Florida Results — Super 32 — Day 2

North Florida
Quarterfinals: #10 Chad Nix (Fleming Island) d. #2 Dorian Crosby (Pennsylvania), 3-1.
Semifinals: #3 Chase Horne (Georgia) d. Nix, 2-0.
Consi semis: Nix d. John Meyers (Pennsylvania), 7-6.
Third place: Nix d. Crosby, 3-1.


Fleming Island senior Chad Nix with his third-place medal won Sunday afternoon at the Super 32 preseason tournament, the nation’s premier preseason HS event, in Greensboro NC. Nix was the only North Florida medalist and one of just four in Florida (Photo submitted by Ricki Augustus Nix via Facebook).

Consi 8 #1: Spencer Moore (Kentucky) d. #11 Kai Owen (Jesuit), 2-0 (Owen places T-13th).

Consi 8 #1: #13 Carter Dibert (Pennsylvania) md. Dylan Layton (Jensen Beach), 13-3; #2 Braxton Brown (Texas) md. Danny Nini (Lake Highland), 10-0 (Layton & Nini place T-13th).

Consi 8 #1: #2 Frankie Talshahar (Am Heritage-Delray) d. Tagen Jamison (Texas), 6-2.
Consi 8 #2: #1 Jesse Mendez (Indiana) d. Talshahar, 2-1 (Talshahar places T-9th).

Quarterfinals: #5 Justin Rivera (Lake Highland) d. #4 Joshua Edmond (Michigan), 2-1, UTB.
Semifinals: Rivera d. #8 Alek Martin (Ohio), 6-5.
Championship: #2 Lachlan McNeil (Pennsylvania) d. Rivera, 3-1.

Quarterfinals: #3 Ed Scott (Pennsylvania) d. #6 Noah Castillo (Lake Highland), 8-7; #10 Bretli Reyna (South Dade) d. #2 Joseph Zargo (New Jersey), 9-6.
Semifinals: Reyna d. Scott, 9-7.
Championship: Reyna dec. #1 Joshua Saunders (Missouri), 8-7, UTB.
Consi 8 #2: #7 Austin Boone (Michigan) d. Castillo, 6-4 (Castillo places T-9th).

Quarterfinals: #2 Peyton Hall (West Virginia) d. Dominic Isola (Lake Highland), 1-0.
Consi 8 #2: Isola d. #9 Dean Hamiti (Illinois), 6-5.
Consi 4: #7 Luke Odom (Illinois) p. Isola, 1:17. 7th place: #14 Jax Garoutte (Colorado) d, Isola, 2-1.

Quarterfinals: #1 Braxton Amos (West Virginia) p. #8 Matt Kaplan (Lake Highland), 1:43; #4 Cody Goodman (Illinois) p. #5 Nick Benton (Somerset), 5:56; Chase Horne (Georgia) d. #6 Bryan Canedo (Palm Beach Gardens), 4-1.
Consi 8 #1: #9 Keith Miley (Missouri) d. Chase Thompson (Am Heritage-Delray), 8-2 (Thompson places T-13th).
Consi 8 #2: John Meyers (Pennsylvania) fft over Benton; #14 Charles Swiggett (North Carolina) d. Kaplan, 4-3; Miley d. Canedo, 2-1 (Benton, Kaplan & Canedo all place T-9th).

Consi 8 #1: Edison Guarcas (Rhode Island) d. Jacob Donaldson (Lake Mary), 3-2 (Donaldson places T-13th); Levi Krakoff (Jensen Beach) d. Francisco Valle (Georgia), 3-1, SV.
Consi 8 #2: #8 Skyler Coffey (Tennessee) p. Krakoff, :52 (Krakoff places T-9th).

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