The Plan. We’ll see if it’s much of one.

I have written my TWN game story and you can read it there. That content is freely accessible, as are all of the results. The results will be going up here as well.

Right now, I can work on results from the following:

  • Dual championships. Already done, but not on site yet. Shortly.
  • Terry Parker Army Duals. I have 38 duals to prep on that one.
  • Osceola — I did get duals from Creekside.
  • Viper Duals at Space Coast — I do have Episcopal’s results in hand.
  • I would have to look on Trackwrestling to see about Columbia’s and Buchholz’s duals from St. Cloud.
  • I do not have results from Ed White (although I did drive over after I was done at Clay, and the facility was locked up by the time I got there) or Flagler Palm Coast (I expected those would take some time to get to me, one way or the other).
  • I know that finals were still ongoing at Lincoln. That might have just now wrapped up.
  • I will be checking Track for Ed Kirkpatrick for recap purposes on Interlachen, the brackets I won’t be able to do anything with until Monday.
  • I don’t have anything from St. Augustine, that I know of, from the Deland Duals. Checking gmail now…nope, not yet.
  • On the Northwest side, I would have to check on Track for Godby and Ft Walton Beach results from Southeastern Duals. I have not been able to do that as of yet.
  • I do not have anything from Max-Fit Duals at Pace yet as well.

So the writing of recaps that can be done (for sure), as of this immediate moment, are:

  • Northeast & Northwest versions of 1A Duals.
  • Terry Parker, once the duals are done (I would like to do some backgrounding on those to learn unbeaten wrestlers and the like).
  • Osceola — assuming brackets are fully updated on Track, which I would imagine they would be.
  • Episcopal at Viper Duals.
  • Ed Kirkpatrick — again, assuming fully updated on Track.
  • Items will be completed as time allows. Results, for right now, take precedence over story writing. Story writing will be completed in order of fully submitted results.

I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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