Summer Homework

So I’ve made mention of a couple of projects I’ve been working on this summer. One of those has been the season records for 3A-Region 1 (I’ve got eight teams out of District 2 completed and started the ninth team, Ocoee).

The other project is this one, a portion of which is shown here. I’ve been working on career wins lists for every Matmen-area team in the Northeast coverage area (we’re going to have to see how the Northwest area goes — SIDE NOTE: Tate is back in).

So far, I just have the teams in 3A-District 1 compiled. The rest of the districts will be added as the summer wears on.

Senior Top 15 wins list
1. Michael DeAugustino (Flagler Palm Coast) 159. 2. Avery Holder (Flagler Palm Coast) 140. 3. Ryan Smenda (Fleming Island) 138. 4. Jose Concepcion (Fleming Island) 134. 5. Paul Detwiler (Fleming Island) 110. 6. Ryan Rosano (Oakleaf) 105. 7. Jacob Sandoval (Fleming Island) 79 *. 8. Albie Snedaker (Fleming Island) 78. 9. Vince Karl (Oakleaf) 75. 10. Darius Wells (Robert E Lee) 69. 11. Michael Martins (Flagler Palm Coast) 63. 12. Dillon Morency (Sandalwood) 62. 13. (tie) James Knox (Fletcher) 60. 13. (tie) Jalyn Robinson (Fleming Island) 60. 15. Ethan Gustilo (Oakleaf) 59.

* — win total not available from freshman year

Junior Top 10 wins list
1. Briar Jackson (Fleming Island) 91. 2. Trace Insalaco (Fleming Island) 84. 3. Deandre Demus (Fleming Island) 82. 4. (tie) Bryan Perkins (Buchholz) 53. 4. (tie) Jason Schwartz (First Coast) 53. 6. Christopher Telusma (Robert E Lee) 52. 7. Tyler Irigoyen (Flagler Palm Coast) 48. 8. Billy Green-Church (Buchholz) 47. 9. Vince Hauser (Fleming Island) 45. 10. John Johnson (Flagler Palm Coast) 42.

Sophomore Top 5 wins list
1. Armando Acosta (Buchholz) 40. 2. Devante Wyatt (First Coast) 26. 3. Lavaughn Brown (Sandalwood) 20. 4. Luke Chop (Fleming Island) 17. 5. (tie) Vincente Waugh (Robert E Lee) 16. 5. (tie) Dalton Williams (Fleming Island) 16.

NOTE: Matmen wins totals used for Oakleaf, Robert E Lee, Sandalwood.

I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in both 1992 and again in 2011. But I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. We combined those sites into North Florida Matmen in the summer of 2018. And, we've started South Georgia Matmen in November of 2018. Our work is never paywalled, our content is searchable for all time. We're here because the kids keep lacing 'em up, so we'll keep writing 'em up.

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