Westside Kiwanis Day 1 Recap

Northeast Florida Matmen staff report

JACKSONVILLE — It’s a Georgia party at the top of the table after the first day of wrestling at the Westside Kiwanis two-day IBT tournament, hosted by Bishop Snyder HS Friday and today.

Camden County’s B team leads the way with 90 points, 16.5 ahead of first-time Kiwanis competitor Toombs County GA. #5 Buchholz is the top Northeast area team in the field, with 62.

From there, it’s a scramble from 4th on down to 12th place, with HM Ridgeview currently leading that fray at 49 points, followed by HM Orange Park (45.5), Westside (44.5), Middleburg (37.5), Englewood & #7 Oakleaf (both with 36), #9 Sandalwood (31), First Coast (30.5) and HM West Nassau at 29.

Bishop Snyder and Pedro Menendez are tied for 13th with 14 points, with Episcopal (13), Bolles (11) and Terry Parker (zero) rounding out the field.

First-day brackets have been posted to the site. A list of semifinalists at each weight class follows (I have changed spellings where I know them to be different):

106: Martin Santana (Toombs) v. Devan Gill (Camden); Kyle Tairovski-Romeu (Oakleaf) v. Bryan Perkins (Buchholz).

113: Ryan Rosano (Oakleaf) v. Jason Schwartz (First Coast); Frank Sawyer (Orange Park) v. Cruz Arredondo (Toombs).

120: Ricardo Santana (Toombs) v. Seanjohn Adams (First Coast); Billy Green-Church (Buchholz) v. Gerard Taylor (First Coast).

126: Ethan Gustilo (Oakleaf) v. DeAngelo Fletcher (Buchholz); Tanner Belden (Ridgeview) v. Adam Allwine (Camden).

132: Gage Clark (Toombs) v. Angelo Philpot (Westside); Drew Norris (Camden) v. Saeid Ejmali (Ridgeview).

138: Gant Moore (Buchholz) v. Elisha Kull (Ridgeview); P.A. Ferguson (Camden) v. Tyler Dahlgren (Camden).

145: Justin Hall (Toombs) v. William Vincent (Camden); William Tharpe (West Nassau) v. Omega Clark (Camden).

152: Delmontae Davis (Westside) v. Donovan Gray (Oakleaf); Jacob Campbell (Orange Park) v. Kaleb Askin (Camden).

160: Cody Herrin (Camden) v. Brandon Hall (Toombs); Tavian Whitehead (Englewood) v. Jordan Mobley (Buchholz).

170: Nartorian Lee (Orange Park) v. Christian Rickey (Episcopal); John Jones (Westside) v. Carson Roberts (Toombs).

182: Armando Acosta (Buchholz) v. Michel Augustin (Englewood); Valois Ochoa (First Coast) v. Ja’vonte Graves (Camden).

195: Rafael Wilkerson (Camden) v. Elijah Wilcox (First Coast); Ben Elliot (Orange Park) v. Bryan Heflin (Middleburg).

220: Ervin Mincey (Toombs) v. Jose Romero (Buchholz); Blake Hodges (West Nassau) v. Tyler Dehart (Orange Park).

285: Tariq Hookfin (Westside) v. Miguel Velazquez (Sandalwood); Robert Barnard (Middleburg) v. Chris Hunt (Camden).


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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