NFWA Results from Southeastern

I have seen results from the Iconic SE Regional Duals at the Cocoa Exposition Sports Center that took place today, results that include Matanzas wrestlers competing for Merritt Island, but I am not comfortable running them without hearing from Coach White (Editor’s Note: I did hear from his assistant, and those duals have been posted).

In the meantime, here’s North Florida Wrestling Academy’s day at the Southeastern University Duals in Lakeland on Saturday. All spellings as provided by NFWA coaches.

North Florida Wrestling Academy 56, Spec Ops/Young Guns 13
106: Joey Donato (NFWA) tf. Garett Murphy, 15-0. 113: Briar Jackson (NFWA) p. Mason Hart. 120: Ben Buhler (SO) md. Albie Snedaker, 9-1. 126: Jacob Sandoval (NFWA) p. Robert Lawothe. 132: Tyler Williams (NFWA) p. Brandon Saxtor. 138: Luke Chop (NFWA) p. Tanner Crighton. 145: Chance Sharbono (SO) d. Vince Hauser, 6-0. 152: Reese Haley (SO) d. Trace Insalaco, 6-5. 160: Paul Detwiler (NFWA) p. Hunter Weeks. 170: Ian Kincaid (NFWA) p. Desmond Fogle. 182: Stephen Kelle (SO) d. Anthony Breeden, 5-3. 195: Jason Davis (NFWA) p. Logan Malouff. 220: Ryan Smenda (NFWA) p. Evan Akil. 285: Bailey Barnard (NFWA) d. Brendan Bengtsson, 2-0.

North Florida Wrestling Academy 60, Palm Harbor 7
106: Donato (NFWA) md. Danya Jones, 10-0. 113: Jackson (NFWA) d. Gabriel Naranjo, 8-3. 120: Michael Bush (PH) d. Snedaker, 4-2. 126: Sandoval (NFWA) tf. Nick Caputo, 17-1. 132: Jaquan English (NFWA) d. Adrian Severin, 5-0. 138: Williams (NFWA) d. Austin Agazarm, 6-2. 145: Hauser (NFWA) p. Jeffery Phillips. 152: Gavin Mitchiner (PH) md. Insalaco, 13-1. 160: Detwiler (NFWA) p. James Totten. 170: Kincaid (NFWA) p. Ben Mason. 182: Breeden (NFWA) p. Ryan Blatchley. 195: Davis (NFWA) p. Brandon West. 220: Smenda (NFWA) p. Jacob Mason. 285: Jose Concepcion (NFWA) p. Chris Hunt.

North Florida Wrestling Academy 59, Team Fire 6
106: Donato (NFWA) md. Gage Carr, 9-0. 113: Jackson (NFWA) p. Jacob Thorton. 120: Snedaker (NFWA) d. Jake Spray, 4-3. 126: Sandoval (NFWA) md. Jared McAllister, 15-1. 132: Williams (NFWA) p. Junah Torres. 138: English (NFWA) p. Torres. 145: Hauser (NFWA) d. PA Ferguson, 2-0. 152: Ferguson (TF) d. Insalaco, 3-2. 160: Detwiler (NFWA) p. Tristan Davidson. 170: Davidson (TF) d. Kincaid, 8-2. 182: Breeden (NFWA) d. Lexx Carr, 6-2. 195: Davis (NFWA) p. Cody Bush. 220: Smenda (NFWA) p. Nija Thomas. 285: Barnard (NFWA) d. Reggie Brooks, 7-0.

North Florida Wrestling Academy 30, Camden County 26
106: Donato (NFWA) d. Nathan Orum, 3-2. 113: Nick Crug (Cam) d. Jackson, 5-2. 120: Tyler Crew (Cam) d. Snedaker, 2-0. 126: Brandon Orum (Cam) d. Sandoval, 4-2. 132: Adam Allwine (Cam) d. Williams, 4-3. 138: Jeff Bell (Cam) d. English, 5-2. 145: Tyler Dahlgren (Cam) d. Hauser, 3-2. 152: Wilder (Cam) md. Insalaco, 14-3. 160: Detwiler (NFWA) p. Kaleb Askin. 170: Desmond Fogle (Cam) md. Kincaid, 13-1. 182: Breeden (NFWA) p. RJ Woodard. 195: Davis (NFWA) p. Javonte Graves. 220: Smenda (NFWA) p. Hayden Malson. 285: Concepcion (NFWA) d. Kobi Grady, 5-0.


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in both 1992 and again in 2011. But I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. We combined those sites into North Florida Matmen in the summer of 2018. And, we've started South Georgia Matmen in November of 2018. Our work is never paywalled, our content is searchable for all time. We're here because the kids keep lacing 'em up, so we'll keep writing 'em up.

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