JazzTown Sunday Results

So far, we’ve gotten results from Wakulla and that’s it. Other north Florida teams have until Wednesday to get theirs in. When Disney starts, the kitchen’s closed, as the philosopher might say.

(Editor’s Note: Out-of-area spellings are best approximate guesses in some cases)

At New Orleans
JazzTown Duals

Sunday’s Results
Wakulla 58, Rayne 21
(first match at 132)
100: Harvey (Wak) d. Penodin, 8-5. 106: Hernandez (Wak) p. D. Dugas. 113: Cormier (Ray) p. Thaxton. 120: Monier (Ray) d. Merrick, 12-5. 126: Owen (Wak) p. Longley. 138: Hawley (Ray) md. I. Wilson, 16-5. 145: N. Wilson (Wak) p. B. Dugas. 152: Baggett (Wak) p. Geroge. 160: Billings (Ray) p. Powell. 170: Cortez (Ray) p. Osteen. 182: Reeves (Wak) p. Williams. 195: Hinsey (Wak) p. Doucet. 220: Brown (Wak) d. Duplechin, 3-2. 285: Hearns (Wak) p. Guillory.

Baylor 47, Wakulla 35
(first match at 138)
100: Dendy (B) p. Harvey, 1:24. 106: Hartling (B) p. Hernandez, 1:10. 113: Bond (B) p. Thaxton, :11. 120: Colomb (B) p. Merrick, 1:40. 126: Knight (B) p. Hatchman, :14. 132: Hurst (B) p. I. Wilson, :44. 138: Dendy (B) tf. Owen, 15-0. 145: N. Wilson (Wak) md. Burdick, 9-0. 152: Baggett (Wak) p. Kaufman, :54. 160: Mannella (B) p. Preston, 1:39. 170: Osteen (Wak) p. Newton, :31. 182: Reeves (Wak) md. Chambers, 14-2. 195: Hinsey (Wak) fft. 220: Harper (B) p. Brown, :45. 285: Hearns (Wak) d. Smith, 6-5.

Wakulla 51, Crusaders 33
(first match at 145)
100: Moser (Cru) d. Harvey, 9-8. 106: Hernandez (Wak) p. Valenti. 113: Burandt (Cru) p. Thaxton. 120: Merrick (Wak) d. Spellman, 9-2. 126: Hatchman (Wak) p. Tramuta. 132: Owen (Wak) p. Danterieve. 138: Williams (Cru) p. Arrizola. 145: N. Wilson (Wak) p. Hope. 152: Horvath (Cru) p. Baggett. 160: Hope (Cru) p. Preston. 170: Osteen (Wak) p. Brown. 182: Reeves (Wak) p. Montz. 195: Brown (Wak) fft. 220: Hinsey (Wak) p. Landry. 285: West (Cru) p. Hearns.

Charlotte 44, Wakulla 42
(first match at 152)
100: Santana (Ch) p. Harvey, 1:50. 113: Nolan (Ch) p. Hernandez, 4:18. 113: Austin (Ch) p. Thaxton, 1:48. 120: Cataldi (Ch) p. Merrick, 1:23. 126: Hatchman (Wak) p. Baltutis, 1:41. 132: Owen (Wak) p. Lawler, 1:01. 138: Steed (Ch) p. Arrizola, 1:12. 145: Willis (Ch) fft. 152: Andou (Ch) p. N. Wilson, 2:45. 160: Taft (Ch) d. Baggett, 7-6. 170: Rice (Wak) p. Osteen, 4:45. 182: Reeves (Wak) p. McMillan, 1:21. 195: Brown (Wak) p. Daum, 3:28; 220: Hinsey (Wak) p. Biggs, 1:27. 285: Hardis (Wak) p. Keith, 5:28.

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