The Season 2016-17: Bay


You can see everything I have on the Tornadoes in 2016-17 here –>  BAY

Win/loss record: Unknown in dual meets. Please review the attached document for a summary of the Tornadoes’ performance in IBT events.

Season in a nutshell: Bay’s record in duals is unknown because we only had partial results (3 duals out of up to 10 total) from the Tornadoes’ performance at Gulf Coast Slam. In some instances, we were able to “count back,” based upon records provided to the District 1 tournament host, but in others we were not. Bay’s overall lineup might have been the strongest I remember seeing it in the past four seasons, as I have them with an 18-16 dual-meet record. That includes eight dual wins at Beast of the Beach just before Christmas and another five at North Bay Haven’s Bash on the final week of the regular season, where the Tornadoes won their pool before going 0-2 on Saturday. Bay didn’t compete in many IBTs/roundrobins (one of each prior to districts), but posted a solid sixth at Wewa’s Gator Brawl and then added a competitive fourth at District 1, finishing just outside the top 10 at regions. While the mix of seniors lost after this year is going to take a hit on the Tornadoes, there will be eight post-season starters returning in 2017-18.

2016-17 MVP: Senior 120 Gabe Meyer had a stellar start for his final season with the Tornadoes, winning his first nine matches and 16 of his first 17, witth a 5-0 performance (3 pins & 1 tech) at Beast of the Beach. His first loss, at Trojan Invitational, led to a third-place performance at that tournament, and he was 6-1 at Gator Brawl, where he finished second and took loss #2 of the year. After that, Meyer won 12 of his next 13 matches, with the only loss coming via injury default at Gulf Coast Slam. That injury-default loss kept Meyer out of Bay’s final two events, but he returned for districts, winning District 1 with two maximum-point wins and also got out to states behind three falls, finishing fourth at Region 1. While Meyer did go 0-2 at states, resulting in a Friday-evening exit, he did get to states in his final go-round.

2017-18 captain: Junior 182 Andrew Luzny started the season up a weight, at 195, and took some early losses up there, dropping his first four matches and five of first six. Luzny was able to get back to .500, a couple of times, but until the end of the year it was tough to stay there. After a loss to another Northwest team’s MVP wrestler at Wakulla Duals, however, Luzny would win eight matches in a row, and 11 of his next 12. That seemed to help turn some things around, as Luzny would finish second at District 1 (the highest finish of the returning post-season competitors for the Tornadoes) and went 3-2 at the Region 1 tournament, coming up just one match short of the state tournament (again the deepest run at that tournament among Bay returners). Luzny should be a strong candidate to qualify out for states in 2017-18.

Heaton’s Hero: Junior Davis Whitfield had some struggles this year in his starts for the Tornadoes, not picking up a first victory until Beast of the Beach (against an Alabama wrestler), the next (contested) win at Trojan Invitational and the last at Gator Brawl. During that time, Whitfield started the season at 152, dropped down to 145 for Gator Brawl, moved back up for Gulf Coast Slam and then bumped up a second time, to 160, for the North Bay Haven Bash, and would stay at 160 for the post-season, where he took two losses by pin. But with a couple of other kids in the mix at 145 and 152 for the Tornadoes, Whitfield’s move up to 160 helped Bay fill out its lineup for the post-season, and his continuing persistence in attempting to help the team is why Davis Whitfield is named the Heaton’s Hero for Bay.

Projected returning starters for 2017-18 (with year in school as they’ll be next year): Trophie Long (junior, 113, district 4th, did not compete at regions); Aaron Curry (senior, 132, district 4th, 1-2 at regions); Tim Messick (senior, 138, 0-2 at districts); Germaine Mobley (sophomore, 145, 1 match from regions); Kyle Roper (sophomore, 152, 1 match from regions); Davis Whitfield (senior, 160, 0-2 at districts); Matthew Sanders (junior, 170, 1 match from regions); Andrew Luzny (senior, 182, district runnerup, 1 match from states). Also: Preston Davis (junior, 138, did not compete in post-season); Kurt Stephens (senior, 170, did not compete in post-season).


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in 2011. But as I thought I had in 1992, I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. New initiative this year is to create a space on my sites where ALL Florida results can be stored, searched, reviewed and used by my readers, with NO COST TO THEM.

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2 comments on “The Season 2016-17: Bay
  1. Kimberly Davis Whitfield says:

    My son is Davis Whitfield. As a family, we don’t know squat about wrestling. We have found, however, that it is a fantastic character builder. You don’t have to win to succeed. Thank you for naming Davis as Heaton’s Hero for Bay High. We think he is a winner. Also, thank you for covering the sport so well. You help strangers to the sport understand a little more. It can be so confusing to us greenhorns.

    • Thank you! Kids like Davis don’t get tons written up about them, even on a site like mine. I wanted to acknowledge the kids who are in the sport, coming to grips with it (wrestling it, as it were), who are trying their hardest and not quitting on their coaches, their teammates, and most importantly THEMSELVES. The lessons they will gain, as they become men (and women!), are tons more important than the wins and losses. Those fade. The lessons they learn make us all better. Thank you for replying!

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