Taking The Next Step

Five seasons ago, I think on the day that I unveiled the Matmen concept here in north Florida, I vowed that every piece of content on this website would be yours to access for all time.

I have repeatedly restated this over the years since, even as we grew the Northeast coverage area in 2014-15, added the Northwest site in 2015-16, added statewide results in 2016-17, and picked up a new county this year. And I would be completely happy to expand in other ways in the future.

But, as I mentioned a few posts back, this website simply has to be monetized in some way. It has done things no other site in Florida does. No other site in Florida has written 11,000 words on last weekend’s wrestling AND has 12 local/statewide tournament brackets AND has — literally — thousands of duals wrestled this year AND has an archive of most of these items going back five years.

Thousands of hours have gone into it.

My son doesn’t get that time back where he isn’t sharing me with you, if not losing me to you outright. I don’t have the automotive expertise to crack open the odometer and roll the miles back on my car. My health has taken some occasional turns that are a little bit concerning.

Economists call this “opportunity cost;” in other words, the cost of choosing to do one thing as opposed to the lost opportunity of doing something else.

But here’s what we all have gained.

We’re at around 940,000 page views, lifetime of the site, as of today. With luck, we’ll go over 1,000,000 before the season ends. There is a lot of stuff out there, and for the foreseeable future that will continue.

To that end, I have enlisted the administrative leadership of Bartram Trail parent Alex Vugman to run a GoFundMe on my behalf, and have an advisory committee of parents — to which we will be adding a couple more folks in the very near future — that will help us talk up the fundraising side of things.

A lot of you have asked me about this over the years, and I’ve always held off, not because I don’t want to receive donations, but I didn’t want you to think that this was a money-making venture for me. That isn’t me. That isn’t why I started this.

I started this because your kids deserve coverage. Any coverage; mine if no one else will do it, but coverage. And they keep on deserving coverage.

Starting today with this post, you will see a footnote at the end of every Matmen post that will link you to the GoFundMe site that Alex has created. I am not requiring you to donate. But if you’ve gained something from this site, and want to see it go forward, I hope you’ll consider a donation that matches your liking of what we’re doing, and matches what you’d like us to do going forward.

As always, I thank you for the opportunity to cover your kids.

Like this post? Great! Here’s your chance to support independent journalism by going here and donating to our website: https://www.gofundme.com/north-florida-matmen


I covered wrestling for 15 years up north and "retired" in both 1992 and again in 2011. But I couldn't stay away. Started Northeast Florida Matmen in 2013, Northwest Florida Matmen in 2015. We combined those sites into North Florida Matmen in the summer of 2018. And, we've started South Georgia Matmen in November of 2018. Our work is never paywalled, our content is searchable for all time. We're here because the kids keep lacing 'em up, so we'll keep writing 'em up.

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One comment on “Taking The Next Step
  1. Levi Owens says:

    With pleasure. The donation will be modest today, but will grow, as I have an opportunity to budget for it. Thank you for what you are doing – filling a gap with much-need coverage!

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