Rams Preseason Classic Results

Results as submitted by the host school.

At Englewood
Rams Preseason Classic
First Coast 42, Englewood 36
(first match at 138)
106: Double fft. 113: Jonah Ingram (FC) p. Raequan Staples, :18. 120: Ricardo Rivera-Resto (E) p. Aidan Hastings, 1:20. 126: Shawnjohn Adams (FC) p. Hunter Padgett, 4:22. 132: Jason Schwartz (FC) p. Dairo Guerra, 4:53. 138: Lynden North (E) p. Jace Austin, 1:59. 145: Ben Paramo (E) p. Keyshawn Brown, 5:35. 152: Nick Monroe (FC) p. Ernest Rodriguez, 1:06. 160: Sam Howard (E) p. Kyle Perry, 1:50. 170: Jordan Mitchell (E) p. Austin Mims, :35. 182: Devante Wyatt (FC) p. Shammy Augustin, :32. 195: Sean Wilson (FC) p. Eric Moore, 2:46. 220: Hakeem Culberson (FC) p. Anthony Guerra, 3:02. 285: Chris Lands (E) p. Gustavo Martinez, 1:32.

First Coast 48, Stanton 30
(first match at 145)
106: Double fft. 113: Ingram (FC) p. Jack Walsh. 120: Artin Rezoel (S) p. Hastings, :52. 126: Schwartz (FC) p. Mathew Mock, 2:24. 132: Baher Boktor (S) fft. 138: Gabe Navarro (S) p. Josiah Mossor, 2:37. 145: Grant Kelsey (S) p. Mims, :58. 152: Nick Jefferson (FC) p. Liam Salem, 3:05. 160: Anthony Walker (FC) p. Khoi Nguyen, 1:55. 170: Mims (FC) p. Kaymin Baldwin, :28. 182: Wyatt (FC) p. Timothy Sinclair, :23. 195: Avery Bellen (S) p. Timothy King, 3:23. 220: Grayson Peterson (FC) p. Charles Woo, 3:43. 285: Martinez (FC) fft.

Englewood 70, Stanton 6
(first match at 152)
106: Double fft. 113: Staples (E) p. Walsh. 120: Adrian Vasquez (E) p. Brian Flannigan, 1:11. 126: Padgett (E) p. Raji Parrera. 132: D. Guerra (E) p. Boktor, :15. 138: North (E) md. Navarro, 8-0. 145: Paramo (E) p. Kelsey, 4:40. 152: Rodriguez (E) p. Salem, 1:35. 160: Henry Duong (E) p. Nguyen, :50. 170: Darren Dukes (E) p. Nilay Shaw, :35. 182: Augustin (E) p. Bellen, 1:11. 195: Woo (S) p. Moore, 1:08. 220: A. Guerra (E) fft. 285: Lands (E) fft.

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