#RoadToTheShow: 1A-District 2 Preview

Side note: We will have additional content from our ace Tallahassee reporter, Olivia Cerio, coming from this district.

Christmas has nothing on this. THIS is the most wonderful time of the year.

Just remember before you read. It’s not personal, but you’re allowed to take it personally if you want. Prove me wrong. Or prove me right. I like both.

Team outlook: The fight for first place in the team standings is going to be one of the harder-contested battles of the weekend, as both Florida High and Wakulla are entering the post-season on pretty high notes, and they had a really good dual against one another back in January. Have to look at Suwannee as the heavy favorite to finish third, and the Bulldogs have a team good enough to win a couple of districts, but they’re going up against two of the top 1A programs in north Florida. Godby is just as heavy a favorite to finish fourth, on numbers alone more than anything else. North Florida Christian doesn’t have those numbers, but they have a solid chance to at least get half of the team they have, if not more, on to regions, if not states. Rickards is a weird one to figure. I’ve been told that the Raiders did compete against Godby and NFC in a part-triangular dual, part-triangular round-robin event in late January (results of which I did not get), and they were scheduled to compete at North Bay Haven’s Bash, but didn’t send any actual wrestlers. So, no way for me to really factor them into this preview.

106: 1. Brandon Trask (Suwannee). 2. Brooks Dyer (Florida High). 3. Matthew Owen (Wakulla). 4. Harrison Green (North Florida Christian). No dark horse.
My too-short take: Excellent top 3. Trask, the senior, is a little bit ahead of the group. Should Dyer and Owen meet, it will be a third meeting, with each having won one earlier.

113: 1. Larry Smith (Wakulla). 2. Tyler Ogles (Suwannee). 3. Tyler Reeve (Florida High). No fourth-place finisher or dark horse.
My too-short take: Smith the heavy favorite to win the district. Ogles has made significant improvements in his game, one of Suwannee’s most improved kids.

120: 1. Rolin Malik (Wakulla). 2. Chase Clark (Suwannee). 3. Dennis Ganim (Florida High). No fourth-place finisher or dark horse.
My too-short take: Malik’s drop hasn’t hurt him any, and has helped the War Eagles immeasurably. Clark the solid favorite to reach the final as well.

126: 1. Max Owen (Wakulla). 2. Max Metcalf (Florida High). 3. Caleb Key (Suwannee). 4. Naomy Vega (Godby). No dark horse.
My too-short take: Two great head-to-head matches earlier in the year, Owen 4-2 and Metcalf 5-2. Should be a fantastic final round and rubber match.

132: 1. Bryan Metcalf (Florida High). 2. Kenneth Foster (Suwannee). 3. Blake Reeves (Wakulla). 4. Landon Kelly (North Florida Christian). No dark horse.
My too-short take: Metcalf should be the solid favorite to win the bracket, Foster the solid favorite to join him in the finals. I think Kelly will be at this weight, not 138.

138: 1. Max Harris (Florida High). 2. Micah Lanier (Wakulla). 3. Suwannee wrestler. No fourth-place finisher or dark horse.
My too-short take: An intriguing bracket, because I don’t think Harris and Lanier have met this year. Suwannee has options here, will be either Julian Borrell or Terrell Williams.

145: 1. Jake Richardson (Florida High). 2. Joey Borrell (Suwannee). 3. Noah Wilson (Wakulla). 4. Zach Godwin (Godby). No dark horse.
My too-short take: There’ve been good matches between Richardson and Borrell, but Richardson’s held the upper hand. Same with Borrell and Wilson.

152: 1. Tanner Clark (Suwannee). 2. Duncan Weaver (Florida High). 3. Noah Breeden (Wakulla). 4. Quentavius Smith (Godby). No dark horse.
My too-short take: Clark has been out a little while but should be back for districts. Florida High has four wrestlers competing for spots at three weights. Something will have to give.

160: 1. Billy Jenkins (Suwannee). 2. Florida High wrestler. 3. Ian Walker (Wakulla). 4. Landon Albritton (North Florida Christian). No dark horse.
My too-short take: Jenkins will be the class of the field here. I could see Walker and Breeden swapping spots and if so I would put Breeden second. FSUS will have Jemel Fanfan, Noah Perdue or Marcus Haigler here.

170: 1. Trevor Hart (Wakulla). 2. Florida High wrestler. 3. Trevor Clements (Suwannee). 4. Jacob Jackson (Godby). No dark horse.
My too-short take: Hart should be the favorite here. Seminoles will likely send out Perdue or Haigler at this weight. Clements might challenge well against the Seminole.

182: 1. Will Haigler (Florida High). 2. David Lunn (North Florida Christian). 3. Andrew Annand (Wakulla). 4. Charles Votava (Suwannee). Dark horse: Jeff Louis-Jean (Godby).
My too-short take: Lunn could go 195, but region might be better at this weight. First class with a full group of kids; if Rickards sends anybody, start looking for them here.

195: 1. Cam Brown (Florida High). 2. John Trevor Hinsey (Wakulla). 3. JaTyren Walker (Godby). No fourth-place finisher or dark horse.
My too-short take: Brown will be the heavy favorite to win here, Hinsey will most likely join him in the final. Godby does have a few options at this weight.

220: 1. Marlon Ng (Wakulla). 2. Jonathan Wainwright (North Florida Christian). 3. Bernardo Perez (Suwannee). 4. Godby wrestler. No dark horse.
My too-short take: Will have to see if not having a 220 will hurt the Seminoles from a team standpoint. Wainwright could go 285, but he’s probably better here. Godby again has options at this weight.

285: 1. Jacob Marin (Wakulla). 2. Godby wrestler. 3. Logan Stinson (Florida High). No fourth-place finisher or dark horse.
My too-short take: Marin shouldn’t be challenged. His toughest challenge was probably in the wrestleoff against Darius Wilkins last week or this one. Godby will send out either Devon Neely or James Williams.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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