore, 2-4 at 220, 1 match from regions).
Why knowing about the Chargers matters: No intersections at states between Strawberry Crest qualifier Telfer and Region 1 wrestlers this year, but Telfer is a former state champion. Waller and Combs should be strong threats to qualify out in 2016-17 as well.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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