Buchholz Preseason Results

We expect to update this. Updates received after 4:30 p.m. today will appear on Sunday.

Results as submitted by Wakulla. Inquiry made on Columbia 170.

At Buchholz
Preseason Classic

Wakulla 52, Buchholz A 18
(first match at 138)
106: Hernandez (Wak) p. Bianchi, 1:00. 113: Moore (B) d. Merrick, 8-4. 120: Hatchman (Wak) p. Davis, :20. 126: Owen (Wak) d. Perkins, 8-6. 132: Dutton (Wak) p. Dixon, 3:00. 138: Roberts (Wak) p. Griffin, 3:50. 145: Fletcher (B) p. Owens, 4:00. 152: Wilson (Wak) md. Green-Church, 10-0. 160: Baggett (Wak) d. Hernandez, 10-6. 170: Hart (Wak) p. Vann, 4:30. 182: Annand (Wak) fft. 195: Acosta (B) d. Hinsey, 6-3. 220: Smith-Jackson (B) p. Brown, 1:30. 285: Wilkins (Wak) p. Robinson, 1:40.

Wakulla 54, Columbia 22
106: Hernandez (Wak) p. Millard, 1:13. 113: Merrick (Wak) p. Abbott, :18. 120: Hatchman (Wak) p. Green, :49. 126: I. McGuigan (Col) d. Owen, 5-4. 132: A. McGuigan (Col) md. Dutton, 18-7. 138: Brown (Col) p. Roberts, :44. 145: Ross (Col) ID over Owens. 152: Wilson (Wak) p. Smith, 3:39. 160: Baggett (Wak) p. O’Quinn, :41. 170: Hart (Wak) p. Raggins. 182: Annand (Wak) p. Thompson, 2:37. 195: Hinsey (Wak) p. Stubblefield, 1:17. 220: Griffin (Col) d. Brown, 10-8. 285: Wilkins (Wak) p. Jones, 1:22.

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