#RoadToTheShow: 2A-Region 1 Preview

2A-Region 1 preview

When & where: Chiles HS, Tallahassee (Lincoln & Chiles serve as co-hosts). First session is set for noon Friday (as all are in all classes statewide). Saturday’s first session is set for 10 a.m., finals in this particular instance are set for 6 p.m. per the FHSAA website; however, tournament director Mike Crowder has advised in email to Matmen Wednesday morning that finals will begin around 30 minutes after the conclusion of the consolation semis.
Team favorite/local outlook: Difficult to say. This has been an even competition in the past couple of seasons, and this year might be even tighter. Who’s coming in on an up note? Only Lincoln is a defending district champion; the other three (Gulf Breeze, Ridgeview and Matanzas) had not won for at least two years back, Gulf Breeze and Ridgeview significantly further back. Regions can help teams with firepower, so don’t count teams like Niceville, Columbia, Middleburg, Tate or Nease out. In all, I’d expect a good 12-team battle royal for the title. Right now, I’m going to ever…so…slightly…as of right this second…lean toward Lincoln with the slimmest of margins.

This preview and the 1A-Region 1 preview will be somewhat different than the first two since, for me, every kid in this tournament is local. We’ll break down each quadrant for all of the weight classes. You’ll actually see each pick at each round, with a quick comment on the round.

The key thing to remember: It’s not personal. Prove me wrong. Or prove me right. I like either one. I’m not telling which one is better. You’ll have to figure that one out for yourself.

Matmen’s state qualifier predictions, sure to be wrong —

106: 1. Matthew Rodriquez (Ridgeview). 2. Ian Daily (Gulf Breeze). 3. Noah Kryfka (Crestview). 4. Tazz Hampton (Middleburg).
Dark horse (top half of bracket): Trevion Demus (Nease).
Dark horse (bottom half of bracket): Shaun Culbreth (Matanzas).
First-round match worth price of admission: Daily v. Bruce Harting (Ed White).
My too-short take: Rodriquez should get through to the final, with a test from Kryfka in the semi. The Daily/Culbreth quarterfinal should determine a finalist, and observers could (and have) disagreed on how this one might go. I’m not even 100% myself.
Local outlook —
Top quarter: I’m looking for Kryfka to get through to the semis, but he’ll get a push from Demus in the quarter.
Second quarter: Rodriquez should move through without too much trouble. First-rounder between Kai Pelleriti (Creekside) and Brett Millard (Columbia) could be a good one.
Third quarter: Hampton should make the semis, with a win in the quarter over Lincoln’s Adam Barnes.
Bottom quarter: Best of the group. Daily/Culbreth will be a war, and don’t count out Harting in that first-rounder.
Consi round 1 projected winners: Cameron Courtenay (Englewood), Millard, Weston Burbidge (Ft Walton Beach), Harting. Millard vs. Giovani Gonzalez (Choctaw) should be the best match.
Consi round 2 projected: Culbreth, Millard, Pelleriti, Demus. Tough out for Harting, facing Demus this early.
Consi quarters projected: Culbreth, Demus. Both of these should be pretty straightforward.
Semis/Consi semis: I’d expect Rodriquez to come back out fresh in the top semi and push through. In the bottom half, Hampton may give his opponent (my first-impression bracket is Daily) real issues. He finds a level in the post-season. Will be a battle. As for the consis, Hampton might have too much length and strength in the bottom half. The top half, I would certainly not be surprised to see this go the other way. A very good kid is going to be left home.

113: 1. Jacob Cochran (Tate). 2. Gabe Guzman (Ridgeview). 3. Mark Munroe (Lincoln). 4. Brenden Teaman (Nease).
Dark horses (top half of bracket): James Benton (Middleburg); Davon Bailey (Orange Park); Ethan Goodman (Matanzas).
Dark horse (bottom half of bracket): None.
First-round match worth the price of admission: Bailey v. Goodman.
My too-short take: Top half of bracket is very strong, but Cochran will run through it. I look for the district champs to come through in the bottom half.
Local outlook —
Top quarter: Cochran will have no issues on Friday, moving past Benton in the quarter.
Second quarter: Munroe, who is probably my pick for next-most capable after Cochran, should move past whoever survives the Bailey/Goodman war.
Third quarter: Guzman to make the semis, could be tested by Ft Walton Beach’s Brandon Mallin Friday evening.
Bottom quarter: Teaman should come through OK, Pace’s Derrick Lancero is another one capable of solid performance in the quarter.
Consi round 1 projected winners: Hunter England (Creekside), Bailey, Trevor Tagarelli (Bartram Trail), Nathan Fox (Gainesville). Best match probably Bailey against Choctaw’s David Tambula.
Consi round 2 projected: Lancero, Bailey, Goodman, Benton. Should be at least two very good matches contested Friday night.
Consi quarters projected: Bailey, Goodman. Bailey’s got the chops to get to the blood round; Goodman went 6-2 with Hampton, and Hampton is one of the Broncos’ best lowers.
Semis/Consi semis: Cochran will continue to control the bracket; I could see a good battle between Guzman and Teaman in the bottom half. I’m concerned about the comparative lack of matches, but Teaman is a senior. Munroe should move through against Bailey in the top half consi, Teaman has at least two wins over Goodman going into the bottom half.

120: 1. Zachary Hartzog (Niceville). 2. Michael Crowder (Lincoln). 3. Nicholas Vugman (Bartram Trail). 4. Cameron Broughton (Orange Park).
Dark horse (top half of bracket): Ian McGuigan (Columbia).
Dark horse (bottom half of bracket): Jerson Cabiao (Choctaw).
First-round match worth the price of admission: Josh Bower (Matanzas) v. Seth O’Gara (Pace).
My too-short take: The way they’ve wrestled this season, Hartzog and Vugman are the class of the field, and they meet in the top-half semi. Crowder has experience on his side.
Local outlook —
Top quarter: Hartzog should move through without incident, will get a test in the quarter from McGuigan.
Second quarter: Vugman’s got a tricky path, with a decent first-rounder and then Middleburg’s Austin Benton in the quarter.
Third quarter: Crowder will have a solid battle in the quarters with Cabiao.
Bottom quarter: Broughton has a bye; could see tough match with Bower/O’Gara winner in quarter because of lesser warmup due to that bye.
Consi round 1 projected winners: Preston Turner (Ponte Vedra), Brandon Biello (Tate), CJ Sexton (Creekside), O’Gara. Turner’s match should be the most competitive.
Consi round 2 projected: Bower, Cabiao, Benton, McGuigan. Cabiao went 5-1 in the semi with Biello at Crestview last week.
Consi quarters projected: Cabiao, McGuigan. Both of these matches are going to be can’t-miss.
Semis/Consi semis: Hartzog/Vugman will have a state-placer feel to that match; Crowder/Broughton will be experience vs. athleticism in the bottom. Vugman and Broughton both will have too much scoring firepower for their consi semi opponents.

126: 1. Chace Curtis (Columbia). 2. Dean Ganci (Orange Park). 3. Gabe Jacobs (Gulf Breeze). 4. Owen Moore (Pace).
Dark horse (top half of bracket): Rett Maritato (Ponte Vedra).
Dark horse (bottom half of bracket): Ikeon Myles (Lincoln), Stone White (Matanzas).
First-round match worth the price of admission: Myles v. Moore.
My too-short take: As in 120, two strongest kids are in the same top half. Ganci will get a tough semifinal, but should move through.
Local outlook —
Top quarter: Jacobs should be in command on Friday, defeating Creekside’s Colin Brown in the quarter.
Second quarter: Curtis has two OK kids in his path, but they shouldn’t stop him, with a win over Maritato in the quarter.
Third quarter: Ganci advances out, with a win over District 1 runnerup Jacky Grissom of Choctaw in the quarter.
Bottom quarter: Not 100% sold on this one, but I have Moore advancing out. Could see any one of the three kids (Moore, White, Myles) get to Saturday on the front side and not be surprised.
Consi round 1 projected winners: Austin Bustion (Ed White), Evan Mickey (Niceville), Jacob Sorgen (Nease), Myles. Mickey vs. Tyler Crawford (Englewood) could be a good match.
Consi round 2 projected: White, Grissom, Maritato, Myles. Best matchup could be the District 1 rivals setup between Grissom and Mickey.
Consi quarters projected: White, Myles. The White-Grissom match will feel like a blood round event, with two seniors going at it.
Semis/Consi semis: Curtis should move past Jacobs and into the final; Jacobs is an up-and-comer, Curtis is looking for second state title. Ganci to move past Moore in the bottom half. Jacobs will be too strong in the top half consi semi (that’s why, for Moore/Myles/White, best chance of going to states is to make the semi). I have Moore and Myles reprising their first-rounder in the blood round bottom half.

132: 1. Lawrence Russo (Matanzas). 2. Gannon Janssen (Nease). 3. Daniel Mann (Columbia). 4. Matthew Blalock (Tate).
Dark horse (top half of bracket): Jacob McGowan (Ridgeview).
Dark horses (bottom half of bracket): Keane Creager (Niceville); Chris Burch (Middleburg).
First-round match worth the price of admission: Janssen v. Michael Walls (Gulf Breeze).
My too-short take: Should be a District 4 finals rematch in the final, but Janssen’s road to pulling it off won’t be easy, and Russo will at least have a tough semifinal.
Local outlook —
Top quarter: Blalock should move through to the semis, with a victory over Lincoln’s Hayden Buzick in the quarter.
Second quarter: Russo has two OK kids to get through, but should get through them, facing McGowan in the quarter.
Third quarter: It’s Mann’s quarter, with him facing off against Creager in the quarterfinal.
Bottom quarter: Janssen gets two solid opponents, taking on Walls and then Burch in the quarterfinal, to advance on the front side to Saturday.
Consi round 1 projected winners: Dairo Guerra (Englewood); Brandon Nicholson (Milton); Max Patterson (Creekside); Walls. Best match probably Patterson vs. Orange Park’s Arlo Wilson.
Consi round 2 projected: Burch, Creager, McGowan, Walls. McGowan v. Patterson could be a competitive Friday-nighter.
Consi quarters projected: Creager, Walls. Less sure about the top half, as Burch is solid; I think Walls has enough in the bottom half.
Semis/Consi semis: Front side is going to be all-out war in both matches; I’d expect the winner on both sides to HAVE to score double-digit points to win. Blalock has a fall in hand over Creager in the top-half consi semi, from districts last week, while Mann will be too solid for Walls in the bottom half.

138: 1. Jacob Satterfield (Nease). 2. Saeid Ejmali (Ridgeview). 3. Matt Ross (Columbia). 4. Cameron Bennett (Pace).
Dark horse (top half of bracket): Ian Eckert (Matanzas).
Dark horses (bottom half of bracket): Logan Myers (Choctaw); Storm Mercado (Middleburg); Angel Ortega (Crestview).
First-round matches worth the price of admission: Myers v. Mercado; Ortega v. Justin Stoddard (Ed White).
My too-short take: What a war this would be, between two defending region champs in the finals. Ejmali’s route is easier. Satterfield will have two solid kids in the quarters and semis to contend with.
Local outlook —
Top quarter: In a quadrant with four kids above .500, Bennett should be tops, with win over Eckert in the quarter.
Second quarter: Ejmali should move through solidly, facing Creekside’s Jake Summers in the quarter.
Third quarter: Winner of Myers/Mercado gets Ross in the quarter; Ross should be favored to advance.
Bottom quarter: Satterfield’s to lose; he should see Ortega in the quarters.
Consi round 1 projected winners: Michael Miralles (Chiles), Dylan Lawrence (Gulf Breeze), Mercado; Stoddard. Lawrence vs. Lincoln’s Anderson Stennett could get interesting.
Consi round 2 projected: Ortega, Myers, Mercado, Eckert. Could see at least three barnburners in the Friday night round.
Consi quarters projected: Ortega, Mercado. Both Ortega & Myers, the 1-2 seeds at District 1, took losses to Bennett. Mercado might have too much offense in his quarter.
Semis/Consi semis: I think Ejmali’s semi is easier than Satterfield’s, but the pair of defending region champs should meet up in the final. Bennett had a solid 8-2 win in hand from districts over Ortega, and I think Ross’s attacks are going to be difficult to overcome in the bottom half.

145: 1. Tyrone Jones (Matanzas). 2. Carlos Bogan (Choctaw). 3. Eli Crum (Lincoln). 4. Ethan Billhimer (Pace).
Dark horses (top half of bracket): Dustin Tollison (Middleburg); Luis Parrales (Bartram Trail).
Dark horse (bottom half of bracket): Calvin Malo (Gulf Breeze).
First-round match worth the price of admission: Malo v. Christian Downs (Ridgeview).
My too-short take: I don’t see Jones not winning; he and Crum are the two best kids, and on the same half of the bracket. Bogan might see his most intense match in the Friday evening quarterfinal.
Local outlook —
Top quarter: Bogan is projected to move through, but the Bogan/Parrales quarter could determine the top-half finalist.
Second quarter: In a somewhat-even quadrant, Tollison can move through, but he’s got two decent matchups to get there, with Columbia’s Matt Raulerson in the quarter.
Third quarter: Second-strongest kid in the weight class, Crum, should get to the semis, but Malo will provide challenge in the quarter.
Bottom quarter: Jones may get some test from Billhimer in the quarter, but the bottom is Jones’ to lose.
Consi round 1 projected winners: Kevonte Times (Chiles), Sam Williams (Niceville), Downs, Tamer Fakhouri (Englewood). Williams vs. Creekside’s Jalen Hines a potential good one.
Consi round 2 projected: Billhimer, Malo, Downs, Parrales. Malo has a fall in hand over Williams, and the Downs-Raulerson one should be a solid match.
Consi quarters projected: Billhimer, Parrales. Billhimer has a fall in hand over Malo from districts, Parrales has quietly become leader for the Bears.
Semis/Consi semis: Bogan will have to turn back a determined challenge from Tollison, while Jones should advance past Crum. Billhimer wrestled at 170 for Pace as a freshman and I think can move forward. Crum has enough for Parrales, but it wouldn’t surprise me if somehow Parrales makes it out in some scenario.

152: 1. Nate Golmon (Tate). 2. Bailey Howes (Niceville). 3. Tanner Hill (Nease). 4. Bryce Williams (Middleburg).
Dark horse (top half of bracket): Reed Propes (Ridgeview).
Dark horse (bottom half of bracket): Austin Nolan (Chiles), Jacob Cooney (Creekside), Anthony Root (Pace).
First-round match worth the price of admission: Root v. Cooney.
My too-short take: Am seeing a District 1 rematch in the finals, with Hill — who might be the next-best kid in the group — feeding into same semi as Golmon. Both semis are going to be great, though.
Local outlook —
Top quarter: Golmon should move through without much incident, projected to face Lincoln’s Reed Watterson in the quarter.
Second quarter: Should be Hill’s quadrant to get to Saturday, should see Propes in the quarter.
Third quarter: Howes won regions a year ago, can get back there, but Nolan will be a very very tough out in the quarters.
Bottom quarter: Williams should set the pace in this quarter, but either Cooney or Root will be a tough quarterfinal match.
Consi round 1 projected winners: Christian Crews (Bartram Trail), Obie Smith (Columbia), Christian Rios (St Augustine), Root. Top half of this round, Crews vs. Terry Parker’s Ashley Saddler & Smith vs. Choctaw’s Paul Roberts, should be better matches.
Consi round 2 projected: Cooney, Nolan, Propes, Root. Root vs. Watterson I think would be the most even of the lot.
Consi quarters projected: Nolan, Root. Top-half consi quarter will feel like a blood-rounder.
Semis/Consi semis: As I mentioned, these semis should have plenty of fireworks. I would not be surprised if both of them went the other way from my first-impression bracket. As initially reviewed though, Hill might be too tough for Nolan, and I think Williams has more variety in his offense than Root could easily handle. Do want to see Nolan make it out, after the struggle Timberwolves had this season.

160: 1. Jack Johnson (Niceville). 2. Billy Shaw (Creekside). 3. Alex Jacobs (Gulf Breeze). 4. Jaquenez Madison (Leon).
Dark horses (top half of bracket): Jacob Campbell (Orange Park); Malachi Martin (Ridgeview); Juan Alvarez (Tate).
Dark horse (bottom half of bracket): Nathan Gunn (Crestview).
First-round match worth the price of admission: Campbell v. Caleb Sutherland (Bartram Trail); Madison v. Alvarez.
My too-short take: This is a crazy bracket to try to predict. Goes 11 deep in my book. But the finals is one of the surest ones to predict. It’s the nine-kids-battling-for-two-spots thing that makes it crazy.
Local outlook —
Top quarter: Should be Johnson’s semifinal berth, with a matchup against Campbell in the quarterfinal.
Second quarter: Madison should make it out, but he’ll be tested by Alvarez in round 1 and Martin in the quarters.
Third quarter: This is a tough quarter, too; Jacobs has the competition, but Stanton’s Mitchell Mika won’t be an easy out.
Bottom quarter: Shaw should move through without incident, with Gunn providing a contest in the quarterfinal.
Consi round 1 projected winners: Caleb Sutherland (Bartram Trail), Alvarez, Grayson Suggs (Nease), Bronson Carter (Gainesville). Alvarez was a region champ last year; for him to be fourth is a bit surprising.
Consi round 2 projected: Gunn, Alvarez, Martin, Campbell. Should be at least three great matches here.
Consi quarters projected: Gunn, Campbell. Gunn won by DQ over Alvarez in third-place match at District 1; Campbell and Martin went 3-2 in District 3 semi. Both should be good matches.
Semis/Consi semis: I think Johnson has the easier semifinal path; Jacobs might push Shaw a bit. Madison might have, if he’s on, too much attack in the consi semis, and Jacobs’ experience advantage should carry the day in the bottom half.

170: 1. Justin Grant (Lincoln). 2. Nick Woodward (Ft Walton Beach). 3. Tracey Beshara (St Augustine). 4. John Gunther (Pace).
Dark horses (top half of bracket): Landon Dains (Terry Parker); David Thompson (Columbia).
Dark horse (bottom half of bracket): Jackson Schoener (Niceville).
First-round match worth the price of admission: Nick Janssen (Nease) v. Tony Davis (Leon); Gunther v. John Tiedeman (Ridgeview).
My too-short take: Grant and Woodward are the class of the field, with Beshara not far behind if at all behind Woodward but on same side as Grant. Could be a couple of possibilities for the fourth spot.
Local outlook —
Top quarter: Woodward should advance through, facing Thompson in the quarterfinal round.
Second quarter: Dains should be able to push through Friday on the front side, facing Nease’s Nick Janssen in the quarter.
Third quarter: Grant should not have many problems Friday; his first-rounder might be the most difficult match.
Bottom quarter: Beshara/Gunther could be a good quarterfinal, but I would expect Beshara to advance.
Consi round 1 projected winners: Sam Russo (Matanzas), Davis, Jacob Bennett (Bartram Trail), Tiedeman. Bennett was done no favors by the 1-0 third-place loss he took, because Grant in round 1 was the result.
Consi round 2 projected: Gunther, Schoener, Janssen, Thompson. Should be three close matches Friday night.
Consi quarters projected: Gunther, Thompson. Both of these, actually, look a little more straightforward than do the Friday night ones.
Semis/Consi semis: Woodward and Grant should both advance to the final on experience advantages if nothing more. I really could go back and forth on the Gunther/Dains top half consi semi. In the end, I went with the experience based upon schedule. Beshara would be too strong in the bottom half.

182: 1. Brandon Dickman (Creekside). 2. Tannen Slack (Gulf Breeze). 3. Jared Newhall (Lincoln). 4. Zion James (Columbia).
Dark horses (top half of bracket): Jarrod Case (Nease); Jacob Moore (Orange Park).
Dark horse (bottom half of bracket): Anthony Stafford (Tate).
First-round match worth the price of admission: Case v. Mason Judd (Leon).
My too-short take: Two best in the class on opposite sides, as we always hope it will be. Should be a District 2 rematch for third, as well.
Local outlook —
Top quarter: Slack should move through with relative comfort, facing Case in the quarterfinal.
Second quarter: James will have a tough matchup with Moore in the quarterfinal; the winner has an excellent shot of qualifying out.
Third quarter: Newhall is the top wrestler in the quadrant, should reach Saturday after a quarterfinal win over Ridgeview’s Kaine Avery.
Bottom quarter: Dickman might get some challenge from Stafford in the quarterfinal, but will move through.
Consi round 1 projected winners: Judd, Ralph Hamilton (Bartram Trail), Kaleb Williams (Ft Walton Beach), Pierre Toney (Gainesville).
Consi round 2 projected: Stafford, Avery, Moore, Case. Stafford vs. Judd should be the best of the Friday night quartet.
Consi quarters projected: Stafford, Moore. I think both of these look somewhat straightforward.
Semis/Consi semis: Both semi matches should be solid, but both Slack in the top half and Dickman in the bottom should advance through with convincing wins. James will have too much attack in the top half of the consi semis, while Newhall’s experience should prove key in the bottom half.

195: 1. Reed Danielson (Orange Park). 2. Connor Cleveland (Ft Walton Beach). 3. Trey Chesser (Creekside). 4. Brooks Harp (Bartram Trail).
Dark horse (top half of bracket): Corey Ryan (Gainesville).
Dark horse (bottom half of bracket): Rocky O’Rourke (Gulf Breeze).
First-round matches worth the price of admission: Harp v. Nick Siemenof (Ridgeview); Gus Altenburg (Lincoln) v. Azaya Purifoy (Tate).
My too-short take: Top seeds from the opposite sides of the state meet in the final. Should be a District 4 rematch in the third-place match.
Local outlook —
Top quarter: Cleveland should move through without difficulty, facing Matanzas’ Christian Zaborowski in the quarterfinal.
Second quarter: Harp has a pair of tough matches, Siemenof in the opener and then Ryan in the quarter. That will be a big battle.
Third quarter: Danielson may get some challenge from O’Rourke; if he’s warm after not getting a first-rounder, he should move through.
Bottom quarter: Chesser should qualify out for the semis, facing Purifoy in the quarterfinal.
Consi round 1 projected winners: Landon Wilder (Ed White), Siemenof, Zhaquez Griffin (Columbia), Altenburg. Siemenof against Pace’s Wyatt Dillon is a match that could play out at regions a couple of times over the next two years.
Consi round 2 projected: Purifoy, O’Rourke, Ryan, Altenburg. These all look pretty straightforward.
Consi quarters projected: O’Rourke, Ryan. Ryan’s looks a little more straightforward than O’Rourke’s.
Semis/Consi semis: Cleveland should have enough varied experiences in his resume that he should be OK in the top half semi. Chesser is very good, but Danielson has been a force this year. Harp can qualify out with a solid match in the consi semi top half; it will be a war between Ryan and Chesser in the bottom half.

220: 1. Kolton McDaniel (Bartram Trail). 2. Coleman Young (Crestview). 3. Jacob Tisdale (Gulf Breeze). 4. Darrius Pena (Niceville).
Dark horse (top half of bracket): Nick Thoresen (Nease).
Dark horse (bottom half of bracket): Logan Wells (Matanzas); Tyler Huff (Ridgeview).
First-round match worth the price of admission: Huff v. Wells.
My too-short take: District 1 strength should show through here, but McDaniel should be equal to the task.
Local outlook —
Top quarter: Young should be the semifinalist, facing off against Ed White’s Anthony Jones in the quarters.
Second quarter: Thoresen has a solid shot at qualifying out through the first day, with a match against Lincoln’s Reggie Toombs in the quarters.
Third quarter: Tisdale has the experience advantage and should move through, taking on Huff in the quarters.
Bottom quarter: McDaniel will have a solid test in the quarters against Pena, but I think he should get out.
Consi round 1 projected winners: Caleb Dickens (Creekside), Evan Blackman (Terry Parker), Wells, Kouvaris Combs (Columbia).
Consi round 2 projected: Pena, Huff, Wells, Combs. Wells against Toombs is the one that could go either way most likely.
Consi quarters projected: Pena, Wells. The Wells-Combs one, also, could go either way.
Semis/Consi semis: Experience should carry Young through in the top-half semi, while I call, on my first-impression bracket, in favor of McDaniel in what should be a great bottom-half semi. Pena and Tisdale have either #s of matches, or experience, on their side in the consi semis, and that will be key.

285: 1. Saul Storey (Creekside). 2. Xavier Molina (Crestview). 3. Noah Young (Gulf Breeze). 4. Connor Saint (Milton).
Dark horse (top half of bracket): JT Rivers (Lincoln).
Dark horse (bottom half of bracket): Donnie Wilburn (Gainesville), Justin Thompson (Bartram Trail).
First-round match worth the price of admission: Molina v. Thompson.
My too-short take: Another weight where District 1 is particularly strong. There’s a couple of interesting possibles out there, beyond Storey, but some are still just a year away yet, or have bad matchups in this draw.
Local outlook —
Top quarter: Young, who might be second-best in this bracket, should move through after facing Rivers in the quarter.
Second quarter: Storey should not have any issues in reaching the semis, after facing Ridgeview’s Nai Rousseau in the quarters.
Third quarter: Molina will have had two tough matches to get to the semis, first with Thompson and then Wilburn in the quarterfinal.
Bottom quarter: Saint is the most experienced wrestler in the bottom quadrant, and that could be the difference.
Consi round 1 projected winners: Darius Stanley (St Augustine), Brody Deloach (Pace), Thompson, Cecil Bermudez (Matanzas). Bermudez v. Columbia’s Noah Stubblefield is the most intriguing one in the group.
Consi round 2 projected: Christopher Lands (Englewood), Wilburn, Thompson, Rivers. Wilburn over Deloach could be a barnburner.
Consi quarters projected: Wilburn, Thompson. The Thompson-Rivers matchup has potential to go either way.
Semis/Consi semis: Storey has seen enough big matches that he should be able to get through, and Molina has a 2-0 win over Saint in hand from districts. I have Young picked to win the top-half, but Wilburn is a real wild card (I saw no results of his this year, he must have only competed at Villages prior to the post-season) and I think Saint will move through in the bottom half.

Brackets for this region can be found here.

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