Border Wars Pools — Uppers

Border Wars Pools (152-285)

152A — Eddie Alexis (Ft Walton Beach), Juan Alvarez (Tate), Peter Dazzio (Vestavia Hills), Mason Levasseur (South Walton), Jake Rando (Holy Cross).
152B — Dustin Berry (Luella), Mitchell Gregory (Columbia), Derek Hussey (Thompson), Burley Parker (Wewahitchka), Evan Ulfers (St Pauls).
152C — Kenneth Casteel (Colquitt), Joseph Grix (Wakulla), Nate Koenig (Jesuit), Reed Propes (Ridgeview), Jack Stoves (Vestavia Hills).
152D — Reese Dalton (Parkview), Tyrone Jones (FPC), Max Martinez (Marianna), Jackson Schoener (Niceville), Riley Thor (Mosley).
152E — Jose Gallegos (Lowndes), Gary Gamble (Parkview), Sullivan Gerlits (Pace), Drew St. Amant (Arnold), Andrew Tyschen (Chiles).

160A — Noah Breeden (Wakulla), Bowman Hill (Vestavia Hills), Peyton Kospolich (Arch. Rummel), Gavin Lizana (South Walton), Jeff Rafuse/Orth (Tate).
160B — Will Britain (Cambridge), Curtis Brock (FPC), Zion James (Columbia), Jacob Nalepa (Parkview), Cole Ulfers (St Pauls).
160C — Victor Castanon (Colquitt), Tiberus Drocea (Lowndes), Jack Johnson (Niceville), Dylan Melvin (Marianna), Jackson Vines (Wewahitchka).
160D — Kaine Avery (Ridgeview), Sam Buatu (Arnold), Jacob McPhearson (Thompson), Jarred Pitts (Mosley), William Rosevally (Jesuit).
160E — Jeffrey Argrave (Holy Cross), Corban Ferguson (Ft Walton Beach), Miles Mercer (Chiles), Daniel Reid (Luella), Anthony Root (Pace).

170A — Ethan Billhimer (Pace), Tyler Cordle (Wakulla), Joseph Foret (Holy Cross), Gunner Nebel (Marianna).
170B — Dalton Childs (Mosley), Brandon Greer (Jesuit), John Maddox (Arnold), Ceong Song (Parkview).
170C — Jake Arena (St Pauls), Shelby Burnette (Colquitt), J’len Flanigan (Lowndes), Corbyn Kaschner (Niceville), Chad Sapp (Columbia).
170D — Keith Boswell (FPC), Andreas Denapolis (Arch. Rummel), Justin Harry (Arnold), Mason Swanick (Niceville).
170E — Chase Cleveland (Ft Walton Beach), Jory Heindel (Thompson), Gavin Hoard (Chiles), Garrick Kourany (Cambridge), John Tiedeman (Ridgeview).

182A — Michael Benton (Holy Cross), Steve Canidate (FPC), Timothy Dorsey (Luella), Jon Gunther (Pace), Jonah Mercer (Marianna).
182B — Corey Davis (Marianna), Trevor Hart (Wakulla), Cole Maddox (Arnold), Elvis Riopelle (Cambridge), Joey Royce (Ft Walton Beach).
182C — Rob Barrentine (Vestavia Hills), Brendan Carter (Niceville), Malachi Davenport (Wewahitchka), Gage Kent (Colquitt), David Thompson (Columbia).
182D — Sam Avenel (St Pauls), Zacheriah Hamilton (Parkview), Isaac McAdams (Thompson), Craig Zacker (Ridgeview).
182E — Harris Browning (Lowndes), Brysan Carte (Arnold), Garrison Kovacs (Mosley), Justin Lopeman (Chiles), Paul Treuting (Jesuit).

195A — Alex Edwards (Wewahitchka), Hayden Haynes (Vestavia Hills), Johnathon Lawler (Mosley), JyCobi Williams (Luella).
195B — Jeremiah Gudinez (Ft Walton Beach), Tyler McKinnon (Colquitt), Nick English (Marianna), Jake Whelan (Arch. Rummel).
195C — Connor Davidson (Columbia), Jared Froehlich (Arnold), Jason Muniz (FPC), Spencer Rayes (Holy Cross).
195D — Thomas Arseneaux (Jesuit), Terrance Barnes (Arnold), Andre McNeal (Lowndes), Key Nettles (Pace).
195E — Thomas Blake (Chiles), John Trevor Hinsey (Wakulla), Pierce Mustaki (Cambridge), Eldrich Trinidad (South Walton).

220A — Chayton Bussey (Wakulla), James Edwards (Vestavia Hills), Tyler Irigoyen (FPC), Nick Singletary (Pace).
220B — Perry Ganci (Jesuit), Brandon Jackson (Mosley), Nic Jarvis (Colquitt), Elliot Woodham (Arnold).
220C — Quori Alexander (Luella), Aubrey Glidewell (Thompson), Vince Miller (Marianna), Bobby Williams (Chiles).
220D — Adwin Bein-Aime (Parkview), Cameron Drummond (Holy Cross), Jesus Gonzales (Colquitt), Darius Pena (Niceville).
220E — Adam Craine (Cambridge), John Gray (Lowndes), Marlon Ng (Wakulla), Terrick Ponds (Columbia), Nick Woodward (Ft Walton Beach).

285A — Oscar Balog (Parkview), Claeton Horne (Wewahitchka), Joseph Pearson (Ft Walton Beach), Nick Slade (South Walton), Darius Wilkins (Wakulla).
285B — Murphy Bennett (Pace), Peyton Cox (Jesuit), Brian Merritt (Colquitt), Nicholas Schindler (Chiles), Seth Whitlock (Thompson).
285C — Ben Bobrowski (St Pauls), Adrian High (Niceville), Jacob Marin (Wakulla), Nick Meyer (Cambridge).
285D — Kouvaris Combs (Columbia), Jacob Edwards (Vestavia Hills), Jared Hammer (Arnold), Timothy McClure (Luella).
285E — Randel Amos (Holy Cross), Vincent Ebanks (FPC), Jason Rudd (Marianna), Randall Polovitch (Luella), Kenneth Tresvant (Ridgeview).

Wrestling starts Friday morning at South Walton High School.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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