Florida Girls Results — COMPLETE — Super 32

North Florida
Rd of 16: Riley Banyas (Ohio) VPO Ana Bradshaw (Fletcher), 2-0.
Consi 8 #2: Sophia Anderson (St Cloud) VFA Bradshaw, 3:25.

Rd of 32: Landon McCartney (Oklahoma) VPO1 Riley White (Matanzas), 4-2.
Consi 16 #2: Tiana Bryant (Alberta CAN) VSU White, 10-0, 1:55.

Rd of 16: Anna Krause (New Hampshire) VSU Avery Miller (University Christian), 10-0, 1:55.
Consi 16 #2: Jada Llamido (Florida) VFA Miller, :39.


Orange Park’s Andrea Smith with her runnerup medal won Sunday at the Super 32 girls’ wrestling tournament in Greensboro NC. Smith was the only north Florida girls wrestler to win a match in the tournament and was just one of two finalists from Florida (Photo submitted by Justin Daniels via Facebook).

Quarterfinals: Andrea Smith (Orange Park) VPO1 Kierra Hubmaster (New Jersey), 4-1.
Semifinals: Smith VPO1 Riley Dempewolf (Indiana), 6-1.
Championship: Isabeau Shalack (Illinois) VFA Smith, 2:51.

Rd of 16: Callie Payton (Georgia) VPO1 Kealonie Vega (FL), 9-7; Janessa George (Colorado) VSU Sara Eusse (FL), 10-0, 1:05; Eva Diaz (FL) VSU Avery Kibelbek (Tennessee), 12-0, 2:23; Alex Szkotnicki (Maryland) VFA Tiana Marcillo (FL), 3:47.
Quarterfinals: Jessica Corredor (FL) VFA Payton, 1:26; Diaz VFA Jaylee Hatcher (Virginia), 1:21.
Semifinals: Corredor VPO1 Samantha Miller (West Virginia), 11-4; Szkotnicki VPO1 Diaz, 6-4.
Championship: Szkotnicki VSU Corredor, 10-0, 2:16.
Consi 8 #1: Ekta Arora (Pennsylvania) VSU Eusse, 10-0, 2:50; Lexia Schechterly (Pennsylvania) VPO1 Marcillo, 7-6.
Consi 8 #2: Jasintai Mallqui (New Jersey) VPO1 Vega, 7-1.
Consi semis: Diaz VFA Kibelbek, 3:43.
Third place: Mallqui VPO1 Diaz, 4-3.


Quarterfinals: Olivia Messerly (Kentucky) VSU Sophia Anderson (FL), 10-0, 4:00.
Consi 4: Chloe Dearwester (Ohio) VPO1 Anderson, 7-3.

Rd of 16: Akemi Garcia (FL) VPO1 Savannah Lackey (Georgia), 8-7; Hannah Hall (FL) VSU Katerina Pendergrass (North Carolina), 10-0, 1:02; Abby Duke (Pennsylvania) VFA Sanii Porter (FL), :57.
Quarterfinals: Hall VSU1 Nora Quitt (Massachusetts), 13-2, 4:00.
Semifinals: Duke VPO1 Hall, 4-3.
Consi 16 #2: Brooke Hermel (North Carolina) VSU Porter, 10-0, 3:23.
Consi 8 #2: Kennedy Shropshire (Georgia) VSU Garcia, 11-0, 3:00.
Consi semis: Hermel VPO1 Hall, 4-3.
Fifth place: Hall VPO1 Cassidy Benwell (Maryland), 6-5.

Rd of 32: Montana DeLawder (Pennsylvania) VSU Shelby Weber (FL), 10-0, 2:11; Samara Chavez (Texas) VPO1 Juliana Diaz (FL), 13-8.
Rd of 16: Emalie Olson (Missouri) VSU Caroline Schmitt (FL), 10-0, 1:24.
Consi 16 #2: Sydney Delois (Indiana) VFA Weber, 3:55; Addison Messerly (Kentucky) VPO Schmitt, 6-0; Diaz VSU Aireaana Gavere (Minnesota), 11-0, 1:55.
Consi 8 #1: Diaz VSU1 May Prado (Georgia), 13-2, 3:21.
Consi 8 #2: Diaz VPO1 Amy Bell (Alberta CAN), 9-6.
Consi 4: Serena DiBenedetto (Ontario CAN) VSU Diaz, 10-0, 1:03.

Rd of 32: Bronwyn MacGregor (Ontario CAN) VSU Josie Kaminski (FL), 10-0, 1:30; Olivia Mottley (Texas) VFA Aaralynn Ortega (FL), :48; Lauren Walton (Kentucky) VSU1 Malaicka Pierre-Louis (FL), 12-1, 1:55.
Rd of 16: Madison Diaz (FL) VPO1 Robin Yunis (Tennessee), 7-6.
Quarterfinals: Katie Gomez (California) VSU Diaz, 11-0, 3:36.
Consi 16 #1: Selina Moore (New York) VFA Kaminski, 1:13; Samantha Larsen (New Jersey) VSU Pierre-Louis, 12-0, 1:40.
Consi 16 #2: Yunis VFA Ortega, 2:18.
Consi 8 #2: Bryant VPO1 Diaz, 11-9.

Rd of 32: Emma Walker (Tennessee) VFA Jennifer Charles (FL), 1:05; Savannah Cosme (Colorado) VSU1 Jada Llamido (FL), 12-1, 2:53.
Rd of 16: Anna Krause (New Hampshire) VSU Avery Miller (FL), 10-0, 1:55; Korina Blades (Pennsylvania) VFA Stephany Dean (FL), :30.
Consi 16 #2: Alicen Dillard (Colorado) VFA Charles, 3:23; Llamido VFA Miller, :39.
Consi 8 #1: Llamido VFA Jo-Ellen Hutto (North Carolina), :36.
Consi 8 #2: Grace Stern (Pennsylvania) VPO1 Llamido, 10-10.

Rd of 16: Chloe Ogden (FL) VFA Eva Keefauver (North Carolina), :52; Kalani Rivas (FL) VPO1 Lily Sherer (Pennsylvania), 6-3.
Quarterfinals: Ogden VPO1 Sara Sulejmani (Illinois), 8-2; Viktorya Torres (Washington) VSU1 Rivas, 11-1, 3:52.
Semifinals: Cheyenne Bowman (California) VSU1 Ogden, 11-1, 3:42.
Consi 8 #2: Rivas VIN over Amelia Cox (Ontario CAN).
Consi 4: Veronica Whitacre (Pennsylvania) VPO1 Rivas, 5-3.
Consi semis: Ogden VSU Whitacre, 10-0, 3:11.
Third place: Ogden VSU Sulejmani, 10-0, 3:28.

Rd of 16: Jacquelyn Font (FL) VFA Paige Dickson (Ontario CAN), 2:24; Nyla Burgess (Ontario CAN) VFA Iris Nascimento da Costa Feliz (FL), 2:00; Emma Thompson (Oklahoma) VPO1 Jaden Arrizola (FL), 6-2.
Quarterfinals: Reese Larramendy (Pennsylvania) VPO1 Font, 9-1.
Consi 8 #1: Payton Lanningham (Idaho) VFA Arrizola, 1:05.
Consi 8 #2: Ayala Wolak (Ohio) VPO1 Nascimento da Costa Feliz, 13-11; Font VFA Lanningham, 1:56.
Consi 4: Font VPO1 Wolak, 8-4.
Consi semis: Burgess VSU1 Font, 12-1, 4:00.
Fifth place: Font VPO1 Seda Tsarni (Maryland), 6-3.

195 (no FL wrestlers at 160 or 172)
Quarterfinals: Isabeau Shalack (Illinois) VFA Skyy Gowan (FL), :39; Riley Dempewolf (Indiana) VFA Xiomara Roddy (FL), 1:18.
Semifinals: Shalack VPO Sierra Chavez (FL), 5-0.
Consi 4: Hubmaster VFA Roddy, 1:07.
Consi semis: Dempewolf VPO1 Gowan, 9-4; Chavez VPO1 Hubmaster, 5-0.
Third place: Dempewolf VPO1 Chavez, 3-2.
Fifth place: Hubmaster VFA Gowan, 1:59.

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