The Scouting Report: 3A-District 7

Welcome to another edition of The Scouting Reports. Here, we take a spin through what the entire state of Florida has coming back. More information for you, the readers, is what we’re all about at Matmen. We’re starting with the completely out-of-area teams, as we just ran through each area team in the previous 3 months. The plan is to complete all 48 districts before most schools start. We can only highlight returners from last year based on post-season performances and we can only know so much about transfers. If someone out-of-area was hurt or just didn’t compete, I just won’t know about it (regardless of what may be or have been posted on other forums). One new wrinkle for this year. We’re focusing less on the individual histories of each wrestler and focusing more on their matches with local kids, and we’ll have a couple of tidbits on each team to show that focus.

3A-District 7

2015-16 team finish: 1. Riverview. 2. Wharton. 3. George Steinbrenner. 4. Freedom. 5. Bloomingdale. 6. Plant. 7. East Bay. 8. Sickles. 9. Alonso. 10. Wiregrass Ranch.
2014-15 team finish: 1. Palm Harbor University. 2. East Lake. 3. George Steinbrenner. 4. Countryside. 5. Sickles. 6. Pinellas Park. 7. Seminole. 8. St. Petersburg. 9. Alonso.
2013-14 team finish: 1. Palm Harbor University. 2. East Lake. 3. George Steinbrenner. 4. Pinellas Park. 5. Countryside. 6. Sickles. 7. Alonso. 8. Seminole. 9. St. Petersburg.

Alonso (Tampa)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — T-30th at region. 2015 — T-27th at region. 2014 — 14th at region, T-52nd at states.
Individual returners: Jacque Denes (junior, 3-6 at 106, 0-2 at districts); Dillon Gasque (sophomore, 14-25 at 120, 0-2 at districts); Malcolm Martin (sophomore, 9-31 at 126, 0-2 at districts); Derek Orca-Ramiro (junior, 16-20 at 132, 0-2 at districts); Gabriel Carrion (sophomore, 5-4 at 138, 0-2 at districts); Christian Trinidad (senior, 4-4 at 145, 0-2 at districts); Griffen Ross (senior, 16-19 at 152, 1 match from regions); Cole Johnston (senior, 23-29 at 170, 1-2 at districts); Michael Sarlabous (junior, 43-16 at 220, district 3rd).
Why knowing about the Ravens matters: Third year in the last four without a state qualifier. Sarlabous and 2016 graduate Trevor Albers had all of Alonso’s points at regions, with Sarlabous winning a consi rd-1 decision. Sizable group of returners.

Bloomingdale (Valrico)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — T-18th at region, T-71st at states. 2015 — 7th at 3A-District 8, 17th at region, T-23rd at states. 2014 — 7th at 3A-District 8, T-28th at region.
Individual returners: Joseph Cochran (junior, 24-25 at 106, 1 match from regions); Zach Martin (sophomore, 120, district 4th); Jordanis Galvez (senior, 36-10 at 145, district 4th); Jacob Randolph (senior, 160, 0-2 at districts); JT Byrd (junior, 4-12 at 170, 0-2 at districts); Lucas Hoskins (senior, 28-11 at 220, district runnerup); .
Why knowing about the Bulls matters: Bloomingdale had a presence in the state tournament, as 2016 graduate Levi Rate qualified out at 138, but faced no Region 1 wrestlers. Rate lost to eventual third-placer Anthony Kinsey of Southridge in the first round. The farthest-advancing returner was Hoskins, who got to Saturday at regions, losing in sudden victory.

East Bay (Gibsonton)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — 24th at region, T-45th at states. 2015 — 5th at 3A-District 8, 21st at region. 2014 — 6th at 3A-District 8, 21st at region.
Individual returners (no season records available except as noted): Jose Rivera (junior, 113, 1 match from regions); Yairo Medina (junior, 120, 1 match from regions); Zack Crouse (sophomore, 126, 1 match from regions); Brendan Wheeldon (senior, 138, 0-2 at districts); Gamaniel Calderon (senior, 42-7 at 170, district champ); Jamonte Williams (junior, 182, 0-2 at districts); Kevin Clayton (senior, 42-5 at 195, district champ, region 4th, 1 match from state podium); Bonicias Semexant (junior, 285, district 3rd).
Why knowing about the Indians matters: Clayton was East Bay’s only state representative, making it to Saturday with two consi-round wins. Against Region 1 opponents, Clayton knocked out Apopka’s Zach Gallon with a 6-4 win in round 1, but in the blood round on Saturday, Timber Creek’s Jackson Saffold edged him, 3-2.

Freedom (Tampa)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — T-19th at region, T-71st at states. 2015 — 10th at 2A-District 6, T-27th at 2A-Region 2. 2014 — 9th at 2A-District 8, 28th at 2A-Region 2.
Individual returners: Jerry Miller (junior, 18-10 at 132, district 4th); Avery Royster (senior, 25-11 at 138, district 4th); Alex Kiester (junior, 48-8 at 145, district runnerup, region 3rd); Carlos Rodicio (senior, 26-10 at 152, district champ); Andres Procel (sophomore, 14-22 at 195, 1 match from regions).
Why knowing about the Patriots matters: Kiester was Freedom’s lone rep at states, and got a brutal quarter for his trouble, as his quarter of the bracket combined for 185 wins this past season and included runnerup Kurtis Aimable (Freedom of Orlando) and third-place Angel DelCueto of Southwest Miami (who beat Kiester 17-6 in the first round).

George Steinbrenner (Lutz)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — 10th at region, T-50th at states. 2015 — 18th at region, T-68th at states. 2014 — T-19th at region.
Individual returners: Anthony Vitale (junior, 106, district champ, 4th at region); Tyler Davenport (junior, 21-20 at 113, district 3rd); Justin Moran (junior, 35-9 at 126, district runnerup); John Unger (junior, 145, 0-2 at districts); Matt Moya (junior, 152, 1 match from regions); Matt Gallo (junior, 26-14 at 160, 1 match from regions); Nate Bautista (junior, 38-10 at 285, district runnerup, 1 match from states).
Why knowing about the Warriors matters: Vitale is Steinbrenner’s only returning state qualifier. After losing by fall in the first round to eventual state champ Elijah Varona of South Dade, he was knocked out of states last year by Oakleaf’s Ryan Rosano in an 11-0 major.

Plant (Tampa)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — T-20th at region, T-71st at states. 2015 — T-27th at region. 2014 — 4th at 3A-District 6, 23rd at region.
Individual returners: Austin Elsasser (sophomore, 6-18 at 106, 1 match from regions); David Barksdale (sophomore, 16-15 at 113, district 4th); Luccas Papa (sophomore, 13-14 at 120, district 3rd); Johnathan Brabazon (senior, 36-10 at 126, district champ, 1 match from states); Covin Shelly (sophomore, 3-13 at 132, 1 match from regions); Jake Kuzmick (senior, 20-24 at 138, 2-2 at districts); Anthony Cordero (senior, 24-11 at 152, district runnerup); Alex Bremmer (senior, 9-20 at 160, 0-2 at districts); Jamey Nunamaker (junior, 24-21 at 170, district 4th); Alex Hills (junior, 2-5 at 182, 0-2 at districts); Anthony Rocamora (junior, 6-16 at 195, 0-2 at districts); Brashear David (junior, 12-19 at 220, 0-2 at districts); Will Rickles (sophomore, 5-8 at 285, 1 match from regions).
Why knowing about the Panthers matters: Plant was represented at states by one wrestler, 2016 graduate Anthony Cruz Munoz, who was paired with eventual champ Ozzy Lugo in the first round. With 13 returners with 2016 post-season experience, Plant could be a team to watch.

Other post-season stats: 2016 — 8th at region, 19th at states. 2015 — 2nd at 3A-District 8, 7th at region, 20th at states. 2014 — 3rd at 3A-District 8, 7th at region, T-60th at states.
Individual returners: Tyler Forrest (sophomore, 32-19 at 106, district runnerup); Jordan Forrest (senior, 37-12 at 113, district champ); Deante Blazio (senior, 16-16 at 120, 1 match from regions); Jordan Serrano (junior, 21-21 at 126, district 4th); Zach Owens (junior, 152, 0-2 at districts); Evan Akel (junior, 26-25 at 182, district 4th); Andy Hernandez (junior, 9-7 at 195, district 3rd); Logan Malouff (junior, 26-25 at 220, district 4th).
Why knowing about the Sharks matters: Led by state champ and 2016 graduate Kizhan Clarke (132) this past season, Riverview will have substantial graduation losses to overcome. Clarke’s path to gold included a second-period fall over Colonial 2016 grad Jordan Wooten in the first round and 7-5 decision over Fleming Island 2016 grad Xaiver Sampsel in the semis. At 145, Sharks 2016 grad Tony Hernandez knocked out Orlando Evans’ DeAndrew Walker with a third-period fall in consi round 1.

Sickles (Tampa)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — 21st at region, T-61st at states. 2015 — 15th at region. 2014 — 12th at region, T-56th at states.
Individual returners: Austin Kalnins (senior, 18-12 at 106, district 4th); David Tellford (junior, 9-13 at 126, 0-2 at districts); Jacob Darr (senior, 28-9 at 132, district 3rd, 1 match from states); Alex Fellove (senior, 19-11 at 152, 0-2 at districts); Hamid Salahutdin (senior, 40-7 at 160, district champ, region 3rd); Michael Rivers (junior, 4-8 at 170, 0-2 at districts); Malachi Riley (senior, 18-14 at 182, 1 match from regions); Nicholas LaLumia (senior, 21-12 at 195, 1-2 at districts); Nahdy Avendano (sophomore, 12-19 at 220, 0-2 at districts); Tucker Simpkins (junior, 9-19 at 285, district 4th).
Why knowing about the Gryphons matters: Salahutdin was Sickles’ only representative at state. He knocked out Flagler Palm Coast 2016 graduate Eric Vigo from the tournament, with an 8-2 decision in consi round 1.

Wharton (Tampa)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — 15th at region, T-61st at states. 2015 — T-19th at region. 2014 — 5th at 3A-District 6, T-25th at region.
Individual returners: Jacob Eckfeldt (sophomore, 45-12 at 106, district 3rd); Nick Caputo (sophomore, 32-12 at 120, district runnerup); Cameron Okula (junior, 30-14 at 126, district 3rd); Jeremiah Dela Rosa (junior, 11-10 at 132, 1 match from regions); Carter Ellis (junior, 20-15 at 138, 0-2 at districts); Winman Fresneda (senior, 27-19 at 145, 1 match from regions); Austin Deffenaugh (junior, 47-10 at 160, district runnerup); Jonathon Gomez (junior, 170, 11-34, 1 match from regions); Marc Joseph (junior, 29-18 at 195, 1 match from regions); Jaden Vilvert (junior, 27-10 at 285, district champ).
Why knowing about the Wildcats matters: Wharton continues to move up the district/region ladder. The Wildcats had just one state qualifier in 2016 graduate Mykail Robinson (220). Robinson went 1-2 on the first day, falling to Treasure Coast’s Theo Gerve 3-2 in consi rd 2.

Wiregrass Ranch (Wesley Chapel)
Other post-season stats: 2016 — T-30th at region. 2015 — 9th at 2A-District 8, 24th at 2A-Region 2. 2014 — 6th at 2A-District 8, 16th at 2A-Region 2, T-44th at 2A states.
Individual returners: Alex Alvarez (sophomore, 126, 1 match from regions); Kaipo Freitas (senior, 24-16 at 138, district 3rd); Devin Praesal (senior, 38-6 at 152, district 3rd); Matthew Mendez (junior, 195, 0-2 at districts); Tommy Sisk (senior, 220, 1 match from regions).
Why knowing about the Bulls matters: First trip to 3A was a rough ride for Wiregrass Ranch. Freitas had a first-round win at regions, while Praesal got the farthest in that tournament, with a Saturday appearance following two consi round decisions.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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